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COD MW3 - The Osprey Gunner

by Chris Smoove • 806,298 views

Because of all the AC130 fails I've had so far, I decided to switch my streaks to try out the Osprey Gunner. New theme music produced by Vinay from T.O.D.A.Y!/IAM_VINAY

Man, I miss these videos.
These were the days
hey chris can you add me on xbox please me my name name is JLK98
I miss you playing call of duty... Hope you play advanced warfare :(
The good old Chris smoove days
Have you ever noticed that whenever smoove gets the top killstreak he always dies after  he uses it.
The Osprey Gunner killstreak is by far the dumbest killstreak Infinity Ward has ever produced!!!
trueeee ill give it that, but when it doesnt get taken down its better than the other 2, but it can get taken out with like 2 stinger missiles, hahaha should be 4
When I get osprey i uslly get up with 35-45 kills. I hit 54 kills the other day. My streaks are ah6, ac130 and osprey
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the explosion was so powerful cuz he blew up a gas barrel also
call of duty he is the real chris smoove
The AC130 is a boss You have mad skills MR. CHRIS SMOOOOOOVE!!!!
lmfao this video looks nice haha
smoove waz a boss now that we done made his youtube famous hr dosent even gaf about his subs he does like 1 vid thats like 7 mins once every.couple of days and its ONLY 2k smh
This game brings back good memories. Smoove ur a boss.
Your not the real Chris smoove
Abra Kadabra lmfao
man still like watching these videos
yesterday i got my first osprey gunner, it´s a hitmarker machine
I know right!!! I can get them, it just always gets shot down :(
Are you people fucking retarded or something? I'm a girl you fat lesbian.
it was funny to the 4 minute to the 4 minutes and 11 seconds
Mr. Smoove if you want can you add me on PS3 ? my psn = BarbarianKiller8
racist bitch ass hoe go do in a ditch hah dont b jelly cos u got 0 subs n he got 593k same fo the xJawz comment go suk a dick
I mean on ground war on Village, I could easily get quite a few kills. But Osprey Gunner is really not even much better than AC-130, and Pavelow is much better than both. I'll stick with my Helicopter, AH6, Pavelow combo; it's disappointing getting the highest killstreak in the game and just get tons of hitmarkers.
why dont u use auto tune anymore?
The first Smoove video I watched. That was A Smoove Move!
hey guys how could I get the melody that starts on 1:00 ?
Now i gonna write this comment just to make it look nice :)
I pressed the like button, just because it looks nice
he has already limited friends. I tried adding him but psn says he has already enough friends. And i dont think he would add people like us. but he just might
Lmao do you NOT know whiteboy7thst!?!... and he play's both xbox and ps3... but he play's more xbox
I Can Never Tell If He's Playing Live or Commentating.
a shout out to my subscribers, i am posting a new video tommorow
wat level are you because ur versing lower levels
I enjoy he changed by playing other games instead of just CoD and NBA right now I'm enjoying the Beyond Two Souls series it's really good and he is still as funny as ever.
on mw2 and all that good stuff basically his old self
You could've gotten a MOAB if you hid and used it
"as a decoy?" dont lie to me smoove, I know you where watching all those red dots and thinking splaaaaash
Your G.A.Y. If you can't read it with the periods it spells gay
Man i have watched everyone of your mw3 videos they r the best vids ever
I subscribed for the "look nice" ;D
Somebody more kills than chris smoove? Is this a fake video???? Lol
Chris you a boss. But can you do a game with out camping and sill get an AC130
lol didn't i play with you in a game of black ops zombies once? gt: Extemespeeed
Chris Smoove has the highest Like:Dislike ratio I've seen on the whole of YouTube, not just out of COD videos.
4:10 if that was me I would of rage quit>:(
Woo! nice man you crack me up all the time
you must really suck if your enemies got 7 helicopters in one game.
Hey chris i love ur mw3 videos maybe if u want we can play on the 360 some day my gamer tag is xECHO5623X
this guy is a fuckin newb camper
You should try doing these videos live on
calling it in the middle of the map O_o
Anyone else think on dome the "b" and "c" flags should be swaped?
Myles Williams go buy that shit without ur parents
I liked all modernwarfares except mw3 and i dont like blackops except zombies but blackops2 ruined zombies in my opinion
fuck u. smoove iz 1 uv the best all round gamers i have ever seen. go suck a chould
his third* (1. shopping for victims 2. smoove kill confirmed stretegy 3. this)
I got like 6 kills with Reaper on that same match..... Osprey Gunner is a hitmarker machine
no fucking way! in black ops 2 you need 450 points, which is basically 4-5 kills, MW3 needs 2-3, and dont forget the Support Package.
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