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Mac Miller - Missed Calls (Prod. By Ritz Reynolds)

by TreeJTV • 17,590,254 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Missed Calls (Produced by Ritz Reynolds) From the debut album, Blue Slide Park ( Starring: Mac...

check me out 15 year old rapper.... seriously though check me out 
Hey guys I'm a 12 year old rapper from America. Please don't check me out because I don't even make music, instead I do gaming. Because if I rapped, I would suck like all the other people promoting in the comment sections. Thanks for not checking me out!
Hey guys I'm a 9 y/o rapper from Japan. I haven't made any songs yet, but fuck it. #SWAG  
Yo i love your flow keep going dude you'll make it far
you're dope, keep doing dope shit!
People don't miss the old mac. they miss the time when they listened to this. If mac still rapped like this people would still bitch and would still talk shit. I prefer this over a lot of his songs. but who am I to tell him what he should sound like. It would sound like bullshit if he kept rapping like this. Let him do what he wants while you reminisce from 2 years ago. That's just me though. He is doing better then everyone on this video. (I prefer his old shit; but I don't expect him to deal with the shit he went through when he made this)
This is so accurate. I love thus old stuff because if the memories that relate to this time when it came out.
If anything Mac got better
Mac Miller would be more popular if he wasnt so ugly
drake ugly as f....
Funny, coming from person who doesn't even have a profile pic. Mac Millier in a Bomb! 
This video was put together so perfectly!
this song is everything rn
Hey guys, im a 2 year old rapper from africa, i dont have any food, but i have bars.
this will always be one of his most beautiful songs. the intro is perfect and the whole song has a powerful meaning. will always love Mac and his creativeness. 
what happened to fighting for your relationship? Silly kids only want a title
this song is stuck in my head. makes me think about the night I was beaten over the head by four masked men with baseball bats..I was pronounced dead at the hospital. It's a miracle that I'm alive. I went through drugs because of all the pain, defeated the addiction, and came out with a good heart. I was left for dead, and now my music helps people all over the world overcome loss, heartache, drugs, suicidal tendencious and other self-injurious behaviors. I've gained nearly two million views and twelve thousand subs in two years. thumbs up if you piss next to the water in the toilet so its quiet.......
+Black Rocket Shooter not only mac..this fucking cunt is a spammer. somebody get him to fuck off.
+Kyle Hoyland that wasn't Mac that was a fake account with the same name
This song introduced me to Mac Miller.
textig your side chick and your main chick comes up to you. 0:58  
Hahahahaha that was on point. He played it off.
Mac never changed. He matured. WHY DONT PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS
+xCo okie they're... you spell like a kid lol
The old Mac Miller we all miss him
If you think this is the old Mac, you are obviously not a true fan
+Isaac Gotze this cracks me up everytime hahah!
People grow up and if you're a mac miller fan you would grow up with him and understand him as a person, the music changes as the artist changes too.. just saying so people would stop complaining about old mac/new mac
Damn i remember when this song came out i was in 8th grade! I had just made a month with my girlfriend and i thought we were so in love and thought everything was great then she just broke my heart hahah then we got back and lasted almost 3 years i thought i was gonna be with her for the rest of my life i dont even talk to her anymore hahahha so dont fall in love everyone just fuck hoes thats it dont chase these girls chase your dreams!!!
Check my channel out please I have a lot of videos of me sucking fat cock
When I watch the beginning.. all I see in my head, is that girl is using Mac for his money and he thinks their relationships great but, she lowkey just hits him up for his money.. :(
they were together before he even became famous tho so whats your point?
Hey Mac I just wanted to drop by and ask if you take time replying back to me I know you're probably don't care what I'm about to say but would stop by and do a tour in Oklahoma it would really mean a lot to me man. Keep it freshman!
Anyone else see His dick move at 0:59?
May I asked why you looked down there?
as Jay Said. Hov' on that new shit, niggas like "How come?" Niggas want my old shit, buy my old albums Niggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it movin' Mac, is the freeloader,hippie,90's baby,introvert,intellectual.
is this before or after the yayo
Said baby I got missed calls and e-mails All going into details About how you just not happy And you think you gotta leave so Go, go ...
Everything can be picture perfect, but he shows how real it can be behind closed doors. i love mac!
I know the feels bro!
Every kid who can sing on verse out a whole song: "Hey everyone, I'm an upcoming rapper coming from the ground, up. Check out my mixtape on Soundcloud. It's fire!"
these music videos are amazing rex arrow should produce films
Best song ever love the suspense at the end
perfect song aside from the singing/rapping. he ruins a perfect song with his voice that sounds like he is screaming but needs to stay quiet and then is lowered and raspy when they edit it in post.
These females are confusing bruh
Where can I get those shades? There nice lol
we miss old mac and sad song and wannabe rappers and the industry WHERE CAN I GET THOSE MOTHERTRUCKING SHADES
Miss mac Miller and his laugh" aha" during his new songs
S 'tune caliss de bonne toune :o
I miss Mac Miller's old music like this, he was the shit. I kinda tear up listening to this and The Best Day Ever 
I remember we all had to wait 5 months to see this,that trailer was just so alluring and this song was just so great that we actually waited for it.
Fucking love the intro
His melodies are always so smooth. Smh. Great visuals and a cool little story line to fit it. Solid work.
Hey guys i'm a 248 years old rapper from mars, check me out ;)
pop garbage. not rap.
Opportunity Cost...
He actually lost the girl this song is about. His HS girlfriend. Because he fucked Ariana Grande
Michelle Barfield Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Mac Miller - Missed Calls (Prod. By Ritz Reynolds):
Dope as usual spencer
Mac you need to get back to the fun and more hype music. Too emotional your still in my top 3 bro. Find yourself and kill the game again. Just my opinion. One love
Cant wait for new mac!! this the shit and the eurinalll
I'm happy to see rappers creating songs without the money/drugs/hoes/mineisbiggerthanyours bullshit talk.
Don't u agree with me how much more emotional/badass rap music sounds without all that BS money/hoes/drugs/cars ?? WAY WAY more relatable .sad that this Mac miller died and went to drugs/hoes type of music now like every black rapper do I HATE THAT SHIT this be the only rap I love to hear *smh
He's gon b here for a while mac miller.. he a genius in this game. the game needs miller.. the game needs the likes of miller! 
This ain't Mac Miller this is a fuckin druggie
And that's who Mac is. Holy shit no real fans hear
Am I the only one who is mad about how she leaves Mac for some ugly nigga?
Yo TreeJTV. Mac is the man. Thank you
Some say it's hip hop I say it's all about life.
I can relate to this song 100% its crazy! But it makes me cry everytime.
I could watch this video for the rest of my life.
Did they get married
one of my favorites by him, this song is beautiful.
Why'd she marry that tiny dick bald motherfucker?
Why would I be jealous? lmao, Go look at more pictures of Drake in the bath.
lmao was that a comeback ? smh , but umm yaa ill do so (;
Yea but what kind of car is that doe
fucckkkiiinnnnggggg awweeeessooommmeeee
What do you call that hoodie thing he is wearing at 2:14 and 3:25
i memorized almostr all his songs!
Fuck you mac miller or wtv your stupid name is, I hate Ariana Grande now because you kissed her fuck you m8
If your a rapper show it don't talk about it
Easily one of his best songs. Keep on doing what your doing.
anyone know the girl in this videos name?
The model is so average.
Michael Curly Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Missed calls....
mathmatics loudboys
wow I just left One Direction behind and fell in love with this guy <3 :)
Does anyone even remember old Mac? I mean this is good but old Mac is better than him nowadays.
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