• Gimson - Sloww

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    Music video by Gimson performing Sloww taken from the album Waste of Air LP.

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    Performed by Gimson
    Lyrics written by S.Gimson
    Produced by Gimson
    Recorded by Twisted RootZ at his Nan's house
    Mixed & mastered by Gimson at The Orchard
    © Gimson 2017 / Crudely Cut Records 2017
    ℗ CD Baby Publishing 2017

    VERSE 1:
    The explosion of Silk Road fake MD from China
    Smut smears my pages and undignifies vaginas
    Let's talk in old money branded with our highness
    Sceptical of digits that could spread a nasty virus
    You know that bitch under the mattress shit
    But papers useless when we're deforesting too blasted quick
    We reproduce like rabbits and give birth to these bastard kids
    Monkey see, monkey do, we repeat just what the masters did
    And now it's just one constant summer
    The baron desert streets all controlled by crazy gunners
    The glare scorches your iris as you scavenge for new stunners
    And rob a blind man of his Ray Bans because inflation is a fucker
    Each day's morally tasking as these narcissists are basking
    In an oasis spring feasting whilst the rest of us are fasting
    The states open for suggestions but those who go and ask them
    Get paraded through the streets before receiving vicious lashings

    VERSE 2:
    It's ironic that the same people who try to teach you to be thoughtful
    Are the ones who criticise your dress sense and say that you look awful
    That's some tough love fuckery, priests committing buggery
    The definition of extortion lies right next to thuggery
    Paint the town red with the blood of these slaughtered lambs
    To celebrate that a rich man has taken your daughters hand
    You celebrate that form of pimping
    But never celebrate the middle men who do all your convincing
    You watch the world burn like you fire proofed your thick skin
    But didn't factor in the smoke nor the dioxide in your system
    Our father them man are not Christians
    They break bread with corporations and sneer at helpless victims
    I once met an angel who had been baptised in a trap house
    She was raised around the torturous sounds of OD's and cat shouts
    One day a silver spooned teenager raped her on his dad's couch
    But the lawyers crushed her law suit when she tried to call that brat out

    VERSE 3:
    My mind wanders, rolling around in a clapped out Honda
    Costa coffee cost a fortune owing arms and legs to Wonga
    Man said he was a dealer - mate you're fucking bonkers
    You're the sediment of the food chain an Oompa Loompa to Willy Wonka
    In the kitchen with that gas talk like someone left the cooker on
    There was a rolled up note here 2 secs later I look it's gone
    Thieving little scaly wags, back chatting pally slags
    Walking talking virus' get squirted up with anti-bac
    Barry Scott with that Cillit Bang
    Rounding up your make shift troops like you was a minute man
    Those background yes man who only comment shit like "Innit fam"
    I've seen the coolest of kid grow into such a timid man
    Agreement is some peoples only contribution
    Get sold anything to a hustlers amusement
    Knocked down pegs as you argue with confusion
    They don't think about the words they say before they literally abuse them Show less
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