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    From: Dr. Siobhan France
    RE: The Knee Strength Maximizer System

    April 20, 2016
    Dear Frustrated Active Ager,

    I'm a doctor of physical therapy, and I help active agers struggling with knee pain walk longer, stand longer, get up and down the stairs easier and spend more time with their grandkids, engage in recreational activities and hobbies, and maintain their independence so they can maintain their quality of life with age. I look forward to being your at home physical therapist. Dr. Siobhan France
    Doctor Of Physical Therapy Reveals How To Get More Flexible & Strengthen Your Knees In Just 4 Weeks..

    Are you tired of not being able to walk, stand, get in and out of a car, or even go up and down stairs without pain? Are you tired of having achy knees, and avoiding your social life because you dread the pain?

    If so, you are not alone. My patients feel the EXACT same way! I have treated over 337 patients with knee pain who have tried:

    * Over the counter medications

    * Prescription medications

    * Injections

    * Knee braces

    * Analgesic creams

    * Fancy gadets to decrease pain

    All of which have left them with frustrating results and wasted time and effort. Does this sound familiar? BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS!

    My patients have achieved quite a bit of success, they are able to go up and down stairs, get in and out of a car, play with grandkids, enjoy social events, walk for longer periods of time, and stand to make dinner without sitting down every 5 minutes.

    I'll be honest, it was not always that way for them. Before they were able to achieve any success with decreasing their pain and improving their function - they were ready to throw in towel and give up on their knees.

    They didn't know why medications, injections, knee braces, and other gadgets or "quick fixes" didn't work. They didn't know how to get their knee stronger or more flexible and they didn't want to hurt themselves by doing exercises. Of course, you know exactly what i'm talking about right? Does any of this sound familiar?

    I realized that many of my patients were all doing the same things without any results. Many of them would attend physical therapy at least for one bout of care each year - just to get a "tune up" on their knees, because physical therapy was the only thing that worked.

    My patients were having success so I decided to turn my very treatment into an at home rehab program for you.

    Introducing... "The Knee Strength Maximizer System"

    FREE: The Knee Strength Maximizer
    **The 3 exercises to strengthen and support your knees so that you can decrease knee stress** - www.siobhanfrance.com /3-free-knee-combo

    Watch a video on Knee Pain: The #1 Cause here: https://youtu.be/AEaDtHQhMA......

    Watch the Complete Playlist For Knee Pain Relief Here:
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    Hi there! Welcome to the knee pain relief at home playlist. In this playlist you will find all videos (ACTION STEPS and EDUCATIONAL) related to your knees such as different reasons for your pain, how to treat your knees at home, how to strengthen them, how to get more flexible knees, how to get more stable knees to improve your balance, different surgical procedures, my point of view as a therapist, and the point of views that my patients have shared with me, and much more!!

    I understand that it's more than just becoming pain free, it's about getting to live the life you want to live with the people you want to enjoy and not be held back by your knee pain.

    If you want to get jumpstarted to treating your knees at home today, you can order my complete at home knee rehab system.
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