Fails of the Weak - Volume 04 - Halo 4 - (Funny Halo Bloopers and Screw Ups!)

by Rooster Teeth • 2,918,399 views

Jack and Geoff are back with the fourth volume of Halo: Reach faaaails! Enjoy the mayhem and screw ups.

3:10 I always used to do that when I armor locked and somebody was behind me, one guy actually thought I was a hacker XD
So say he's still in the air
It seems Dangerburns is still in the air
2:43 Can't. Stop. Laughing.
And thus, the Dick Bounce was born.
What mission do u You get the achievement for assassinating a elite while falling to your death
I believe it's Pillar of Autumn not 100% sure though
Why did you say in the title halo 4?
the origins of the dickbounce. many more to come. 
It's probably some weird thing when they edited the titles in the playlist it changed all of them to Halo 4.
no its just the actual 4th halo 
I was playing battlefield 3 and I shot my RPG and it was sliding missed the enemy at the door and got someone else luckily not on my team
Wait, where do I submit my Halo 4 fails (actually, it's a win!), though?
0:50  legend goes he is still flying to this day
was burnie not hired yet, is this how they met?
how did they meet in this video did i miss something?? D:
No... Just No. Burnie is the number 1 founder of rooster teeth. Jack didn't come into the picture until later. It was just Burnie, Geoff, Gus, Matt, and Joel for a little bit before more people were added.
That forge fail is glorious
These were the days :')... Why do they have to keep forcing these :( just let restart them with the new halo please!
+MrChubbyGames 2:25 Can only be funny so many times.
And the dick bounce legacy begins
who evers gamertag is Neodeathmage pause at exacly 3:00 and take screen shor for new background
All I could think during the forge fail was "team rockets blasting off again!!
3:42 Tex and Griffin moment lol
best one ive seen so far
He's still in the air
Hahaha I love these fails :') Thank you for this!
The speed on that guy on forge world fail oh my God XD
I just realized that all the Reach fails are called Halo 4 in the title
Dick bounce? more like a dickochet.
That's y they have caps on and the grid played golf with him
3:16 The blue guy was me... I miss these days
Once I threw a plasma grenade hit an elite and immediately jumped into the elite (epic face palm)
#'s 5&6 happened to me so many times
2:11 my spider senses are tingling 
the dude broke the map
Volume 04 - Halo 4.... 0_o
1:00, And we're blasting off agaaaiiinnnn!
ok so for the hear them begging or whatever thing i watched the movement patterns of the elite then after 2 mins of watching i jumped and got it on the first time 
I really need to play more halo reach
3:50 you mean now "she's" an inny
Sam Kilogarnen Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
you'll laugh ur butt off. people comment and give me ideas wht to do
gravity broke in number 2 lol
Dylan Snyder Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
The birth of the dick bounce. This is legend right here, folks.
This Volume is so hilarious I think it is one of the best, I was laughing so hard I was crying.. Jack and Geoff are so hilarious I love their jokes. LOL
I wonder if he's still flying?
i could careless how late i am i am giving a general comment to a person whoms videos i happen to enjoy and that i hope they keep it up past 200
at 3:27 thats some matrix shit
Who hasnt done the thing dangerburns did
My friends were doing grid flipping and I fly to the Spire But die from impact
how do you get your head on fire
2:03 i nearly pissed myself laughing
God, he didn't get far with his nuts!
At 1:45 that is my 2nd favorite fail of all time
i will never pick up a random penny from the floor ever again ._.
I miss the Halo Reach fails of the Weak
I figured out the armor lock thing. The green guy went out of armor lock right before the red punched him in the back.
Here because Jack said it was a good one
Yeah i missspell a lot cuz i'm a 15 years old kid don't jugde
Knifed so hard his skull flew out!
Shoutout to Jack and FOTW 124!
One word for the last clip; KADAFI!!!
I do that to my brother all the time when he is standing on a grid in forge.
The inception of the dickbounce.
that laugh is literally funnier than some of these
last one is too funny for words xDDDD hahahha
Back when FOTW made you laugh every episode :)
Haa got him Right in the Dick that guy sucks for getting stabbed in the dick
Old school fails are awesome! Geoffs laugh is epic. I miss playing Halo Reach.
0:35 and the dick bounce term was born
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