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The First Cut is the Deepest [cover] Cat Stevens/Sheryl Crow

by Adrienne Denges • 14,447 views

Hello.... :D Good song. Hope I can do it justice. Yes, it's by Cat Stevens but I personally was inspired by Sheryl Crow's version so.... yeah :P Enjoy

Beautiful voice & rendition-Wow!
@kaamil86 Thank you so much! I appreciate that :) Ohh yeah haha the thumb... i cheat- bad habit :/ thanks rofl
you're great! i wanna be like you .. =)))
Niiiccceee!!! You did a really good job :-) Hope more peeps appreciate your talent. All the best!
Thank you so much! That is the best complement I could have possibly received! I love songs that take you back like that. :] I'm very sorry about your dad... losing someone you love is hard. Thank you again for the kind words, I really appreciate them.
im with ya men this is one of the best covers ive ever seen!!!! keep it up!!
nice song. whats ur facebook account?
@gadboja Thank you!! I just watched your cover, I really enjoyed it! You are great! Hope to see more videos from you... keep it up!
Your voice is awesome! I covered this song too, but I admit you're way better than me:)
Very Nice, i am impressed by your sweet voice!!
My friend :D You are amazing :D
hi.. can't really see your chords.. would you mind sharing it? thank you :)
I grew up listening to this song cruising beside my dad in the car, sadly he has passed on, this is the best cover of the song ive heard and hearing it sent me straight back to being a kid beside my old man. Thankyou :)
Thank you Rachael! I appreciate it. Thank you for the subscription, as well. :D
I really like your version of one of my favourite songs. Now I'm trying to play and sing it as well, even though I'm a beginner playing guitar, but this beautiful song deserves all my efforts. CONGRATULATIONS DEAR ADRIENNE AND KEEP ON THE GOOD JOB!!!
this is amazing :) you have beautiful voice. annd i love your shirt lol :)
can you epic win? didnt think so. but you can sing it :)
this is the most i liked after the original from Cat Stevens! girl u r great wow!! i like the way u use ur thumb haha :D my fingers r short i cant reach there :D btw nice legs also ;)
You are amazing!!! Live your voice:) stay lifted :)
@Cru2o Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I definitely would. The guitar is BEAUTIFUL in sound and appearance. My camera distorts it a bit but I'd surely recommend it. It's an Esteban Midnight Moon
Can you send me the three chords u used? :)
woooow this is really good!!!!! your voice is really pretty!!! go you!!!
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