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Cardboard Gun Call of Duty Intervention And G36

by Buildpro10 • 859,077 views

Making Cardboard Guns is a hobby that I enjoy doing. In this video, you will see my cardboard Intervention and my G36. I appreciate all of the interest you guys have shown in my videos. Thanks! I...

That giant annotation made me want to bring a lighter to your house.
Nice. But y forgot one thing, bolt
Make the ballista from bo2
Dude I will buy both for 35 dollars together
Atleast is not doing drugs or drinking to much. Little bit nerdy but he doesnt hurt anyone right?
Battlefield doesn't always have the correct names. It's called the M200 Intervention. The name for it in CoD:MW2 is more accurate.
+John Hanna thank you im a battlefield fan myself but BF gun names are not that accurate.
Don't tell me how much I play video games you cockdriver, I bet you'll be a fucking art teacher
Its the Cheytac M200 Intervention if you were wondering...
nice. now paint it and then its look badass
WTF! You create the mask of masterchief awesome
You're telling people to get outside more, yet you had the time to make this. Hypocrite.
cant see fucking anything!
Cheytac M200, fires a .408 Cheytac cartridge the bullet has a velocity of 3500 F/S and fires at an energy of 8295 lbf
How muchnis the gun your selling
45 dollars for the g36?
oe men yo ise una igual k tu arma pero k dispara mis amigo me ayudARON GRACIAS TE DARE ME GUSTA
little bit nerdy but really cool! your awesome
how'd you make the helmet?
So what if he's making fake guns all day it's his hobby
Good job on the builds, but fyi, the scope is backwards on the M200.
I would like to by your gun for $10.00
You coppied nerf with the scope rail thing
no afance m8 but that is the m200 cytech 408 long rang rifle its not called the Intervention
why dont you pant it black and gold
You're - you are, your - speaking of something or someone.
No one will buy that cardboard stuff. You gotta be fucking idiot if you really think someone will.
Why is Your name "Intervention", and not M200 Cheytac Intervention, With 408. / 375. Cartridge?
you have done a really good job..!
Ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа пипец
Lol you love when he said yes this is a real gun you play to much games xD he doesnt even use or know that its an Cheytec M-200 Intervention System or M-200 more commonly used
awesome cool amazing im out of words
This guy is set for the zombie apocalypes
BTW that G36K needs a longer barrel to be a G36K
and the barrat .50 call is relly the barret M107 and blive me you wodnet be runig arond quke scoping pepol wthe blody thing after all with amoniton included it weighs 33 lb
Thats how he protects his virginity
Sorry dude but INTERVENTION is a bolt action rifle...why your gun have a same system like an M4A1 ?
I will buy the intervention for 20 bucks
We play games way to much, yet you made this video from copying a call of duty weapon....
im sorry, dont get me wrong and realize this is the truth before saying shit, but how come everything revolves around call of duty??? , someone could fart and the guy next to him would say CALL OF DUTY!!!, it not just intervention any ways, its a .50 cal BMG Cheytac M200 Intervention. if your are gonna make a gun dont pull a retard and say CALL OF DUTY, everything isnt call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It actually the "Cheytac Intervention"
U tellin us to go outside? Look in the mirror!
I maked the halo stuff but yours is better since im only 9
buy some permanent markers and paint the main body of sniper green and the rest of it green(the scope must be black)
Don't you think you're a little to young to be judging people?
a desert cammo with flat black under the cammo as first coating
Fuck call of duty halo is way du in better
You should spray paint it, it would look a lot better.
wow guys stop saying bad stuff about this amazing cardborad building dude, well what happens if you guys dont know how to build cardborad guns we will tease you so stop saying fag, gayand other bad stuff
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