Quarrel: iOS Trailer

by IGN • 7,468 views

See an ingenious mixture of Risk-style land-grab board game strategy and Scrabble-esque wordplay in Quarrel, now on the Apple iPhone and iPad! Conquer more territory and head over to IGN for more...

Skyrim, I'm real happy for ya and I'mma let you finish, but Quarrel was one of the best games....OF ALL TIME!
@Lorfmor why are you judging a game on graphics some of the greatest games had shitty graphics
What's everybody's problem? It just looks a little like a kid's game, no reason to get all up in arms.
Lol I'm just here to entertain myself with all the rage-induced and bewildered comments.
Woah, that looks complicated! Hope there's an easy mode!
@pixelmagic777 nah its just that 90% of ign's subcribers are kids that only want COD
@Lorfmor 0/10. Obvious troll is obvious.
@pixelmagic777 define kids game! cos the last i heard call of duty is the game all kids must have!
I don't see why everyone's being an asshole about this game. It looks like an original and interesting game. What more are expecting out of a multiplayer IOS game? Not every game is serious like Infinity Blade.
@Lorfmor why are you here anyway? i don't think you could afford an iphone
i thought machinima only posted quality videoes
Darth Vader called, He said to stop using his light saber as the dislike bar.
hey fanboys, cod is a fish. Quarrel on the other hand pretty much sells itself, its loud, it's obnoxious and everybody wants to see it. Did I mention that cod is a fish?
stop trolling and show us the game!!!
Holy fuck look at that dislike bar. It's like Hitler made this game.
Use my BUM to pound Caprice`s BUS.... Sexual Harassment FTW !
As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew the like/dislike bar would be a red lightsaber.
@Lorfmor Cod has shitty graphics? Does that mean...
if RT posted this i would have finished the vid.
"I used my BUM to pound Caprice's BUS to win a quarrel by 3 points!" That doesn't sound wrong at all >.>
@pixelmagic777 If it doesnt involved CoD or any other fps, people wont give a shit about it. Yep, thats what this world is now
Today a new internet meme was born... 0:21 "I used my BUM to pound Caprice's BUS to win" But then i took an arrow to the knee.
@pixelmagic777 The thing is IGN posted this crap...
IGN fans fucking suck, go cry somewere else.
"Peach, you fucking rule, Peach, you fucking rock. Peach get down on me 'n polish my knob."
totaly not a generic mainstream facebook game...totaly not
nobody is going to buy this worthless piece of shit game this is the shitties shit i have ever seen
Just got this on xbla. You haters need to try it.
Fuck this Fucking game.This Game is Fucking boring It has the Fuckiest graphics ever and its for my little brother so Fuck
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