She's a witch!

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail... :D

Sorry guys...I just had to post this because everyone should have a little monty python on their lives
My favorite Movie of ALL TIME!
we need A LOT OF Monty Phyton sketch in our live.
"Build a bridge out of her!" That line gets me every time. 
ah but can you not also make bridges out of stone 
"She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "I got better." Haha...
"Tell me, what do you do with witches?" Crowd yells BURN THE WITCH etc "No you don't. You make her take the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! Water makes witches melt. Therefore, If she melts, she is a witch." Crowd yells MELT THE WITCH etc
Ah!  I see you're a Wizard of Oz fan, too!
Monty Python, social critic extraordinaire.
John Cleese' face "Buuuuuuurn her!"
Love all monty python movies. The meaning of life, Life of Brian. All great and laugh after laugh.
fun fact in warcraft 3 if you click on a human builder long enough he quotes "we found a witch may we burn her"
This is all you need to know about human nature. 
I love that the scales were resting on log supports so they could not find out that the scale with the duck was significantly heavier unless they looked carefully afterwards 3:57
witches were mostly soldiers widows, left helpless and fun to sexually torture in dungeons, taking her home or land or tradesmans tools her husband left behind...the neural pathways for sex and violence are the same pathways in men...that's why porn is so violent and aggressive to women...sadistic torture was created by the church who sent men away for centuries to fight for the church and kings expansion of influence and wealth...women were just as much casualties of war as men except they weren't lauded as heros...
Hahaha awwww +Ewa Krawczyc you sooo funny....and I bet you are damn sexy..love polish accents. .I know I would certainly be burned also.. I'm on my 3rd black Cat. I adopted Luna our new black cat 4wks ago but 20yrs ago had 2 black Cats..I adore cats i had 4 at one point in my bijoux apartment. .They are amazing animals... )))))**
Hehehe. .i love Cats and dogs and all animals .Even spiders;)
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She's a witch!: http://youtu.be/zrzMhU_4m-g She turned me into a newt...... I got better❗
I love month python and this scene might be my favorite. This and the black knight.
My research and writing professor made us watch this video in class, then assigned us to watch it multiple times in a row for homework. Guess which prof gets the A+ award?
Well, at least she got a fair trial.
what does the witch say on the scale at the end?
Found this while researching logical fallacies. Fucking hilarious. XD
"She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" ". . . I got better. . ." ;)
Jesus floats on water so Jesus weighs the same as a duck --> Jesus is made of wood, and therefore, Jesus's a witch. Romans should have burn him.
And that my liege is how we know the earth to be Banana-Shaped
So, let me get this straight...Witches are burned, but wood is also burned, and wood floats, but ducks also float, so, if someone weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood, therefore, she's a witch
+Daniel Marquez Yup. That's Monty Python science for ya
Sounds about right to me!
why do witches burn because they are made of wood ? Exactly
Uh, I'm surprised Gavin Free isn't in that crowd of 8 year old adults.
The idea of a witch being made of wood because you burn wood and a witch weighing less than a duck because ducks float on water like wood definitely seems like something Gavin would come up with. Just need a few "wait... what?" lines in there.
My history teacher used this to explain the Salem witch trials I'm a high school student Guess what teacher gets an A?
Best. Teacher. Ever.
What does she say at the end on the scales?
1:55 Eric Idle bites his scythe to keep from laughing
I wonder if it is really like this in the old time?
Jennifer Gonzales Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
One of my favorite movies of all times and I had to share my goofy side today! You don't have to get it but we do! ;)
''that's a fat duck''
who are you that are so wise in science xD
Jesper Nerløe Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
@ Andrea McDavid  "...the neural pathways for sex and violence are the same pathways in men...that's why porn is so violent and aggressive to women..." So different than for women cough *50 Shades*cough
Monty Python, social critic extraordinaire.
Had to watch this after seeing the new Progressive auto ins commercial with Flo :)
this week in the middle east, isis.
she turned me into a nute. a nute? i got better. BURN HER!!
Let me get my asian brain working now. Witch=W, Wood=Wd, Duck=D W=flammable=Wd Wd=floats=D W=Wd=D Therefore a Witch weighs the same as a duck. Asian proved.
This is also how the CIA finds terrorists. Other than hiring them. ;)
And what do we burn, apart from witches?
the stuff 'the chosen ones' are made of..since always !
I so love Eric trying not to laugh after the question at 1:47
I just love how he says "A newt?!"
build a bridge out of her!
+Olivia Woloshyn no, but it would be efficient. when would swim to get their babies and the ugly rejects drown
Gotta have the full Monty!
there's much truth in this... :)
love john cleese face of rage, hilarious
Just for any US fundamentalist christians watching, this is a actually a comedy film, not a documentary about modern life in the UK. No, we don't burn witches! We hang them.
Next in fox news!!
He is attaching a coconut to the bird at the beginning!!!!
I finally get the yugioh abridged reference to "Burn the witch!!" That LittleKuriboh was making
1:27 There are ways of telling whether she is a witch. Are there? What are they? Tell us, tell us. Do they hurt?
02.38 proudest face ever :')
I find this sht so funny cause if they ever jumped in water they would all float.. I guess they all witches cough I mean warlocks. BURN BURN!
2:40 ´nice´ movie eh sorry ^^
the only think i didnt get, is she weighted as a duck, or did they burned her any way? 
This still happens in Saudi Arabia and in some countries of Africa. You can be charged with sorcery/being a witch. Welcome to modern day 2014 people -_-
wonder if King Arthur considered other shapes for his table lol
Well, he tried the long rectangle table and that turned out a disaster.
lol, the pigeon with the coconut attached.
The narrator said butter at the very end.
That first accusation scene #gamergate is looking fine.
What's that chant those men in black saying?
Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem
I like how when he says "we shall use my largest scales" he walks off the platform and drops a good 5 feet, but he walks away like it was nothing
Anyone else like the rigged scales?
Who is that magnificent looking witch?
+David Emel Connie Booth, John Cleese's ex-wife :-)
I love seeing the broken scale afterwards.  So funny lol.
why am i watching this
I've often wondered who is dumber, the villagers or Bedevere for getting them to think she's made of wood & weighs the same as a duck...
The villagers, they are both stupid and evil. Stupid because they cannot follow his logic and cannot tell the obvious problems with it. And evil because they dress an innocent woman up like a witch just so they can watch her burn for entertainment.
Just like all the rage comments on the internet
But a duck also weighs the same as a duck; therefore all ducks are witches.
This is a good analogy, on explianing how or what is a hypothesis for any science classes. Lol
Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright in a nutshell.
"There are ways of "tellinggg" whether she is a witch." "Are there?" "What are they? Tell us tell us tell us!" "Do they huurt?" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is not stupid! Its Monty Python stupid you idiot! But its okay I forgive you
This is how witch trials really were...
Ah, yes.   Preview for the 2016 elections.
314 dislikes??? Haters
J.M. Lindner Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
This is about as logical as the real witch trials were
Think that's the joke, bloke.
My friends at school always say this to all the girls they hate.
Wlliam Lane Craig logic
Have never seen the movie before.. But I imagine this is what the witch trials really were like.. I find it amazing how people thought that if a woman could swim, they were suddenly a witch and needed to be killed.
3:24 Lol at that one guy with shaving cream on his face.
The human ignorance at its finest. That reminds me of Salem Witch Trial. 
A simpler time, a better time.
How did i find myself in this predicament?
My Mother-in-law is a WITCH!
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