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Hair Trick - Wrap Around Ponytail without Bobby Pins

by Luxy Hair • 623,766 views

Do you like wearing your hair in a ponytail? I do too:) I usually fancy up my ponytail by wrapping a section of hair around the base of the ponytail. It looks much neater and cooler. I used to use...

Ummm I thought this is how ppl did it in the first seriously...adding a bobby pin is just an extra annoying step.
That's what I do with a bun when the pins won't work! ^^
lots of people already know this "trick". i personally use the topsy tail tool which is a lot quicker and easier but either way good video :)
Or sometimes when you take it off at the end of the day you go to bed andd something pokes you because you forgot to take it out. :D No? No? Just me? Okay. This is awkward then... Yea. That's it. :) Happens to me! :D Ha-ha!
I for one had never heard of doing it without a bobby pin, so...
Then don't watch it! It's obvious you don't have a life but find yourself a hobby or keep your comments to yourself because comments like this make me feel INSULTED haha grow up
i've always been doing this...never really could make a bobby pin stay in
I love this video its great. Thanks :) xxx
Nice! This is soooo easy! I never thought of this. I will totally try it!
i actually dont remeber. i was just guesing. they mention it in a video tho. maybe on of the first luxy episodes
this will totally come in handy at work! Thank you so much for this, and everything you ladies do!
Thank you so much for this! Everytime I used a bobby pin it always fell out (like you said at the end), sometimes it didn't even last two minutes!! xx
I did this trick before!But it won't work on me..XD
aw girls you are so awesome...haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate lo...just ignore it. I thinks its pretty obvious that all of us are really happy with the help you give us with your videos. and it´s not just "hairstyle"...i really like to watch your videos becuase you guys are really sweet, funny and most important, respectful!!! THANK YOU GIRLS!! love from Argentina :) xx
I think a lot of us are "idiots", then, because a lot of people don't know how to do this. Calm down.
gr8 qustn well yes they r siblings THE LUXY SISTERS
love d video easy way to make my hair looking good and perfect
i completely forgot about you all! thank you all very much, you helped me with my social media classes a lot; you reacted exactly as i predicted so thanks
It really worked .....thanku very much mimi:-)
I've been doing this for a while now, but i never seemed to figure out what to do with the leftover piece of hair, so thanks :)
wow, if your too good for this video, get out of here then! this was a very helpful video for me.
LOL OFFENDED? you're pathetic. Some people didn't know that. Maybe try learning to be nice, okay?
Thank you, I've used bobby pins to do this and the hair doesn't hold well at all. I guess I'm one of the few dummies that didn't know this trick already and I appreciate it!
Love this!!! The bobby pins always slide out!!! Can't wait to try this :)
Wow that person is jealous of you guys..don't listen to her you guys are the best at what you do, and your thousands of fans/subscribers are supporting you guys and enjoying all the hair ideas you guys give us thank you Mimi and Layla you girls are beautiful :)
I do that everyday instead of ponytail i do a high bun, since it's very hot where i live and a bun it perfect for summer :)
I've always done that... just saying, not hating
omg they did not just take this video as an insult, leyla and mimi trust me no matter how basic or any little video that may seem pointless to the people who really love you we dont care what its aboutwe just love seeing your beautiful selves so please do not take that comment serisouly its redic. from me and all of your true beautiful friends<3
thank god theres this method!! sames a ton of time!!! thanks mimi (:
wow super ,i love how she calls us her beautyful frends
@kkubisa I didn/t know about this. it was helpful to me.
you kinda take a minute or 2 talking in your videos. i suggest you could talk a little lesser next time. thanks!
Very nice hair now I know what to do on a hot day thank ypu guys very much
It's so hard to find and pull the elastic with all the hair covering it -.-
Your lipstick color is beautiful!!! <3
i like ur highlights at the end of ur hair
You talked for 1 min and 25 secs -_-
I can't even do it with the bobby pins. Could you explain how?
I knew this trick but it's hard to find the elastic since u have wrapped it around
I just love the colour of your video, I wonder what kind of camera or camcorder ( I don't know) :P you use in your videos. Thanks alotttt
wow :) nice trick.. mimi u explain thngs so well its bcmes esy to undrstnd :))
I use this trick about everytime I wear a ponytail now thanks to this video, so please only speak for yourself.
you...are...beautiful!! you look stunning Mimi! =D (don't mind the haters, good people always have 'em..they are insecure..)
what lip gloss and/or lip stick are you wearing?
you try making a more complicated hairstyle and put it up youtube!
I didn't know this trick. Thanks for making videos for me and all of the other 'idiots' out there. You guys are awesome. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
ohmyy, you girls are like amazing . I've been wachting your videos for like a whole day . Hahaha, but yeah, Please dont stop, figure out more hairstyles and yeah :) I LOVE YOU :) x
I really liked that trick but can u just stop claping with ur hands it's annoying
That's a cute top! Where'd you get it?
The only thing you can do for damaged hair is cut it off and let it regrow.
no offence but ur comments are annoying and if u think her accent is annoying then dont watch her videos.
hi, i have layers and very silky hairs, whenever m trying any kind a bun the hairs just stick out and it becomes really hard to try. plzzzzzzzzzzz advice. I love your channel and your videos gave my hairs new style. I love the way you guyz make it soo easy to make a hairstyle. thanx a ton!
I love your accent, and your videos! I'm def subscribed!
mucho hablas hayyyyyyyyyyy q coleraaa y todavia en ingles
No offence but your accent is annoying
Go to 1:26 for the beginning of the tutorial haha.
you luked gr8 in d video !! jus ossum ...can u plz giv a makeup tutorial of urs ur viewers ..thx :)
This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!
thanks <3 i didnt know that so it helped very much xxxxx
I yust ♥ this trick, awesome!!!!
I love this trick & I'll definitely be using it! I go to the beach a lot and this is perfect for it!
its awesome and damn easy i liked it
i have been doing that for years ! I don't know why people complicate their lives with doing with bobby pins which you can see at the end of the day if you have fine hair like mine.
do yo know you can use a topsy tail
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