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Creeper Warfare 2 (Minecraft Machinima)

by Machinima • 201,586 views Click here to watch Minecraft: Zombie First Person Creeper Warfare 2 (Minecraft Machinima) Exultion brings you a Minecraft Machinima short in which...

hey, when i change the quality on your videos, all i get is static. What could possibly be doing that?
U guys shuld make a series about this
hey faggot you got both top comments in your name, fancy giving me one of those spots?
I like Pie too, I'm not gonna Lie.
Oh yeah.... 1.2.5. For some reason I thought of 2.0... the snapshots have too many "2's" to it now ;D
eew man if i wanted to see shit id just go and jump into the toilet!
really... ._. the animation is pretty cool though. but bad storyline...
I play both BF3 and cod. minecraft is better.
Still, better graphic than in Mw3
This reminds me more of Halo than COD
i figured you were, since it only took you 2 minutes to reply as if waiting for the comment
get your facts straight, the first Call of Duty was called Medal of Honor: Allied Assault developed by 2015, it's staff would found Infinity Ward in the next year and start the Cod series. MOHAA came out january 2002 and BF1942 came out in september
For those who wish to grief here is the right server
yes i just wanted to state it out without replying to everyone lowlife commenting how minecraft isn't fun
Just remember that it has been animated - 1:32 for us. 2 Days for them.
Must Watch its kinda like this video but cooler /watch?v=AHX63fqCpQI&list=UUE8EpYD4FFKDWM-B7J4oHXQ&index=1&feature=plcp
There are no aliens in call of duty
This is digusting. The video I just watched was a great work of art. And yet it has so many dislikes. You know why? It's cuz' all you ediot followers thinks it's okay to hate on machinima just because, other people are doing it. I'm losing hope in this world.
WOOOOOOOOW YEEEA MY GAME !!!!! LIKE THE VIDEO!!!! me encanta ese es mi juego!! si lo sacaran para el pc me lo compraba jajajaj un mod!!! que incluya el mod de las armas i que salgan respawns voladores que suelten cripers i ke si le tiras un bazoca te lo cargas!!!1 molaria
i think if a buliding fell on you, you woukd say more than 'uhh!'... actually you woukdbt say anything coz a buliding has just fallen on you!!
Everyone hates machinima because they're assholes, so
This isn't even a machinima lol
*Creeper explodes* Problem Difficulty Settings?
OMG! The Helicopter has Smooth corners! Everybody run for your lives!
Everything has a yellowish tint from the light source, so blue things appear green I think.
heh it felt a little bit more battle los angeles to me and halo isnt the first game to do aliens in space ships
creepers in mw3 are not called dead man hand its called people with grenades trying to get <3 title
should make that a real multiplayer game lol
Computers everywhere would shit themselves.
war is not the answer. switching it to peaceful is.
0:16 Everybody knows Creepers don't have spawners.
Please Help me -\L77RaG
This game would be as jump as hell ;) you'd walk around a corner and shit ur pants when u heard the "Hssssss"
still better graphics than in cod
Borg Creepers! resistance is futile! i want to play that game! XD
you should of made it so when you shotat them it was instant kill wiht blood coming out
Hey everyone, I would like for you all to help me out and expand my youtube channel! If you are into gaming this is the channel for you! Any help would be of much help. Please let me know how I am doing on my first gameplay/review at /watch?v=cAH0WKBonY0 Please help me in this journey!
So your saying deadmau5 can't afford a decent computer?
0:20 - :035 looks like the Crysis 2 trailer.
Not really. Creepers dont explode on death, they explode when they are close to you and see you long enough.
Creeper of doom? Creeper warfare 2? COD CW2?
better solution: dont build a house. they cant destroy what isnt there.
I'd recommend adding larger muzzle flashes and more recoil (if possible) just to make it seem, if not more realistic, more like movies and that's what the general population bases their perception of realistic warfare from.
Sad thing is IW will screw up Creeper Warfare 3 and make it unbalance and stuff like having duel diamond swords that one shot.
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