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A Wisconsin Anarchist Reacts to Walker Recall Win

by MacIverInstitute • 76,437 views

Wisconsin anarchist Thistle Pettersen speaks to the MacIver News Service on June 6, 2012, the day after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker thwarted attempts to recall him. The interview gives you an...

she's raising children?
Wow!  If this broad was any dumber, she'd have to be watered twice a week.
This is MSNBC's demo, the bat shit crazy's......
Perfect liberal poster girl.
She's weirdly hot. Must be that black string thingee around her neck.
+D.R. Thompson On second thought the nostrils are a little bit of a turnoff. I'll bet she's a screamer though.
It's something of an open secret that Madison has an embarrassing and buffoonish far-left element that ends up shaming every cause with which they associate themselves.  It's one of those things about Madison I definitely don't miss.  But I could just as easily go to any small town in middle-to-northern Wisconsin and do an "interview" with an equally stupid and unhinged redneck Walker-supporter who gets their worldview from right-wing talk-radio and Fox News.
This is American Women, welfare queens, ignorant and loud.  America left it long ago.
People like her are the problem
OMG! She has to work! How awful. How can you be an organized anarchist leader?
"Her Capital", "Her State", She's a Statist!
Berkley is that way>>>>//
someone has to educate the walking brain dead called republican bitches
Wow shes coco for coa coa puffs
you make me want to drink a liter..
I blame the crazy cunt.
I would love to flavor my coffee with her delicious tears.  Walker was reelected in 2014.  HAHAHAHA!!!!!! 
idiot. nuff said.
This get's funnier every time I watch it! I don't the word anarchist means what you think it does.
LOL...what a weird left wing bitch!
Thank GOD Scott Walker won this election, not to mention a recall to follow!!! What a perfect way to shit on The Left-Wing-Democrat-UNION Thugs in this country. What a way to shit right on Obama's plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply Awesome. NO SILLY HILLARY 2016 OBAMA-CARE-BLOWS
If she is graceful and poetic, I'd hate to see a hate-filled sore loser! 
Why is is that the anarchists are always supporting the party of big government? Their party has openly promoted the role of the NSA.
Maybe 'cause there's no real choice in a system that only offers candidates from corporate whore party A and corporate whore party B. You may now resume licking your master's boots, you befuddled slave...
Liberal Crybabies.
"military-industrial-media-complex" she probably has no idea what she is talking about. She apparently thinks she owns the entire Wisconsin state, honeslty, that's no way to get someone to listen to as much as the military industrial complex may exist, and proceed to be a problem.
Honestly, I think this girl has mental problems. It's not her anarchism that's makes her so over the top. I know lots of perfectly balanced reasonable anarchists.
She says "Nobody else rules me"  -  Who would have guess.
I don't like anarchists but something strange happened.  I actually liked that girl.  She has conviction even though it's wacky.  With regard to media outlets calling elections before all the votes are in, I have to say that I AGREE with her.  Why do they do that?  What..... so they're the first ones out there calling the winner?  It's not right to do that.  I wish MacIver would have asked her why she feels the way she does since the majority of the people voted FOR Walker.  She acted like there was some kind of egregious hanky panky going on! LOL
aren't you late to teach a college class
This woman is incoherent. Zero argument made here, just babbling. Go organize 400 committees to get a protest with 30 people scheduled, idiot.
Hilarious!!  "Who are these people?"  She has a future in comedy.
She's absolutely correct: Why do we have "media outlets" calling winners in elections, before the polls close, when those "media" groups are owned by Corporations which have special interests? How does the "McIver News Service" qualify as a news service, when they do not represent the truth in matters, but only represent the Heritage Foundation and the Koch Brothers ? I don't see any indications that Ms. Petterson is an anarchist, either. Osmulski bombs again. 
good GOd you dont see big money on both sides?
i just love when they CRYYYYYY :D
I feel sorry for her. She is obviously mentally ill.
This is the mental retardation that runs Madison. Thank God the rest of Wisconsin get's it.
I was impressed with her comments. As a former anarchist myself I had lost much of that fire in the belly that she has. I am glad to see there are still people out there who are willing to put themselves on the line. In a self absorbed world of TV Babies, this is refreshing.
This person does seem "off" though... she's probably just pumped from the excitement. She is also confusing being anti-"current"-government with actually being anti-government, so not to judge but that's kinda the point. Organization under anarchy is fine, it is the coercion by a state an anarchist would seek to eradicate.
Now did you bother to go look up how this recall election was run? Or did you just listen to some conspiracy theory about bought elections and "democracy dying" because the wrong side won a fair election? Did you actualy educate yourself as to the difference between federal and state elections? Or do you still think a state election is the same as a federal one? Did you bother to do any research at all? NAH.... didn't think so. Tell you want you simpering low grade moronic dick licker,
"People as dumb as her shouldn't be allowed to vote" A lot of us anarchists don't tend to vote... So course, theres a lot to be said about people appearing to be smart then voting. Nobody cares, Vote for Nobody!
thistle is awesome! speak to power!!!!!! <3
she does know anarchism. It is a very complicated thing to learn because you have to learn it on your own instead of through cultural conditioning -- the forced conservative and liberalism we're used to. It's even more difficult to develop a presentable attitude as an anarchist. It took me several years.
Tee Hee. Wait until nov, you will lose it for real.
This dumb chick needs to sit the phuck back down and take another bong hit. Take a good look at your supporters my lefty friends. Take a good look at the losers you have allowed to take over your party. Totally clueless, totally ignorant. Take a good look America.
Wait your comment makes no sense, Anarchism has always been about organisation. Being organised and collectively working together is NOT synonymous with government power.
"While it is vital for the libertarian to hold his ultimate and "extreme" ideal aloft, this does not, contrary to Hayek, make him a "utopian." The true utopian is one who advocates a system that is contrary to the natural law of human beings and of the real world." - Murray N. Rothbard
Wow, she needs help. seriously!!
CNN in cahoots with the "military-industrial-media complex"? She's whining about eco-destruction? Does she even know what she's TALKING ABOUT?
She has her beliefs. Just because she's not a sheep like you. You sound very boring and tunnel visioned. The fact that you said "get a job" ha! how original. How do you know she does'nt have a job already.... she did mention that she works
I'm from Wisconsin, and this is very typical of the idiots who triggered this big waste of time, money, energy, and resources. The majority spoke on June 5th, we've had enough of the bullshit from people like her.
Yeah great story, now Cast off that shirt and whip those titties out!
We can't look to our fucking politicians for change. That's the first mistake. And second of all, No one is going to take a fucking anarchist seriously
"Just mention civil rights, modern art, or folk music and you're in!"
I'm with you Thistle. We're still working on it. It isn't over.
RichTF2, you have written the stupidest thing I've read online. I've been online since 1999.
The voters spoke. This woman spoke for a relatively small portion of the voting bloc and what she or her comrades either can't or won't face is the reality that most people in Wisconsin wanted to keep Walker in. Also, with Walker so far ahead, he would've still won by a large amount even if it was called another two hours later.
I think this woman is a little lala (crazy), but I certainly sympathize with what she's (seemingly) feeling.
Stalinists are against political corretness, gays, democrats, liberals, progressives, junkies and all scum. Remember that Stalin exterminated all gays in USSR. And capitalist pigs like you too.
Remember when your Mom told you to wait an hour before going swimming after a meal? Same principle applies here.Coming back to this page is rather nostalgic, or it just may result in a week of yellow shit storms.
Notice how these liberals always take the line that "the people" are too stupid-deluded to "know what's good for them". And that if only the libs could take over and decide things for the "masses", the entire world will turn idealistic and greet the Milleneal Dawn. Just like Stalinists in Russia, the Chinese Communists, and the Khmer Rouge tried to do.
Go eat some cheese bitch. "i'm an anarchist and am in favor of organization"...don't even make sense bitch, go smoke crack and eat cheese!
Some people just need a bullet in the head....
1/ I want obama impeached. 2/ You are the one thinking I am a paid government agent... If the shoe fits. 3/ Never said that. 4/ It was ajoke, chill out.
If you don't vote then quit bitching about who wins because clearly you don't care...
There is voluntary organization and forced organization (like unions) who take your money (via union dues) and support candidates who are only looking to use government as a tool to line their pockets.
wrong. thank the stars for well written wikipedia articles...educate yourself Sumoto999. For real! Read the very clear article on Anarchy
I couldn't take anything seriously from someone whose parents named her Thistle. Or Barack for that matter.
And this was all after someone simply asked her how her day was going.
So what’s the diagnosis? Multiple Meth overdoses? That is an interesting concept, an anarchist in favor of organization?
Only a dim-witted anarchist moron would brag that he is getting a History degree from CSU Sacramento and then make bigoted slurs against the working poor. What are you going to do with that CSU History degree? You will probably end up working with the trailer park dude at McDonalds.
Stupid bitch talks about the people from CNN not being from her state. Did the dumb cunt forget most of the protesters were bussed in from out of state ?
HEY! OLDFART WHAT GIVES!!??? WHATS GOING ON!? I heard something about me being in prison in Germany, my wife is crying at me a lot and Brian wont speak to me and I found out I got blocked! WHATS GOING ON!??
Democratic Party activist Thistle Pettersen can be reached at
"that government is OUR government" She aint no damn anarchist. She is a freaking populist wingnut And "Comradebubbles" primitivists aren't really a small fringe group anymore, well kinda but Anti Civilization views are growing rapidly.
I dont think she nows what anarchy is
So you want rebellion and you're going to fight? Rebel against whom??? Fight against whom? other Americans? Just anyone that does not agree with your political perspective.? You are your own master? does that include being responsible for yourself, like supporting yourself or do you demand the government provide for your well being? Suggestions: 1. Get off the drugs 2. Educate yourself 3. Be responsible for yourself.
Bourgeois democracy is not the will of the people. It is the science and technique that power uses in order to not be perceived as oppression.
What makes you think that Lenin's mass executions (benefit of socialism?) has anything to do with the anarchism that we are discussing? The dissonance of this argument is astounding. I am discussing voluntaryism. If you think that the illegitimate power of the state to execute 200,000 people, plus the countless millions on and off the record, how do you justify that? I am just amazed here... Most socialists I know are democratic socialists or at the minimum just Keynesians. You are a troll.
You should be glad I just finished swallowing my supper. I laughed after I just saw your posting, so hard I would've spat everything I ate!
when it is not close you can not cheet
Thistle, I think you might be better served going over to China and protesting their care of the planet. The Chinese un like most Americans truly do not care about the planet, animals, air, land...
Military industrial media complex, maybe you should move to Canada.
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