• The Bible and Gender Identity

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    Is America going insane, or are Christians just out of step with the times and stuck in old-fashioned mud? In an age that has swapped fact and reality for fantasy and foolishness, what is a Christian to do? How is "the salt of the earth" supposed to cope with a decaying culture that seems hell-bent on self destruction? What is the foundation of a sane society?

    In his lecture, "The Bible and Gender Identity," Steve Gregg not only examines the recent and growing phenomenon of gender-identity confusion, but also issues a warning and a solution for the future. Show less
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  • Romans Play all

    "Romans is the principle and most excellent part of the New Testament...No man can read it too oft, or study it too well; for the more it is studied, the easier it is; the more it is chewed, the pleasanter it is. . . the more it is searched, the preciouser things are found…. ” (William Tyndale)
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  • Zechariah Play all

    During the 2015 session of the New Great Commission School, Bible-teacher Steve Gregg delivered a series of lectures on the fascinating and enigmatic book of Zechariah. These are the videos of those lectures.
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  • God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation Play all

    About 400 AD, Augustine of Hippo attempted to syncretize Scripture with the fatalistic philosophy of Manicheanism. Augustine's blending of Pagan and Christian doctrines became the prevailing doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. Augustine is considered by some to be the Father of Roman Catholicism.

    Eleven hundred years after Augustine, John Calvin broke from some aspects of the Roman Church, but not from Augustine's teachings on God's sovereignty and man's salvation. Calvin's teachings sprang from Augustine's, and what was previously known as Augustinianism has subsequently become popularly known as Calvinism.

    Ever since Augustine, a debate has continued between his followers and those who hold to the pre-Augustine Biblical doctrine that God created humanity with real free will and, consequently, actual individual responsibility.

    In January 2014, Bible teacher Steve Gregg delivered a series of nine lectures that thoroughly cover the differences between the Calvinist and non-Calvinist positions. These are the video recordings of that important lecture series.
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