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Red Faction Guerrilla Fun Tactics The Perfect Bomb

by penguinz0 • 240,511 views

This is episode 43 of my series entitled Fun Tactics

Wouldn't this be jihad bombing?
anyone else catch the south park reference?
I had a mod menu for this game. SUPER HAMMER
"She sells seashells, by the sea shore. Alright, good to go."
You can also do this in Warframe with the Castanas.
I could not stop laughing when he called Pizza Hut. Also thumbs up if Cr1tikal should make a video of just prank calls.
not a very practical tactic lol
0:37 was that a creepypasta reference to "please dont actually try this"
No i will not lather my own scrpdum with aunt jemima pancake syrup. Hahahahhhahahahahahahahha LOL!!!!!
15 people played the banjo with their ass cheeks.
Aunt jamimas syrup ?, so you each Shane Dawson as well
Nice try, faggot. But there can only be one Cr1tikal.
I wish I could play the banjo with my asscheeks
You will regret that you Titty whipping Sea-Serpent
Awesome but do some more Gameplay and COmmentaries
I did the same thing in Timesplitters 2. Anyone else?
Penguinz0 must play Day Z he never reacts to scary stuff do it'll be do funny
i just had 7 stitches in my face and it serverly painful to laugh, i am self harming by watching your videos
fingering snail. man. im dying laughting right now
let me guess, you like to finger snails. its ok, happens to the best of us
How did you find a multiplayer game!! No ones online now, do u play on xbox live or psn??
I can't find it at GameStop.... Battlefield 3 is the closest to this game with destructible enviroment.
Do you notice he does not even listen to people and there comments? Due to the millions of comments
He only takes it if it's interesting enough to him, and he doesn't find a lot of games interesting.
"Even if you enjoy the pleasure of fingering a snail" LOOOOOOOOOOOL!
What happened to his DayZ video? anybody saw it? Was it bugged?
Please do a commentary over amnesia !!!!
I think it's been 4 days I've watched the video, and I still laugh alone whenever I remember that sentence.
It's fun. No other game has destruction like this one, which makes the multiplayer so much fun.
You're not gonna have a good time!
I like sniffing peoples asses and fingering snails.
I love his voice also, and just how he can say the most funny things, and not laugh.
Cr1tiKaL should play one of the original 3 Spyro games.
I love how so many people are expecting this to be a sensible tutorial for good tips and tricks for the game. Then he's talking about fingering a snail at 0:50. I fucking love you Cr1TiKaL!
1:12 I thought I was the only one that did that? huh...
It's not a bad thing. I assumed that the video was current, which would mean he actually found people to play with online, which is now impossible. Once I learned that he didn't do the impossible, I was disappointed.
LOL Player one: Hey, how'd you blow me up dude? player two: I didn't blow you up, stop playing the banjo with your ass cheeks you fucker!
Ah snail fingering, a wonderful past-time enhoyed by many and loved by all
Cr1TiKaL, you are a beautiful, beautiful man. God bless you. I want to have your babies and name them after Catholic saints.
Fingering a snail? Goddamnit xD I lol'd so hard
you don't have a clue what that word means, do you
Anyone else pause the video for five minutes to laugh after he said "Now, I will not lather my own scrotum with Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup."
I wasnt even aware that i got top comment haha, i love you cr1tical!
Whoa, I'm sorry, I did, I just spaced out a bit, it won't happen again good sir.
The only youtuber with a sense of humor. Long live Cr1tikal.
"Now I will not lather my own scrotum with Aunt Jemima's pancake syrup" - penguinz0 GOLD!...
I am always so eager to watch another cr1tikal video, i forget to like it sometimes!
this works in black ops 2 with sticky grenades
If either of these two things happen, you're bot gonna have a good time.
You should make a commentary or one of these for saints row the third
Play Spongebob Boat-o-cross 1 or 2
Cr1tikal, use adsense money to buy better computer parts so you can play more recent games smoothly.
I think not. Twitter uses # symbols. They are completely useless on YouTube.
every time you pull this off you must lather your scrotum with aunt jemimas pancake syrup
Who else saw critikals dayz fun tactics video right now ? Did he delete it?
You can destroy the enviroment in this game? I'm buying this game
I'm just suprised he found actual people to play with, didn't think anyone played it anymore. RFG is an extremely underrated MP experience
ya the only problem with this game is once you destroy everything in single player the buildings dont respawn
Anyone else see the south park reference ;)
"each party will accuse the other party of attempting to play the banjo with their asscheeks" hahahaha
I didn't expect someone to tell me what to do... I wanted someone to give me an answer... I suggest you re-read what he said.
wait...people dont like it when i finger a snail....this explains so much
This makes me want to learn to play the banjo with my asscheeks
Sorry to interrupt your conversation with this six year old. But PewDiePie doesn't play some games that are "interesting" to him. Sometimes, and this can be proven by carefully watching his Analytics history over the past year or so, he did more popular games to attract more attention. Games like, Slenderman, Happy Wheels, and even G-mod when the intrigue in it was rising. He's a good business man, I'll give him that, but when he uses and abuses his fan base to garner a bigger income.. Just no.
someone, some lucky bastard out there.. Is Cr1TikaL's friend. Could it be you?
I didn't know anyone played this multiplayer.
Boosting will lead to getting your ass bitten by a Badger you Ass covered piece of box fuck.
Playing the banjo with their ass cheeks. I love Cr1TiKaL
Yeah the games are getting a little choppy.
Fingering a snail is so just can't go wrong with it
9 guys got killed by this tactic
make a video on saints row the third
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