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"Mosin-Nagant Sledgehammer Drill" by Buggetnuster

by nutnfancy • 98,494 views

Rocking a 1927 battle rifle fast and furious is easy right? Well maybe not. You will find the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 battle rifle takes a bit of commitment to shoot fast and accurately. We find this...

I guess every Mosin is different, mine has a buttery smooth bolt, no slappin the bitch necessary.
You gotta love the sound of a Mosin firing, it sounds like victory.
What scope is that you are running? Gosh it looks nice on there
+nutnfancy where do you shoot? is this just remote land or som1s property ?
to anyone saying "stripper clips would make this faster" two words: rim lock. still a dreadfully slow and tedious loading system.
not everyone can be a canadian mosin god though
Not if the interrupter is doing its job.
The bolt on that gun is crap
what are your thoughts on what went down in Nevada?
two words... "stripper clips". they are life savers for loading the mosin, i bought a set of 5 original Russians for like 14.00 on eBay. great piece of gear for the mosin. 
11:14 Where did my cover go?(I hate when that happens.)
Make sure the round is loaded with the rim in front of the previous round, virtually eliminates the rim lock problem. Most of these problems are user errors and not gun problems.
Hey Nutnfancy I'm a big fan of your videos and your solid reviews keep em' comin! Hey I would love to know your opinion on Arch Angel's AA9130 after market Stock for the Mosin-Nagant. Can you do a review on it?
I've had that problem with my mosin not feeding rounds all the way up like he did. I don't know what it is, but i usually just end up shooting one at a time
I used to have faith in humanity, then I read your comment...
one rule about gun saftey NEVER RUN WITH THE GUN
And I still have a sticky bolt problem too. The difficulty in loading a new round each time is compounded since I shoot left handed. I bring my left hand off the trigger and reach over the left side of the rifle to the bolt handle....and it's hard as heck to open the bolt. I'm then forced to pop the bolt handle up with my right hand. Takes a lot of time.
How do you like the LER? Did you have to tap the gun to put it on?
I own a mosin 1891/30 made in 1933. I've shot 150+ rounds of 203 grain soft point, both lacquered steel and nickel plated steel, and I have not had a single failure to feed, fire or extract. The rimmed ammo can be an occasional problem, but the main thing I've found, is to not load the rounds too far to the rear of the receiver, otherwise they want to nose dive back into the magazine. If the rims do lock, you can slap the bolt handle sharply, and 'skip' the topmost round over the one below it.
The bolt stick thing can be fixed, its ussually cosmoline build up u just gotta put a few rnds through it clean and repeat until there is no stick...hope that helps dont want to see you go in for domestic abuse
@mike1022ls1 Well some refurbs dont work that good.
Just out of curiosity Nutnfancy. Is the Mosin Nagant, capable of mounting anything other than that red dot? perhaps something with magnification? also, shooting that rifle really gives you a healthy respect for the Russian Infantry divisions that shot that rifle every day, buddy of mine has a Mosin Nagant, and we shoot it all the time out at his property, I love that rifle.
Nutn has said he prefers the single load for speed. Honestly, the surplus stripper clips work smooth as butter, and the aftermarket ones are decent. You need to fiddle with the ends of the aftermarket ones to get them to work right.
Would this be a good competition rifle?
Like bugget was saying...the M44 would be nice. plus a bayonet. That's an imtimidating factor right there. I'm lucky enough to have one.
That's has a sticky bolt. You need to get a new one. And why do you wear body armor? Thanks!
lol i love it when people pull the bolt back by bitch slapping it :)
Nutnfancy, I have to agree I have the mosin nagant carbine and it's a mother to run the bolt. I still love shooting it though
Went to sleep on duty and fell out of the guard tower.
Couple of old farts! You guys are sloppy.
I think he ment the older ones are harder to work.
u aint gotta slap shit...if u get one of the good ones it just freely slides up, and back and then back into position...if u hav to slap it then u should prolly get it checked out...
Buggernuster is hurlin' some big lead.
Shot 15 rounds today at 100 yards with iron sights. Last time I fired, I realized the top of the front site post needs to be added to by a millimeter. Or I could do what I did today. Instead of aiming with the front sight post aligned with the top of the notch on the rear sight, I brought the front sight post to the bottom of the notch on the rear sight. This brought my shots down. I prefer not to use 'Kentucky Windage', but sometimes you have to.
What vest is Bugget runing ? I have the name in my head but i cant remember it....
This was my first rifle, particulaly because it is so cheap, but to those who wonder why these guys keep missing should know that the trigger-pull on this pig is HEAVY, making your finger stress extremely high right before the round flies.
Long time fan but, really, there's no need for multiple takes on any of these narrations -- certainly not in the final edit. Thanks for all your efforts.
фрицев on the hill comrades!
@GodOfWar221 They make rails with more real estate than the ones shown here in the video. So yes you can run optics with magnification. It should be enough room for scope mounts. I'll send you some links to some websites buddy, via message.
true. But a good knife adds weight to your systems not your gun. So it's kind of a trade off...soo have both!
i have hit a man sized target 200 yards away with my Mosin Nagant.. iron sights it just takes practice and i love the my mosin nagant it was the best 125 dollars i have spent
those ads are usually put there based on your recent google searches.
Good ole' motor oil works well. Indeed, I cleaned it once using nothing but motor oil. My dad's old gun cleaning kit had an unopened tube of Gunslick from the 60s. The Mosin likes it! I plan to shoot a lot of rounds this spring, so we'll see how the old school cleaning and lube works.
Why don't you edit out your bad takes? Watching you do what you planned on your videos are not only fun but informative. It's just a pain watching you get halfway through a segment and then start all over because you though you butchered the dialogue. Stay safe, keep shooting.
It would be a hex reciever. They were made better because they weren't in a hurry because they weren't in a war yet.
I own $1500 rifles... my mosin shoots as good (or better) than all of them. If a mosin costed $600+ everyone would think there great, but since there inexpensive these AR heads diss them. lol. Again, a old gun and a GOOD shooter, is better than a new gun and a idiot.
thats fixed no problem and he wears vest to hold gear pistol pouches etc,
I'm In a wheelchair we need to do a wheel n gun I always wanted to shoot with you we both have good humor. I can bring the finn m39 mosin to test and a AMD65 haha i'm just dreaming take care great video.
@LTrakinat it is a wooden stock, the original one it came with. Nutn duracoated it, it's like spray on epoxy (I think) but it's probably a gunky bore, all that cosmoline.
hey, i dont like the comment of russian mail-order brides. i happen to own one. and they like to be PUNCHED, not slapped... :P. btw awesome vid
@ voodoo, some of the aftermarket stripper clips the had were unreliable, they it would be quicker to single feed.
Its like this Bought my mosin for $90 at Big 5 month ago. Stripped it sold the parts for $150. Bought new black stock, removed the rear and front sights, installed muzzle brake, and a rimfire scope. Did a mod on the bolt and the mosin nails'm dead. Whats with your bolt not working? Mine is smooth as a babys butt. Nice video, the shooter could use some help though, LOL.
do you get paid to test all that gear?
He's right: That is a cool cloud...
Did you spray paint the stock and barrel on your rifle? Because I like the way it looks, and I might do it to mine if thats what you did.
"Go to the DPMS 308?" Could I ask if we will ever see that?
You had that cadet out so fast! Awesome!
The last 5 shots were a 6 inch spread and were within several inches from the center of the target.
@shannonandsheila1 Great idea to power wash the inside when taken down. I hadn't thought of that.
Charger clips....learn to use them. The crome one sucks though.
Dear Mr. Nutnfancy, What is the name of this badass song by Msquared? Thanks in advance!
he actually duracoated it. its much more durable and looks better.
$99 a Big 5. Aug 21 thru Aug 27. Get one while they're cheap!
I love these guys. They make great vids, but I believe they're trying to make the Mosin into something it clearly is not, nor was ever meant to be. I have great succes with my MN's shooting slow deliberate shots with dedicated Russian optics calibrated for the 7.62x54r. A red dot is clearly not suitable for a Mosin. I would say dots are useless for anything other than close range combat, exception being an ACOG. Dots on bolt guns just don't make alot of sense.
What I want to see is nutnfancy run the trench drill with a M1895 Nagant revolver.
Great vid. What's funny is that the add to the upper right of the vid screen on the next video I watched after this was for Russian mail order brides! lol
is he part of the military or doe he pretend...
I adore my 1948 M44. Would never sell my boom stick.
Its not the weapon..its the Open sights on my mosin (even though i have a scope), i have little trouble hitting 175yard target. I guess it takes more than army man dress up to shoot a rifle
Ach! You duracoated a Mosin M91!? I understand doing it to a 91/30, cause there's no shortage of those (yet), but an M91? This makes me sad.
@ultimatehistorybuff1 there are troll and anti guns wh dislike to piss off its sad but what can u do?
@cunliffe5108 She can throw back more Putinka than you and your friends. She don't take no shit.
How much did it cost you to set up that scope and coat it? I'm interested in getting one of these considering the price, cool factor, and caliber.
I know I like reloading my Mosin without strippers, but when I'm getting "Figuratively" shot at, I always have at least 1 stripper clip on my person. As for the rounds not being stacked accordingly in the internal mag, need to work on that PFI.
Hey Nutnfancy can you make a video of how you put your red dot on your Mosin please?
i doubt nutn would forget such a thing. it is actually quite common for these rifles to have a rough bolt. remember many of these were wartime manufactured rifles, and though they are reliable and tough, they often don't have the top quality control of other rifles.
I have a 91/30. i would love to get mine blacked out like this one. I've also been looking into a cheap scope and mount. being a cheap gun I dont want to spend lots of money on it.
All Americans are usually expected to keep and contain arms for the defense of the country. At least that's what our constitution allows us to do. So those of us who are like minded usually keep stocked as a soldier would in the military or better to provide the ultimate home, city, state and country defense without the need of the Government's assistance.
Thanks - based on this and your review - I got a can of ammo and gun for around $250. Shoots well too for iron sights
I think this was the first time i've heard NutnFancy say Pussy
Nice ad! "Date any Russian woman you want." LOOL
If the bore is free of pitting then it will not hurt to have some pitting on the outside of the barrel.
14:12 thats the bad thing about rimed casings. He overlapped the round now its caught.
why is your bolt having trouble returning home?
stripper clips make it whole lot easier to load this rifle
is that a synthetic black stock or is that the original wooden painted black? if its the synthetic stock where can i get one like that?
What kind of pants and shoes did Buggnet wear in this video? Sorry for stupid question but I'm curious. Brand would be enough.
hi, love the vid, can you tell me what the scope is called and manufacturer, and what attachment it comes with to attach it to the rear sight??? im thinking of doing my mosin up like yours, and i want to get the same scope you guys are using can you please help me ??
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