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Sledgehammer Week - The Slow Mo Guys

by The Slow Mo Guys • 885,342 views

Gav and Dan (with the help of Peter Gabriel) prepare for Sledgehammer Week. They'll be releasing the first episode tomorrow and continuing all week with a new video every day! Be sure to come back...

Miley Cyrus would be really really ashamed to see people using sledgehammers correctly.
Music: Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
bless you kind mortal
Miley cyrus will be sad to see people using a sledgehammer in the right way
i lost it when gav got hit by dan and dan just keeps walking until he realises gavin lying on the floor xD ( 0:43)
xDD yea,and then he was like "Hey,where did you go?"
XD Dan good work hitting Gav in the head. you deserve a laugh plus! (A plus for Dan!)
Thumbs up and High Fives for Dan whacking Gavin with the Sledgehammer!!
what video did gavin say getting hit by the sledgehammer was when he got hurt the most in a video
Paintball against bare skin in slow motion.
you guys are amazing, made my day:D
0:42 - 0:58 Caption: "ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION" Gavin and Dan: walking slowly Dan: hits Gavin in the head with the sledgehammer Gavin: Owwwwwwwwwwww! (Dan: *not paying attention and just keeps walking* Gavin: cries silently Dan: looks down "Are you okay B?" Caption: "The Slow Mo Guys Presents: SLEDGEHAMMER WEEK Best Trailer Ever! I could Imagine this this in a movie I would be directing!
The Slow Mo Guys should come out with like a golf club week or a explosion week or something that would be dope
You guys are soooooooo awesome :-)
Miley Cyrus is DEFINITELY gonna watch these
shout out to peter gabriel
Lol dans face 0:03 and gavs face 0:15. Yes
you missed 2 videos
I am such a fan of the sound effects you guys put in your video's. Just bloody love them <3 
I lost it when Dan hit Gavin in the head with the sledgehammer. XD 1.) You should NEVER trust Dan with a sledgehammer because he will hit you I the head with it (on accident) 2.) NEVER give Gavin a pair of headphones or he will put them backwards. 3.) Dan and his Camouflage pants and total sexiness! ( Off topic: You can tell a "Slow Mo Guys" video is old when Dan's lab coat doesn't have a rip in the shoulder or paint all over it.)
What does XD mean ?????????????
XD is just a laughing face, the X is the eyes shut and D is the open mouth
your a reatard is a side ways laughting face XD
AFFI123SMART Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
please watch this is hillarious!
o no... cant wait to see wat happens...
Sledgehammer By: Peter Gabriel
Oh....well that sucks...155 thumbs up maybe they would've done that XD...okay in that case.......
his headphones are STILL not on properly!
They do have jobs, gay works in Texas on videos, and Dan is in the army
fp you guys are legends! :D Can't stop laughing at your vids! ;)
gav looks like shaggy from scooby doo lol
An RC car driving towards its immanent destruction. Just how would they go about hitting it? from the front (like golf) or from the top (if they manage to get the target if its moving to or away from them)
"looking like a bitch for a long time." - gavin
So this is the origin of why Gavin can't wear his damn headphones right on the podcast.
Gavin getting nailed in the was funny then Dan looks over
His headphones aren't on backwards but even worse
you guys should of had an explosion in the back round
Ahhh, you guys forgot to tape thandle all the way... :) Thumbs up for the awesome footage!
They should've tried to get triple H
There are several times Gus throws a fit because Gavin wears his headphones backwards. I can't remember the specific podcasts, but it's been in several of the RTAA's lately.
A day in the life of alec mason.
Gav: "OOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why can't you upload one video every day all the time? ;_;
0:55 I love how Dan just looked back like "You okay Gav?" XD
I'm laughing SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL.
You can tell they are British LOL #roosterteeth
it's not. that was an accident. he said that somewhere...
You guys crack me up! I love your video's!
This is one of my favorite songs of all time Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel
0:02 Dans i just farted face
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