• Super Mario Odyssey Any% PB (1:23:22)

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    (This Run was Recorded On 6th March 2018)

    AYYYYY This was a Hype Run!

    Things That Didn't go to Plan:
    1. Didn't get quick kill on Mecha Broodal

    2. Lost Time In luncheon kingdom due to me panicking xD

    3. Didn't get Quick Kill On Rango in Lake Kingdom Sadly. (still got 2/3 hits that were good)

    4. Sand kingdom i just bonked so many times xD

    5. Didn't get 2nd Cycle on the wiggler in metro kingdom

    6. Slow on the escape, but i really didn't wanna die soo xD

    7. Lost a bit of time on the cloud kingdom, but what can ya do xD

    8. Lost Time in metro kingdom, due to not getting 2nd cycle on wiggler and also just being really slow with my movement in the day time

    9. I Threw my controller at the end??? I Don't normally do that.. it wasn't excatly hard.. but i think i just didn't know what to do as i was so hype? idk why aswell because it's not anywhere close to WR anyway But xD

    10. I need to turn my mic down ;-; It really does change from day to day.. and it sucks... one min it's loud one min it's quiet..? unless it's just me xDD probably the case tbh. Will turn up my game audio a bit and turn down my mic for next time :)

    Things That Did go to Plan:
    1.Got Moon Skip second try, which is loads better than my PB

    2. Klepto didn't get my hat in Lost Kingdom, so that's good xD (he did in my PB)

    3. Seaside kingdom was Neat

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