• Fantasy Music - Valhalla

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    Song: Valhalla
    Album: ...
    Year: 2018
    Copyright © BrunuhVille

    After so many months I am finally back with something new.
    If you missed my community post here on Youtube :
    "There are various reasons for the lack of videos in the past months. Some of those are more personal and I am not going to get into detail about those but professionally speaking I thought it was time to change some bad habits. One of those being the struggle to force and push myself to post every so often, like once or twice a month. The truth is that sometimes this task felt impossible to me and I was forcing myself to finish tracks almost in a rush, potentially compromising their full potential as musical pieces. This is something I will avoid from now on. "

    This doesn't mean there's going to be less music and one video every 6 months. I already have another piece of music finished and almost ready to "ship" but I will take my time and make sure everything is as perfect as it can be. So if it takes a month, or two, please be patient.

    About this piece:
    Valhalla, the place where the Viking / Norse warriors travel upon death.
    It is the first of many inspired by the Norse mythology which is a theme I wanted to work on for a long time.
    In the Norse mythology there are nine realms/worlds unified by Yggdrasil, the tree of life.
    My next album will be focused around those nine realms and other mythical places and figures of the Norse mythology. My main focus with this album is to create a more ambient style of music, more pads, ambiances, slow rhythms , always with a touch of orchestral instruments. But it doesn't mean there's not going to be "heavier" stuff. The dwarves of Svartalfheim don't work at the sound of cheesy music.

    Hope you guys enjoy this piece and look forward for what's next :)
    Amazing artwork by Piotr Dura:
    ●DA : https://goo.gl/YjWJ2N
    ●Artstation : https://goo.gl/UdzWcK
    Thanks for all your support , rating the video,add to your favs and leaving a comment
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