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Rice Krispies Treats Recipe Demonstration -

by Joy of Baking • 454,677 views

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make Rice Krispies Treats. Krispies Treats. It is the busy mother's dream;...

I did it differently. See, it was my first time doing this so what I did was melt the marshmallows first and DIDN'T put the butter along with it. By the way, I used a different kind of marshmallow. My marshmallow was a lot bigger than yours. Is that bad? Anyways, after the marshmallows exploded in the microwave, I immediately took it out and then melted the butter separately. Once the butter was melted, I mixed the marshmallows and butter together. Then I poured Cocoa (not the Fruity kind) into the mix and whisked it until it was... ready. It's fun making this but mine was sort of a disaster.
Thanks for the video Stephanie looks Tasty
I just made my rice krispy treats following your video! My first time making them. I have a quick question when I'm storing them should I put them in the refrigerator or just put them in a plastic baggy and sit them out? Hope you can get back to me!
+Rose Wilson I normally store them at room temperature, although you can store them in the fridge.
This might be stupid but do you eat it
Noooo u stick it up your ass
Hello Stephanie, Should I use the hot melted marshmallows and the pour and mix with rice krispes? I just made it, but why not crispy :( ??? 
Returned home in the wee hours this morning from shooting pool thinking something sweet would be good and noticed the box of KRK and package of mini marshmallows on my kitchen counter. Checked out a couple YouTube RKT recipe/instruction vids liking this one the best. I appreciate Stephanie’s use of pure vanilla extract for added flavor. I used about 15ml of Knob Creek Bourbon. I also appreciate Stephanie’s idea of spraying cooking spray on her hands but that is messy. I buy  50 count box disposable latex gloves at CVS for handling garlic, onions … so spray gloved hands and personal clean up is easy and fast, just dispose of the gloves. She is right, great after pool treat!
Thank you make this easier than the other channels
Totally agree. When I'm still confused I always come and watch her videos. Laura Vitale is also really good.
This is the perfect treat if you don't feel like baking cookies.
I bet these don't taste as good as the Kellogg's Rice Krispie Treats.
Theres only One Rice Krispy....KELLOGG'S...anything else is just a wanna B !!!!!!
who gives a shit?! I dont 
I made this recipe with my sister and they taste great thank you!
Im making these for Christmas but I bought a bag of "Marshmallows" and a jar of "Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme" and the creme is 7oz so will the creme be enough instead of making the melted marshmallows?
+shakira patino I always make these squares with marshmallows (about 10 ounces). So if you use the 7 ounce jar of marshmallow creme you may have to add a few marshmallows. Or you could just use a little less of the cereal.
Teacher made the class some. Tbh i didnt think it was gonna taste good but it was greattt 👌
awesome! they taste GREAT! thank you xo
How long it will be crispy for ? I am afraid it will get soft after awhile
mine remained extremely sticky even after a day. the pieces stuck together and i had to yank them apart. they were still soft to eat though. is that how it's supposed to be?
Thanks, I just made this with my son. It was so quick and easy! He loves it.
I made these and they turned out great! So yummy :P
I Tried it and its so good thank you for sharing the recipe! :)
how much will you use of the big marshmellos
I have made them in the past but they turn out rock hard like concrete what am i doing wrong??
melt the marshmallows good and if that does not work, i cant help
Is vanilla important .
+Obeyswag 2000 Vanilla is just for flavor so you can leave it out if you like.
Can you add milk to the marshmallow mixture?
dont think thats a good idea
Hi may i know if it will be very sweet?
+markson Yes, because of the marshmallow, they are quite sweet.
I loved the recipe but what should I do when my marshmallows turn brown 😰
+Maria Chaudry That can happen if the heat is too high. But don't worry, the squares will still taste the same.
Thank you for the reply but another question can I use frying pan to make my marshmallows just incase
I love the recipe but my rice crispy treats came out hard. What did I do wrong?
not enough marshmallows then..   After I watched this clip I used Rice Krispy the smaller box size (130g.) and with 180g. of marshmallows it turned out hard too.  Try this >>  if you're using 150g of cereal you should use at least 285 g. of marshmallows. If you're using 130g of cereal(the smaller box) you should use at least 250 g. of marshmallows. 
Thanx I'll try it again
I wish you could see them I made chocolate strawberry and Vanilla
amazing made them today
doing this today! thank you! :) 
if u buttered your pan do u still have to put in the same amount of butter tht u said to put in plz reply xxx
mine wont harden for some reason , any tips?
This woman does not look happ.
+rod garrett dude do I look happy when im taking a test no because im focusing
No, when you're focused, your not really happy ^.^ When I'm focused I don't laugh because it's not funny, if I don't concentrate then I will mess up. Same for taking exams, I never really smiled
Can u use big marshmallows
Yes , she said it in the video . You obviously weren't paying attention
How long can these be stored? If wrap them in cello?
+Chrystal Martinez Well covered, they should last about 3 to 4 days.
Thanks for the fast reply! :)
Rice Krispies are not available in my country, any other flakes that will work here ?
would it be okay to use plastic wrap along with the butter to keep the treats from sticking?
+tiffany nicole You could do that as long as the mixture isn't too hot to melt the plastic wrap.
This is so easy to make well great I can make them for my kids. Thanks
Lazy Man Version: cereal + marshmallows + microwave
Amma Try This Today :D
The spray u used can I put vegtibel oil to everything u used the spray 4 and also the butter can I put oil as well and not butter
You don't really need to use any spray or oil but you may have to let your pans soak a byte longer if things stick just make sure not to over heat . While the butter does add some flavor it is mostly only to help the marshmallows not stick and spread more evenly on the cereal . If you do use say olive oil or another i'd use very little just enough to coat the pans as they will make the cereal oily .
I used the exact measurements but the marshmallows turned a little brown and it didn't melt it just formed into a daugh...the temperature was low too :(
+guysbotAlright I'll try that...thank you so much! I hope it turns out as good as the video :))
You're most welcomed . So i just made a batch but used these whole grain shape rice krispies as they were on sale . The tips i forgot to say is basically when melting you want them at the lowest possible melting temp . That was like 2 -3 setting on the glass stove top range i was using in a large non-stick metal pan. Melt the marshmallows so they are half melted and still about 1/3 un-melted you can tell is a marshmallow . After melting the butter and then marshmallows i only had to flip them once ( you may not want to over work/stir the mixture as if you make it go cold it will harden the reheated those bits burn easily / brown ) and it took a few minutes total to melt . So after adding the marshmallows to melt takes about 2 minutes the first flip wait about 1 minute for that side to start melting then turn your temp to low or even off . Add about 2/3 your cereal and stir gently so as not to break up the krispies then add the rest but reserve a few handfuls . The remaining 1/3 -1/4 unmelted marshmallows will melt in at that point with the residual heat or a few will make some extra mallowy bites. I imagine most people overcook thinking you have to keep the mixture hot at that point once melted you really need no more heat as the marshmallow will stick and absorb into the cereals quickly . Before you pour the mixture into the container put the few handfuls of unused cereal in first . This will prevent sticking without having to use any oil and the extra melting marshmallow that goes to the bottom will be aborbed . Anyway the whole grain ones are more forgiving solid shapes but i'd say the original using rice krispies better texture . Good luck and let me know how you did .
How do I store those treats?
+wen sheng You can cover and store them at room temperature.
Esaul aquino Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Thank you so much for this easy recipe!
+HerEyesOpen The mixture is quite sticky so if you grease your hands, the mixture won't stick to it.
Do you need to put it in the oven
I tried it with chocos! It turned out amazing!
Can you just put icing and rice pops then freeze them????
Could these be frozen?
Hey Stephanie ...first..I love your video's. I really would like to know when you save the crispy treat for the next day if it will be hard?  I want to make a layer in my birthday cake with the crispy treat. With what can you compare the structure ...a cookie..or is it harder??
Hi! Could you melt the marshmallows in a heatproof bowl over some simmering water??? Thanks :)
Yes, you could do that.
Thank you so much! i loved it!
Hey :) Just wondering if you could buy premade marshmallow fluff from your local grocery store. Thanks so much, great video!
Why spray the pot if you're putting butter inside
she sprays it at the side of the pot 
These are super easy to make and I appreciate the fact that you also convert everything in the metric system so I could make them for my friends in Switzerland. They don't have vanilla extract here but it worked great with Vanille-Zucker (vanilla sugar). Thank you ♡
Do you have to put them in the oven
No  . . BUT what i have done is once the pan of treats is complete cut mashmallows into 3 pieces each ( or just use minis ) then place them on top of the krispie treats and set in over to broil til golden brown for a smores or toasted marshmallow affect .
What is the best way to clean the pans and bowl when your done making the marshmellow treats
if i have a six ounce pack of marshmellows how much butter and rice crispies would i need? im making them now and i want it perfect it would be great if you helped me right now thanks
Just measure out 10 ounces. ^.^
Thank you so much! :D
i ment 16 oz pack af marshmellows
I just made these. I cut the recipe in half 'cause I didnt have enough marshmallows ;).  I hope the boys like these. I have never made them before this. I did see a deluxe recipe for crispy treats over on +Todd's Kitchen but I didnt have enough stuff to make those over-the-top crispy treats.  Thank you, Stephanie for the recipe. xoxo
Wow! Perfect recipie for everyone! Stay awesome! :)
I just l love these rice krispies
MORE SPRAY. crap I used 3 bottles already. Just kidding great recipe thanks.
Hoping to try this today! :)
You dont need to put it in the oven?
Can you melt th marshmallows in the microwave?   (I would just like to know this for when I am in a hurry)  :-)   thanks   I love your videos :D
You can use the microwave.
+Joy of Baking   Thanks a lot for your help :)
mmmhmmmm here we go special rice krispies baby
i'm going to try this out and love love love your recipe love love love you you you you you youuuuuuuu
Erica Alcala Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It looks very good I'm going to try it
Fantastic recipe by the way! the kids did it there selves they loved it!! thank you 
oops never mind. got my answer!
How can you even cook anything without butter its absurd
Would nougat make a satisfactory binding agent?
Can we use any flavored Marshall's
Yes, you could use any flavor of marshmallows.
Tried this out and they came out delicious! Thank you!
I'm going too try this out.
Do u need vanilla extract
Okay so just marshmallow's and sugar and rice crispies
+Joy of Baking can we be best friends and I think u r pretty
Can I use marshmallow fluff?
+Joy of Baking how much do i have to use of the fluff? 
Thanks!!! I'm gonna make some right now!!!! :-D .
do you have to freeze them or just keep them like that, won't they fall apart?
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