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Free for All 2 w/ Wings of Redemption

by Jordie Jordan • 50,356 views

Destroying myself one more time!

I like Wings! He is one of the best FPS player on You Tube.The tips he has offered have helped improve my K/D on MWF3.Thank you Wings.
Can you see the floor when you look down?
wings just has to much swag lol
@holyfarkenshite Apparently your comprehension is not what it should be. I clearly said "Weight lifting" doesn't help you lose weight. I never said "weight lifting and a balanced diet" won't help you lose weight. Tell me, in ratio, which burns more cals? Jogging for an hour or lifting for 30mins? Things like swimming and riding are the best ways to burn cals and that is fact. Weight lifting with a balanced diet is also a good way, but nowhere near workouts that get you mobile, fact.
@FloopyDubstepx He isn't acting black and so what if he is fat? and his camping gets him over a 3KD, unlike you :)
@SamPaxton3 well your wrong on all parts oh well to bad for you, im gonna guess your a kid cos of how defensive your getting over a couple pixels on a screen about some man youve never met but just listened to
Ya now in the beggining of the video wen u were talkin about spawn points. I was like oh fuck he knows his shit. But then i realized u were using low killstreaks and ims. Thats fucked up how u wait for them to spawn AND U ACTUALLY KNO WHERE THEY WILL SPAWN.
FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: having to play call of duty.
The thing I like about Wings is that he gets called fat when its uncalled for by you little 10 year old shits, yet instead of crying about it or anything like that he keeps making videos and is pretty much saying fuck you guys. He's a badass, you cant bring him down. Now go eat some more twinkies and get off of his channel if you are gonna hate.
ur the worst commentator. u dont even talk about anything.stupid fat game freak. u need to get a real job
COME AT ME fight M3 1F y0u a1nt 3v3n Scar3d ??!?E@#_)#@
support, uav airdrop trap and stealth bomber, i use this all the time in ffa and win cuz of the double stealth bomber gameplay \]
dude i play on ps3 as well could you give me your ps3 name so that we can play together?
Only youtubers and bitches play this shit game anymore... Sad really
You typically play either good or you rage. That's your style
Guys stop hating he's a good guy and his commentaries are great. yes he's abut big but that doesn't make him not equal to us he's a fucking cool dude and you know what I bet you it's the younger generation which think he's a dick because the "none-younger" generation think he's pretty bad ass. Boom
yooo wings yoyr a kikck ass guy love all your games plays maby some time we can get a a game going add mr on psn if you want to play phats002
can't see what prestige he is because a whale is blocking the screen
Maps wont be in rotation until the actual map pack is released to non elite members... Makes perfect sense its only in the elite playlist...
Stop trolling on his weight. it is seriously not cool
You make fun of him for being fat, but I'm guessing you're a lazy fat ass that sucks dick at Call of Duty.
aww are you that insecure and "ur" is short for "your" so grammatically correct would be you're
@rubiks15 are you being a smart ass by saying 'purely doing curls'? I just need to know if you think a proper weight lifting routine won't help you lose weight. please respond.
this is not how I pictured wings :/
Wings is awesoem and he has awesome game tactics
@rubiks15 I've been to one, mainly for the last 8 yrs as a PT and kettlebell instructor. It seems you haven't heard of weight training. A proper weightlifting routine along with a strict diet is the absolute best thing one can do for fat loss. Fat loss is nearly 100% diet, lifting weights improves body composition. Cals burned from walking or jogging are minuscule, but great for heart health. for evidence of ppl who have lost even 200lb but look shredded, go to any bodybuilding site.
Dude i play on ps3 aswell could you maybe give me your name so we could play together sometimes?
Your first match you play like a noob because you should use your killsteak after you die and useing redot on a gun with good iron sights also your camping like a little bitch so your not pro so stop talking shit to evey other player gust cause you killed them why dont you get some balls and play nice bro cause you is one ulgly mother fucker
@suiccid463 LOL you go get a life, learn to spell suicide* and he earns about 10x more then you, stfu you troll.
When my girl farts on my cock i get her to suck the smell off
You all seem to hate but none of you even come close to the amount of subs wing has and I bet none of you get payed to play video games either fuckers keep commenting and clicking on the video every view puts more cash in his pocket he's probably laughing at you fools right now SMH
you are such a camper wings, just look at your gameplay. You are no where close to themark ofj, your bad
Now since I watched this I'm better a free for all
Breathing hard the whole time! Smh
@DizyVipr dude have u got no respect ? :(
stop breathin so fuckin hard dame
@thatgamingfreak he won't be doing many pushups then...
I dont mean to be rude but......have you ever seen your own dick?
What's going everyone my name is Alex and I am 19 years old. I have recently started making Call of Duty Commentaries and would really appreciate some feedback on my videos. I am doing this because they are not receiving very many views and that makes it hard to get feedback. Thanks in advance for your help! P.S. Only Subscribe if you like my videos. I'm not asking you to blindly subscribe :) If you don't want to check out the channel that's fine but no need to say anything rude.
@rubiks It does help you lose weight. You should always lift weights before running, bike, etc. Lifting weights highers your metabolism. Therefore when you do, do the cardio running, bike w/e you can lose calories easier.
@MyVerryGud haha like what eatin an playin more video games, your probably just as fat fuk of nerd
he gets exerted by playing call of
@holyfarkenshite I'm not going to continue to discuss calorie loss with you. This is becoming pointless and silly. You have your opinion and I have my own. There is no problem in disagreeing with each other. Some people just have their preferences and what they believe is right or wrong. Hopefully wings will workout in some manner to lose weight and become healthy.
Stop talkin Shit u fuckin fags. He's a cool guy, unlike u internet bitches
I was going to make a long reply, but this is pointless. "Weight lifting doesn't help you lose weight". Wrong. It's helps you create and preserve lean body mass, increasing your resting metabolic rate, which makes you burn more calories at rest. Jogging might burn more calories then lifting weights in the short term. But you realise it burns fuck all right? cardio is for your HEART. You will also come out looking like a deflated balloon after losing 100 lbs. As the other guy said, absurd.
Well, youtubers have to play it to get views since that's the only shit people are interested in watching.
Good video man. Fuck the haters. They took their time out of their lives just to hate, so what does that tell you about them? Lol you're a beast dude. Keep your head up.
Lets see if you can actually stay on mw3 this time fatso
Damn, what happened? You were looking a lot better for a while there, sad to see you like this. Sounds like you're out of breath just from running in game :p.
@patelliott34 yeah brah im heaps fat, oh wait no no im not
haha 30mins in rage quit wings is awesome
@rubiks15 Generally agree aside from the first line- That is an absurd claim.
Shut the fuck up on the miss spelling of a cinnenim ass wipe
i thought your were a commentary
yeah, i understand why youtubers have to play. im just amazed where i get a game where everyone is camping in corners with power guns. i like to mix it up and rush around to have fun with friends.
when i stay at my friends house at the weekends ofcourse we play mw3 and he has a ps3 and we allways play with the g36c because its so fuckin amazing on ps3 but when i get home and play on my xbox with the g36c theres a big difference ! i think the g36c is morepowerfull on the ps3 then on the xbox !!
Fatass breatging like he just ran 2 fukin miles
Weight lifting doesn't help you lose weight bro. Running, jumping, walking, bike riding and swimming will really take the pounds off. To be honest though, you could do all of that and not lose a pound if you have bad eating habits. There is no such thing as a "cheat day" when you can pig out. Drug addicts don't have a "cheat" day. An obese person is basically a food junkie. Walk your dogs, work on your truck, run around with the kids at the park. Anything to get you mobile is best for you.
this guy has wings of redemtion
I just don't like the fucking breathing god damn
All I hear is this fatass breathing.
ur a fucking shit bastard asshole who cant control his anger .. FUCK U!
Love him or hate him- you're still watching.
@aydinsaribal yes freedom of speech but doesn't mean you should use it dumb fuck if it's freedom of speech go up to wings and say that I dare you little 16 years to man up and acually go say it to face for once instead of talking shit and hiding behind your monitor like really , you guys are softttttt
even elpresador says his a camping bitch
@furryikleewok cunt just buys an eats to much food an to manny vid games insted of gym membership
Wow you suck. For all the people saying "stop hating" Go and agree to sopa Freedom of expression
@HighRenaissanceMan Ok then, you show me someone that dropped 50lbs from purely doing curls. I'll be waiting.
@nibib123 I dont see how mw2 can be better than anything, OMA noob tubes and commando make the game almost completely unplayable for me, finding lobbies without OMA is difficult now. Not to mention the javelin glitch and various other issues that made the game unplayable throughout its lifespan. Unless im mistaken the red dot on the FAL is STILL off centre.
@thatgamingfreak 5 is way too much for him at the stage he is at. Start with 1 or even 1 every 2 deaths.
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