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Roger Federer and fellows - funny moments

by kisaragi1692 • 757,559 views

Federer with Ivanisevic,Ginepri,Agassi,Hrbaty,Safin,Santoro,and Haas! Roger Federer interview ,Wimbledon, June 23, 2008 ( Federer def. Dominik Hrbaty) 【Q. Did it startle you a little bit when...

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super funny!!! XD
Agassi + Federer = Hilarious!!!!!
Federer is a genius, but he is very funny too. Good video.
if rafa or novik make jokes with roger, roger will win the match easily
why did hrbaty sit next to roger?
@Apoelistas24 My pleasure(^-^) I love tennis and Roger's smile.
Federer finally took Andre's advice
@OosdwoO not exactly, he simply channelled his magic through his magic wand into his wife and onto his kids XD.
give him a chance roger.....i loled
@BrokenRecord14 Also an excuse whenever Rafa loses to anyone i.e. injury or fatigue.
@petemyster101 puts up his hands and starts waving like an idiot to distract feddy . . . . and succeeds
1:23 - Which match and year was it?
Agassi " This guy (Federer) is the most overrated player of all time." Wow, how wrong he was. He has become arguably one of the best tennis players of all time.
Like they say, keep your loved ones close and your enemies closer.
Great video...Thanks for sharing. War Roger!!
0:17 loved Roger's smile :) <3 Loved the Andre vs Roger's match! How cutely Andre mocked Roger =D Laughed like hell! Roger is so polite. No wonder he is a legend.
Great to see, even though when he's the best he can still have a laugh on the court
Roger is the king. and true class. love you Roger
the fella that said 'give him a chance roger' fuckin legend haha
i like how fed started laughing at Ivasenivec
That was a joke, Andre probably said the exact opposite of how he really feels about Roger.
at start he used throw his rackets but after wimbeldon defeat in 1st round..he tried to control his anger,,and only thing which we hear and like is "COME ON"
LOL I've tried to block an incoming shot after going to the net too like the last scene.
ROGER FEDERER pure class and very funny
If the two guys sitting side by side had been American, it would be frowned upon, but Europeans are not uptight like that.
this just goes on proving how much of a champion Roger is. Humour, sensitive to defeat and crying at the AO 2009 -- aww, how precious -- a ridiculous 16 GS champion. He has it all. i hate him -_- haha LOVE ROGER!!!
1:45... He sure knows how to touch that bald head of his... wtf lol?
@novemberjam I don't see it either. What does he do at the net?
Why did Roger make sure Hrbaty did not drink his 'water'? 3:04
Good Video. the Hrbaty clip was great.
@bhoybilly @bhoybilly There is one video where he smashes his racket.But that is just normal to be angry.
Great compilation, Laughed all the way through.
@stemilano97 i think he ran so hard to reach to return the ball that he couldn´t stop. If he hadn´t jump he wouldve crashed with the net and fallen very badly. i think that´s why
hahahah the commie at 0:58 has a great voice
this is why i love this sport. this is why in my personal opinion tennis is the best sport of all !!!
It is funny 2 months ago I hadn't played tennis in years, I rarely watched tennis games cos I thought they were boring..all of a sudden I had the rush, returned to tennis on a bi weekly basis, loved Agassi then Roger that I almost watched all their YouTube vids! But yeah he is a very nice guy, I didn't like him at first cos I just can't cheer for those who win all the time, I mean Agassi had his bad moments and so!, but when I watched Roger play and watched his interviews, I totally loved him!
lol goran and his racket smash - classic. it was his trademark^^
That is because I like tennis. Moments in which they entertain the audience and get applause for playing extraordinarily and with pleassure. Thank you for sharing
Federer looked so happy playing with Agassi!
hahaha 3:28 lol@language, very melodic, nice :D what's the language? i wanna learn it :D
His opponent Tommy Haas distracted him by doing a silly move. Roger lost the point but It was all good though since Roger was winning the match.
Was that a white ball in the first clip?
One of the BEST VIDEO on Youtube!!! :D
@kisaragi1692 nice vid. I like it
Haha, cute teddy at the end :) Is that Roger? (supposed to be, I know it's not really him, lol)
well you can see Rog angry for no reason sometimes, especially when he is not winning but there is no doubt he is a great guy on and off the court.
Amazing video, I rarely thank uploaders, cos it seems dull..but thanks for a great video, and I am not even a Federer fanboy!
Roger's to-do list: Most slams - check Career slam - check Drastically improve haircut - check
Hahahahaha!!! I love how everyone loves Roger:) and makes fun of him, lol!
Roger is a great guy and you can see that in every game he played you will never see him getting angry whether how good or bad he played he's always cool and that is the key to success, go Roger beat them all.........
thanks, thanks a lot. i have an exam that i'm supposed to be studying for but guess where I am??? lol
Love that teddy bear in the end :)
@lolliholic256 i don't understand the last clip!?
schön, dass au tennisspeler en sinn für humor händ und ned immer bäll um sich schlaget
Does the ball go in in the last game with Haas? I can't see where it lands...
It would have been epic if Tommy Haase shouted "COME ON!" and pump his fist after taking the score from distracting federer =)
lol ivanisevic is like going to cry after smashing his racket
2:10 - "AW, somebody's getting MAD!" hahaha agassi
An absolute gentleman. The Santoro match was played in such good spirit
What the spectator yelled at Roger & Herbaty @ 3:47? Looks like he made laugh the umpire himself! :D But i can't hear what the spectator said.
Federer is the best, All the things he have done and all the fun stuff that happens whenever he plays. I love Federer, there is nobody like him.
Thank you for watching! Please check out another one of my videos(Federer and fellows - 2,3,4,5,6)
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