• Piccolo's POWER LEVEL over the years (DB/DBZ/DBS)

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    In commemoration of Piccolo's birthday and rise to power! Piccolo's and his various opponents' forms and power increases throughout all the Sagas.

    Also my 1,000+ subscribers special. Thanks everyone for your continued support :D

    Dragon Ball Super power levels based on official power levels like Daizenshuu power levels, leaked V-Jump power levels, V-Jump scans leaks and power scaling statements and feats as well as Dragon Ball Super spoilers from Toyotaro, Toei and Akira Toriyama. For Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 English Sub Full Episode and Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 English Sub Full Episode preview, these are Universal Tournament Saga power levels for Roshi Vs Tien full fight. Stay subscribed for Dragon Ball Super Episode 9 English dub PLs as well as DBZ Kai battle powers.
    This is the real most accurate power level list in my opinion, but I'd love to read your reaction to the power level comparison in the comment section too!

    Up to date with the DBZ Super universal space survival tournament of power in Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 English Sub, Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 English Sub and the latest episode Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 English Sub. This list is up to date with:
    -Base Goku Power Level in DBS
    (Goku new transformation)
    -Saiyan Beyond God Vegeta power level
    (Two base theory confirmed)
    -Gohan Power Level in DBS
    (Ultimate Gohan surpassed Super Saiyan Blue)
    -Piccolo Power Level in DBS
    (Piccolo new form)
    -Krillin Power Level in DBS
    (Krillin new form)
    -Tien Power Level in DB Super
    -Android 18 Power Level in DBS
    -Park Ranger Android 17 power level
    -Master Roshi Power Level in DBS
    -Female Broly Power Level
    -Whis Power Level (Full Power)
    -Beerus Power Level (True Power)
    -Buu vs Basil full fight
    -Gohan vs Lavenda full fight
    -Goku vs Bergamo full fight
    -Universe 9 vs Universe 7
    -Toppo power level
    -Jiren power level
    -New Gods power levels
    -Daishinkan Power Level (Evil Villain)

    How did they get so strong? Is Rumoosh really so weak? What are those Lobster-Red Abs? Find out next time on DBZ Macky's Power Level Series! Show less
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