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You're Beautiful.

by Arden Rose • 60,557 views

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this more serious video, but I promise the best thing you can do is go check out the tumblr it's inspired by here: Seriously though,...

When I was in high school, I felt sooo insecure. When I was 12/13, people in my class called me ugly almost on a regular basis and it ruined my confidence. Now, I have graduated, I'm 16 and I couldn't care less about what people think of my appearance. I may not be gorgeous, but I know I'm so much more than meets the eye. Thank you for this video nonetheless <3
can you do a vid on how to open up and be more personable and confident?
my only problem on beauty really are my glasses. They're like braces for your eyes -_-
I feel insecure about how my stomach isn't as flat as it used to be. Whenever I sit down, I try to hide it with a pillow or something that I can hold to it. When I watched this video, I put the pillow down!
This is my favorite video that you've ever made. We've all been affected by the media on how we should look and what we should act like, some more than others. I think we all need to take a step away from all the "Get pretty fast" and "Get a flat tummy and a cute butt" ads and start to feel comfortable in our own skin. Thanks for posting this video:)
okay so i saw your name on seventeen and i was like ahhhh because my name is also arden and then i pulled up ur channel and this was the first one i saw and i watched it and what u were saying on how u would compare ur self when u were ypunger was exactly how i would...i just thouht it was awesome to know other people named arden bcuz i have never meet another arden...i just wanted to let u know and now im subscribed
YOUR SHIRT YOUR SHIRT YOUR SHIRT where oh where is it from?
Oh a real woman is not skinny and tall? I guess I'm not a real woman. THINK BEFORE YOU TALK.
the exact same thing happened to me, my freshman year was amazing i would do it all over again, sophmore year i became depressed and nothing was the same
You are so adorable and this video is amazing, your beautiful inside and out! <3
im naturally thin. When I was younger I was SO unhappy because of my weight. I thought i was ugly. Not just bigger girls have problems..
I love u girl! Ur frikin awesome ! We believe in the same things! Some girls in my school look to "prettier girls" and say like why am i not beautiful like her and i feel in a way i do that to but i would never take it seriously! they are so caught up in how they are supposed to look like and the stereotypes of how much ur supposed to weigh and stuff! Anyways luves this video u speak the truth ! Luvs ya arden!!!;)x
Thank you soo much Arden!!!! Ths really makes me feel so much better. In my past i've been called so many mean names due to my weight, and i always come home crying,,,, So thank you for this video becaus it gives me confidence. You are sooo right in how the media will some how fnd a flaw in anybody, and someties it rips people apart. So thank you for puttingthis video up :)
I don't think it's even possible for me to thank you enough for this amazing video you've posted. I'm going into grade eight and ever since grade 5 I've been extremely self consious when the media really began to get to me. If you haven't seen it yet, you should watch the dove evolution on youtube, it really helped me. But in the 12 minutes and 11 seconds of your video I have relised I'm beautiful the way I am and I cried because I've never been this happy. Thank You <3
Ok i really like this it's very inspiring it kinda made me feel opposite cuz you said tall skinny women are not natural and im 5"10 only 15 yrs old so I would appreciate if you wouldnt say that cuz like you said aren't woman beautiful the way they r??? Good vid but....ya:(
Cool your freakin jets!!!! Haha i love you thanks for the advice!
I totally identify with the looking at weights on magazines.
I wear a size 0 jeans....but i don't exercise. it's just in my genetics and i like how i am.:) i just enjoy eating my fruits and veggiess!
I totally agree with you arden! great vid, congratulations!
@BohemianBerry thank you soooo much you made my day. you described me and you just made me smile and feel happy!
i was watching this video and couldnt stop staring at ur earrings i love them!
Why don't you go put your correcting to use somewhere els cuz' nobody asked for it over here! Daisydoll121 is so right. People don't need to go and hate on other people just because they wanna prove a stupid point. And BTW owlflurry, she is NOT underweight, she is NOT concerned about what everyone els thinks about her{as she just said in the video.} Shes nothing but beautiful. We're all beautiful, and those who think otherwise are still beautiful.
@MelissasMonsters awww really? well i guess i'm glad i made you happy? :))
@1LeiaPrincess it's a bit annoying when the top comment no longer applies :(
you look slightly like a young kate middleton x
For all of the skinny tall girls complaining on how Arden said its not natural to look that way, your overlooking it. She meant the tall skinny girls that blow out chunks of food after their meals and the girls who refuse to eat because they're afraid they'll gain a pound. I thought that this was a great video and she didn't mean to insult or upset anybody.
Hahaha playtex is tampons!!! I love u arden!
aw I think you're beautiful hun! I'm so glad you recovered, stay strong (: <3
lets not go mainstream; lets be hipsters!
I love you. Today I've been having a crappy day..I got a horrible haircut 4 days before school starts and I've been letting that get me down because it looks super bad and I've been so hard on my self and telling myself that I'm not good enough and not pretty enough and thats the reason I've never had a boyfriend and I've been letting the negative things people say to me really pull me down and I watched this video and I feel a whole lot better. You are so inspiring and you really are pretty b
I can totally relate to everything you are saying.. Rv
Could you still do the high school video soon please? Thanks!
I was a model for a clothing company called Garage. I have 40 inch hips (media usually only picks models that are 34-36 inches). I love my hips, they make me look gorgeous! Like Marlyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot! I think that Garage strives pretty hard to choose models that aren't super skinny, even the mannequins are bigger than most mannequins. They wear size 7 pants. That makes me happy too :) I think it'd be really neat if they had a bunch of different mannequins with sizes 00-13 though
Lovely video, and prettiest makeup on you I have ever seen! Much love!
Were seriously the same person. I agree with everythig you say! Its awesome. You're just better at explaining it than me. Haga love you!
I hate the term "real woman". Sure those girls in ads are photoshopped, but they're still real women. Real women have curves and real women don't have curves. I don't think we should be using the term "real" that much.
Tell them they should eat less cheese burgers. But not in a mean way, in a 'I don't want you to have diabetes' sorta way.
Well Darn..... You had Me feeling All good About My self And Was lie ' Yeah! Im Pretty And beautiful,, And BLAH BLAH BLAH!!' But when you said 'The AVerage is 8 not a plus size.... Well Im a size 14/15 And Im only 13 So ): ,, Now I feel Like a fat pig............(but I still love your volgs (: )
you should do a makeup tutorial of the makeup you are wearing in this video i really the like the makeup to :)
arden how tall are you and how much do you weigh now?
I loved seeing that tumblr! It instantly helped me feel better about myself! Thank you, Arden.
this is my favorite video of yours by far. also, all of your videos make you seem really intelligent :D
i feel the same exact way with the whole weight thing.... =[ but i feel so much better after watching this ... i feel like i can accept myself for who i am now :)
you make it sound pretty easy but accepting yourself is so much harder than throwing your magazines out if you are fat and what people categorize as "ugly". i think it is nice that you made this video but i dont think it will be affective because youre such a darling with a face and body to die for that people like me will just huff and puff around saying its easy for you to say if you get what i mean.
@KimixKicks i'm pretty sure she goes to a Catholic school
Arden you saved my life! You are awesome! Keep up the good work Girly! :D
@Toby57548 What she was trying to say shouldn't have offended you at all, because she said the models stats were crazy and unnatural like she forced herself to that weight which really makes her not a natural beautiful woman. If you're that tall and that skinny go you! She was just saying in general making yourself that skinny just to fit into someone else vision of beautiful isn't beautiful at all. Don't be so sensitive.
Arden i just love all of your videos you are my absolute favorite person on youtube! im so glad you made this video because i think every girl on youtube needs to hear this message. i struggle with this same thing, even being 5'8 and naturally skinny, but like you said everyone has insecurities. This verse helps me a lot and is something that encourages me :) Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. thanks :)
I think the best description of beauty is :Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Am i right?(: aha..
Like it took me until about a month ago to b confident because anyone bigger than me would try to make themselves feel better by saying something to me about being skinny which makes thin people feel like crap
Beautiful I love how you think (:
I don't think your hair is that short, it looks perfect that way!! Sometimes I get insecure with how long my hair is because most people just get hair cuts all the time but you know what, my long hair makes me unique and makes me me! :) Love you Arden!
@ARose186 do you think you could do xeverygirlx's The Imperfect Life Tag?
The internet can be such a horrible place but can also be beautiful with inspiring videos like this. The benefits are that it allows you to see the ugly side of people from their hateful comments and those that are truely beautiful from within with lovely comments. Therefore, you get to see the real ugly people who behind the computer could be beautiful but we know inside are ugly and who the real beauties are.
Your comment is contradicting the message of this video... I've been made fun of for being awkwardly tall and skinny, and I just took offence to that. Its people like you who make others uncomfortable in their body.
Can u please still do the advice video!!
To everyone out there who doesn't think they're 'enough', you are enough. Know you are beautiful, cherished and most importantly, loved. <3
People just need to stop caring about appearances so much. Heavy girls are mean to girls who are just naturally stick thin. I hate it when my heavier friends tell me to eat a cheese burger. I don't like the fact that they're inspecting my body trying to find whatever they can just to make me feel bad. I'd kill to have their boobs and butts! But no, I can't say anything mean back, because calling someone fat is a "sin". It's just fine for them to make me feel bad. Stop being so shallow!
i really love this! you're my favourite guru! thanks for making this!
i think this was a really great video, just a bit all over the place!
I feel the same way. My bf's little sister weighs like 90-120 pounds and is thin as a board (no curves, nothing) and I overheard her say "I'm so fat"... Her mom claimed "Oh it's because you're hips are bigger" (no... they aren't!) I'm not gonna say my weight (I'm not a house), but you can imagine how I felt. I felt like I was being teased indirectly...
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you saying that's not what a real woman looks like is so wrong. I am naturally tall and skinny, so I'm not a real woman? I get what you're trying to do and I appreciate it but you also have to be considerate and think about people with bodies that are the way magazine's think you should be.
@PlayBoyKiss22 guess i never thought of it like that :\<3
Arden, you are soo beautiful!! Thank you for making this video, it is exactly what I needed right now.
You Remind me soooooo much of Taylor Swift, Awesome video!
You're beautiful arden! thanks for the wonderful video!
I love that u made a whole video on this, and it did help me with my huge self esteem issue a little, but I'm still sorta insecure. It just makes me so uncomfortable and it makes me feel like I'm gonna cry when I hear people saying that they are "so fat" when they are 10 pounds lighter than me. But I'm trying to push out all of those insecure-inspiring ads and magazines and pictures.
@ydoineedausername100 I completely agree... I'm average height but considered really skinny and as much as I agree that everyone is beautiful and should feel comfortable in their bodies, everyone includes the naturally skinny people. If we are trying to help boost the self esteem of those whose bodies are not "perfect" to media standards, why aren't we helping the girls who are getting trashed for being skinny. No matter what your weight or height, we are ALL beautiful. No exceptions.
The thing you said about not hiding who you are is SO true. I love you.
please do a high school video!! <3
its so easy to feel good about yourself when you have a perfect body according to the media yourself
this is how i discovered tumblr and now im addicted
I think everyone has to at one point decide what they think is more important; your view of yourself or other people's views of you. I realized one day that I wasn't beautiful. But I also realized that I didn't need to be. I have friends, a loving family, a stable life and good grades. There are more important things than being pretty and I would never change anything about my life in exchange for smaller thighs or a prettier face.
you are soooo pretty inside and out !
Thank u for making this video im constantly being called fat but i get confused because boys either say im pretty or others say im really fat. I dont have alot of confidence but im on a diet n im slowly comin outta my shell. Anyway didnt mean to give u my life story! This video jst means alot thank u n btw ur r really pretty so who ever called u fat must of been jelouse. X
@LoveOnTheSun ugh, the same thing happens to me all the time. I can relate to your comment so well...
I love this! I was bullied because people saw me as perfect and beautiful and brought me down to where I was 250 pounds at age 12, I still have times even tho I've lost 80+ pounds where I hate how I look and I'm shy all the time and I just don't want to be me anymore. Thank you for making this video because girls need to realize that beauty isn't important in the long run and bringing someone down won't make you feel better about yourself or feel prettier. When your nice to everyone no matter h
I loveeee this video so much , , your personality is just perfect ,,yes!
it's weird we're the same age because I feel like you're my big sister because you're such a wise girl. I love this arden!
You are awesome! Thanks for the vid!
I can totally relate to this video! I was also pretty slender my freshman year and gained a tiny bit of weight at the end of my sophomore year. I'm still pretty thin but not as much as I was and it made me sooo upset. And I don't fit into my fav white shorts anymore. ): This is wonderful... thanks so much! <3
The top thing I do that helps my self esteem is smile in the mirror. It sounds silly, but man oh man does it help! I never frown at myself, always smile. It's a little boost every time :D
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