• First Semester of Freshman Year at UC Berkeley

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    Please, expand. ☁ Midnight drives in San Francisco, aching legs from football games, memorable nights with friends, & more from freshman year's first semester.

    "We assume that the equation of our lives is involved with hella constants; but, when, in reality, it's just variables we self define. That is what makes our lives -- or, at least, college -- what it is, " said Zaynab -- slightly delusion from finals and Summer Bridge -- upon completing her first semester at the number one public university in the nation/world/let's-be-honest:universe. Following this she -- let me stop, I started this video after completing a project for my AVID class senior year in HS (watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...) and this video leaves off where the last one ends. A few years ago, I made it my life long goal to become immortal. I mean this not -- anymore, at least -- in being bitten by a supernatural creature; but, through my words, my pictures, my videos, my art. I want to forever live through my creation. Therefore, it have resolved to always keeping pieces of paper and always recording my life and sharing it with others' in a journey to find myself. I hope that you enjoy this as an introduction to the many videos I do plan to release on this YouTube channel. Please, subscribe and share the video in anticipation of what I will upload next! xoxo

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    Eluvium - Don't Get Any Closer

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