• 1440 Days Around The World EPIC Adventure

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    The moment I stepped off that plan onto foreign soil, everything changed. Travel changes your life in so many different ways, and over the course of 1440 days, I bounced around the globe having one unexpected adventure after the other. Here is an epic montage of footage while I was globe-hopping for 4 years, put together as my anniversary video for when I first left the United States.

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    As I was sorting through footage and organizing, I was also listening to this speech by Alan Watts about "Choice" and choosing what you want in life. Alan Watts has been a big inspiration of mine, as I've struggled in the past with worrying about the outcomes and effects of my actions. Will I run out of money? Will I get injured? Plenty of worries arise when setting out on a passionate or creative endeavor, and like all of them, the stakes can seem so high compared to the normal routine that it scares many of us from taking a shot at it. But whether you make a mistake or not, the Universe will help you through the trail and errors to show you that, on the path of your passions, they were just a part of the journey. The real mistake is never taking a chance, never pursuing life in its entirety for what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar. So, as I go into my 4th year since I first began traveling, I put this together to remind myself to be confident in my desires and myself and what I want in life -- and hopefully help any others who might need to break past the worries.

    "Not all who are lost need to be found"

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