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Minecraft: Survival Ocean - Episode 1

by Pyropuncher • 652,585 views

A new series with my friend Bert. Twitter: Facebook: Bert:!/BertiusMaximus Map:...

ok nvm i hate your accents and you're both morons.
grass spreads but it takds a while
Grass takes a while to spread
@GregRachman 3+ years later. 
if i was them i would just build some boats and go to one of the big islands
A challenge for you. Make an island that looks like naturally generated.
I'm sorry but your voice is quite annoying
I wish I knew how to get sky block :(
the grass isnt growing cuz its 2 close 2 spawn
i can swear I just was playing tf2 on payload race with you...
Not trying to be offensive but it's a bit annoying when you over-pronounce letters. I know it's not your fault, just putting it out there.
why did pyro had so much more views the now?
Well that's funny! :) So u just cussed urself?... Cool, that makes my work a lot easier! ^.^ If u do not understand, just read your own comments over before you post them.. yeah? ... okay :3
God, you even can write in english? You're a like of stupid? I'm from a Spanish Region, and I talk and write english. Prove: Eres un puto analfabeta. Aprende a escribir en Inglés estúpido.
its kinda funny but the fishing rod bobed right when he put it in lol
I love how some of the people who quoted you got top comment :P You fail.
Wait! Are you from belfast! (nice video btw)
the grass is not spreading because there is no sunligth man. in real life grass dosent grow without sunligth.
join survival server
It does seem like it a little. But you don't have to be rude about it
if grass spreades mobs will start spawning
my shit can make funnier stuff then u. and it can also get to top comment within .01 seconds
He's Irish, I dunno whether that counts as 'foreign' to you. What's the problem with being 'foreign' anyway?
u need more grass blocks in order for it to spread
maby we shud play together sumtime tell me a server and ill join my minecraft name is seanboylan1234 i love survival games btw
wow you are not going make the top comments like that
youmadbro ur an idiot withought the supplies theyd starve no expand island and itd be boring if it didnt have suplies...
I heard that spider can see you through blocks.
How the hell are you watching this in 2013? Im watching this in 1978
just make a boat and sail to the other island and u can get better resources there! idiots!!!!
hey man did you know that you had a box of dirt right a bot of you
skip commercial, hear his voice, leave as fast as i can
any1 noticed that theres a ship in the back ground?
A bit ironic how the comment replys have more thumbs up than you xD
how is this a hardcore version? you start with everything you need in minecraft theres fucking dirt right under you and you have diamonds
crap, bert, dirt, come onn i die laughing :D:D youre good :D you got subscribe :))))
you are from northen ireland it has to be
no your wrong diana it can be night watch kootras survival ocean ep 5 man
omg he feels exactly the same way i do about dubstep. all people do who supposedly listen to amazing artists such as sonny moore, only listen to his most mainstreaming music, like equinox and scary monsters and nice sprites. like what the hell and they cant name one other song that is 10 x times better than those
you don't have enuf flippen light
there is a chest full of dirt undergroud where you start. good video but need more.
It has to be day for the grass to spread.....
Let it be heard! A wild shoe appeared! (2+ years later)
@kyle evans to get the actual grass block you need an enchantment called Silk Touch.
by saying that u offend me asswell, as i am also Northern Irish. Northern I rish ARE DA BOMB.... DONT CHAT RUBBISH
if you google "minecraft skyblock" or go watch a skyblock video on youtube, chances are the forum post will be linked in the description. You just download the .zip file, press start menu > run > "%appdata%" and then go to your .minecraft folder in %appdata%, then unzip the file into "saves" folder.
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