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Sonic Colors - Color Mix (Spinning Aquarium Park)

by Edward The Cat • 56,206 views

Download the MP3 Here: This makes part in a collection of remixed i did with "Sonic Colors" level themes and their "Wisp Power" samples.

Ooooh god, is that your holy music ??? You just do awesome things guy !
It is kind of like twisted music.
This is the past for this level.
super ultra kawaii hyper sonic spinning aquarium park!!!!!
How did you this remix casuse its EPIC.Like What program did you use. Plez right back.:)
im calling the police for being illegaly too awesome
feels like i was in china right now.
@pikachulover88 問題がちょっとわからなかった 日本語入れる物がひつようはないから
I tried to use OCremix but then I thought I'll leave the remixing to you
well rocket's only ten sec. long
@Edwardthecat that's okay. OC remixes stuff kinda sucks.
@jamesibell20 They refused my remixes, as for them they sounded "too repetitive"
I remember downloading this in the spring of last year. And to this day, it's still my go-to song whenever I need cheering up, inspiration, or just a catchy number. You've taken my favorite track from Colors and made it into a real spirit lifting tune. Thanks man. I'm proud to have this on my iPod.
@sonicdahedgehogfan1 umm normal?
Aquarium Park: Past or Good Future?
@blaketech248 This stage was based on Japan, you know. But then, I guess they are a bit similar, makes sense why some people are confused
hello, why not upload the song of aquarium park, not combined with the music of the drill? would sound great, and more precious with that intonation
this is quite good actually, just lower the wisp song a bit
sounds like one of the asain rap songs
That piano's way too deep. 8.5/10.
If the wisp sound was lowered a tad bit this could be awesome OST music!
It'd be cool if there were minigames with the wisp powers. Like Drill Racing, Spike Obstacle Course, Hover Bullet Hell, etc. :3
@BrandonSausage What ever there in it for, it's awesome!
WOH WOH WOH wait no color mix for Rocket woh what racism :3
That is to say, few years from now when djpretzel takes a look at his list of songs he should have already posted and picks yours at random.
Watch Drilling Sweet Mountan.See my comment.
@Edwardthecat im babel fishing and its not making sense what did you say?
OCR DOES consistently have the best remixes, but they also consistently have the worst remixes as well. The judges can become very hypocritical in their decisions out of nowhere, booting amazing remixes out of the way one moment and then turning around and posting complete, utter crap the next. I would say that your remix IS repetitive, but within the standards OCR claims to stand by. You could still mix things up as a progression through the song and you could probably get this posted.
@mightyenhancedgamer 1. all the stages were taken and 2. rocket doesnt have a loop factor
They should have used this for the actual game
@pikachulover88 There is no sense writing in japanese if you don't know.
明るい!私は古風な感じがして美しいと思う!曲のテンポを少し遅くしたらもっと良くなりそう! It is bright! I seem old-fashioned and think that I am beautiful! It is likely to become better if tempo of music is made somewhat late!
@rabbidscool search for Cakewalk or Fruity Loops, those 2 are used to remix music
Wonder of Exploration! (Swim Drill)
Aquarium Park At Christmas. Anyone notice the extra xylophone sounds?
@Edwardthecat Wow...Nazi assholes. These color mixes are freaking amazing.
This isn't a Good or Bad Future! This is the Past! What the hell?
@Edwardthecat i kinda have to agree with them it does repetitive but i still like it
Aquarium Park in the Good Future
Hello, you could make that song sound planet aquarium without being combined with the drill? thanks
why didnt sega think of this! they could have easily mashed these up whenever you got a wisp!
This is awesome man.It sounds better like this.
anyone notise sonics looking at the tv shows button 8D
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