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Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera NEWS STORY- Real or Fake?

by LYHOTSproductions • 8,930,175 views

Jamaican Boy Attacked by Ghost CAUGHT ON CAMERA BY NEWS REPORTER STATION STORY- Real or Fake? As seen on LiveLeak Live Video, Above Top Secret AboveTopSecret Video by LINDSAY GRIER Boy...

Let it grab him and see where it goes.
+Chrisxulo why risky? there's nowhere to go...
I believe it, I use to see an old woman at night and she was not alive and was definitely scary as Hell. It happened about once a week and I dreaded night time because I was so scared. Once I even was pulled off of my bed and I was able to yell at my girlfriend to turn the lights on and she saw me or more felt me get pulled off of the foot of the bed. I wasn't very religious at the time, but for some reason one night when I could sense it was coming I started to pray to God and it seemed to go away and it's been about 10 years now and I'm glad to say I haven't had any type of thing like that happen again.
yeah you dont even have to ask, even if you put concrete proof these idiots will always say its fake, why ? because anythin out of their ordinary boring lives is fake. sad lives you got
+Dew Hope Quote from link "Are ghosts real? Well, there’s as much scientific evidence to support their existence as there is for the existence black holes........." Sorry this is demonstrably false, If people want to compel others to believe. Then they shouldn't show their ignorance, what's worse it was done it in the first paragraph. This makes it hard for people to take them seriously, however I did kind of scan over it,and they eventually admitted their comparison was flawed(although be they addressed the flaw to somewhat be in their favor). ----------- Another thing that makes it hard to take people who believe in ghosts seriously, are those people who suspend their critical thining skills because they so want to believe that they accept videos like this as real. If people who believe want to be taken seriously then they need to examine "evidence" critically with an open mind & so as to stop being pulled in so easily by hoaxes. Wanna believers that accept poor evidence, & those that hoax muddy the waters so much it would be hard to pick out who is justified in believing and those that are just wanna believers.
+chris laid So, you're saying that we should be impressed by some cheap stunt?   Even if it IS a ghost, it's very unimpressive.
people taking this shit seriously hahahaa. just because you dont know how its done doesnt make it real. there is no such thing as ghosts/god/afterlife and all that shit. we are biological beings and behave as such. if there is such things as human ghosts then by the same logic there should be; tree ghosts, grass ghosts, germ ghosts, animal ghosts.
+MC2K BALLISTIC im cooler than the other side of the pillow.
I agree but if you think about it god is our first step to see whats out there and we either die and nothing happens or take our first hint and atleast have a chance at an afterlife even though god is not real
Fake. Clearly. If the chair was being pulled by an unknown force, at 00:33 , the chair would move first. Notice that it seems the boy moves first. (Watch the chair and the boys head/body relative motion for reference). It seems like he pushed himself back at the chair and drops back on the chair at 00:35, which in turn indicates the point of origin of the motion is his right leg if you notice his movement properly.. (Also, it seems the motion of the chair was caused by his shoulders and his left leg that lifts the chair a little). There.. Debunked in my opinion.
+Brian Peterson "The second one"? The second what? You're not talking about the little dance he does while standing next to the wall, are you?
+Brian Peterson So you're basically unwilling to scrutinize and discuss presented evidence, is that about right? You shouldn't accept things without trying to reason them out first. This way when you see the real deal you can defend it. As of now, you're just the kind of stupid that only thinks it's smart. Don't be like that.
Obviously fake, you can see his leg jerk before he is 'grabbed by the ghost'.
I've slid on concrete before, it's not difficult. I'm not trying to convince everyone, I'm just stating what I make of this video, and many do believe in me, or have similair opinions.
I am a sceptic but would yall mofos look above the kid's head at 0:03
Yea and at :10 u could see the same gray thing in the dark room on the right side
Omg that actually made me jump
hes just really flexible.
+Luna Pajoohi You are lucky ur a gorilla. I'm a wolf!
Pause at exactly 5 secends look a little above his head
It's nothing. A person maybe in the background in a crowded place where people are gathering to see a spectacle. Not supernatural in the least.
wow, a village haunted by a spaz attack ghost, I get a lot of people are very spiritual, but if there are bad spirits, they can't do that, I'm sorry they can't, Ive heard a million people tell me about their ghost experiences and all of them are benevolent encounters, they will see something that looks like a happy movie ghost and then get scared and it disappears, almost like the ghost wast trying to say hi and then left so because it scared them, I believe in spirits or "ghosts" but they can't and don't want to hurt you
ghost behind kid at 0:04  THATS ME!
This came up in my "watch again" list. So I first read some of the comments, thought maybe I missed something. I watched it again and wow people are so fricking gullible. The 'moon walk' although it's just a dance move illusion, it isn't 'boring', it's actually quite entertaining, and is a lot better illusion than being 'pulled' by gravity then by mom.
+robvlob You covered the video very well, but the one part that just still stands out is when the pulling starts, and he is flung back (right after the balancing part). I measured his starting and ending distance, posture of how he started his jump, and the time it took him to land and asked some people on 4chan /r, tumbler, and a few other websites if it was possible for him to make the jump (i asked them to not pay attention to the fact that the video was a ghost sighting). They all responded this: The kid's way too weak to make such a huge jump and have enough airtime to fling his legs while wearing baggy jeans which limits leg movement
+MrAquaElements Fricken GRRRRR I hate YouTube BS forcing crap google plus I had a long reply and lost it all because of how the comments go through crap plus. I'm using youtube comment section on the video now. Anyway I may not have the patience to redo it as detailed as I'd had it. I assume you're talking @a about the 1:26 mark. He doesn't fall much if any further than you'd expect an object falling hes using his tight leg as a pivot point. The mom pulls back creating a slight lateral G 1:30-1:31 where he does his little flip spin. You would expect his body to go more taught if she was fighting against something that was pulling him. I don't know about you but from my experiences with pants the looses one are less restrictive than the tighter ones. How often have you stretched, bent, or twisted and ripped out, or lost a button on a pair of baggy pants compared to tight pants?
This is how I believe in God even more, if evil exist then my God exist
lol Crank That Soulja Boy YOOOOOOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry
That ghost must be a 70 pound Haitian, how the fuck is he just "attempting" to grab the little boy & how come the lady over powers him every time by grabbing em??
freaking fake it could have been a rope
It's fake ghosts don't exist and if they would they don't attack people it's 100% fake
I think that is real then why would they cover his face
Those people who think is fake at 1:31 how do you explain that his legs are still being pulled on the air?
Fake ass hellllll like this dumbass kid wants to get attention and those dumbass people are falling his tricks this is fake as fuck and if it's real then the demons would pull off his skin or break the innocent person bones and left for dead so yeah this is fucking retarded and fake
Its not a ghost it's a demon ghosts don't haunt people they haunt things or places.
He isn't haunted. It's just a bad case if tourette syndrom.
that is a fucking DEMON!!! or a mad af poltergeist 
why is he and his chimp mother smiling? 
Because they think it's funny . :3
I don't believe in ghosts But I will say this conciseness is greatly unknown to what really it is Some say a soul ect. But all matter including our brain cells can not be destroyed only converted.. maybe (ghosts) are real who knows... But 4 sure there not proven in anyway shape or form... There is only one way to find out.. And that is to die
Faker than a HIPPO doing a split on the moon. yes...I made Faker a word
Not fake maybe u lot are fake this boys going through all this and then u say he's faking wat kind of idiots are u. Well for one ur thick for thinking some one would fake that .
This must be fake
If it was fake I don't get how he's moving sideways while standing upright, unless he's got some mad moonwalking skills.
+Julie Pena im mnot racist i have black men living in my tree and i dont bother them
+mrrandomfilmz Can you quote the verses in the bible that states all that you claim?
As soon as vid started...I saw something pop up behind his head look closly
I seen it to bro. This is really real
Look closely at the right of the girls when she bends Over you see a hand scatter ing
I do believe their is ghosts because I live in a house being hunted by them
O M G believe it or not but I'm not believing on it and I'm a catholic XD
Demons doo exist ask your leaders or presidents why they gather at the bohemian grove
it's like a dance move he is doing. like the robot dance. you know he can do it, he is brack people.
kill yourself for being so stupid.
Like si vienes por dross  X'DDD
These ghost attack places with Less internet but in America people's say they got attacked but then couple years later they find that is faked P.S lol
No could move 1footed unless there hopping
Its weard that they are filming it and it happends
If it is fake why is he flying while standing
HELLO didn't everyone just see the ghost pull his leg
What the fuck I don't now what to say this real believe or not.
ii believe it to be true!  If that was faked, the boy has a good future of being an actor.
The kids kill a person the ghost of person Revenge its my opinion
Exactly at 4 seconds when he turn his head something pops its head out of the door
I think it's fake because if it wasn't then they would not just sit there you see the lady just grabbed him at the last minute
Everything is fake now. Nothing is real. Fucking annoying
Like this if your not fucking crazy and know this shits fake.
Have you seen Paranormal activity. Clearly fake
Bravo Bravo the boy deserves an oscar for his acting.
Yo creo que el niño solo queria bailar breakdancing ...pero su madre no le dejaba y lo detenia u_u
You can see the wire on the chair
What happend at school
Fake I can't see noting
I believe it's real it's a news cast filming him not his family
Look right behind the boys head at 3 seconds. Something walk by
this is 100% real cause i live near these people it happen in Spanish town, Jamaica
This is fake. I was actually abducted by a ghost in my room. It put rock music in my head. Everytime it came in my room it smelled like boiled dew dew.
Why did god make ghost and alines why?
real for me, no fake !!
I did not even see any ghost
Even ghost vids get racist comments XD the human Species is hilarious
If Michael Jackson can moonwalk..that kid is a
wah waah. how many gonna use the same moonwalk joke?
nyahahaha..ou believe on this?
The ghost was just trying to take him to a job agency to help him fill out some job applications.
Indeed let us just have one dang video.
Can't lie I was drinking water and you almost made me spit it all over my iPod
man end i had an axident like that
Omg that was hilarious
This is fake because god did not make ghost he only made human nature animal and space so who ever belive in ghost that means they accept satan in there heart.
Ghosts,demons, and spirits are real. If you think it's fake, take a little closer at it. Then you'll know if it's real or fake
The first video could possibly be fake because you could tip yourself in a chair. But the second one, you couldn't take one lag up and move yourself backwards and without moving your other foot. So… I didn't know if I Should of said like or dislike…
Bruh how could he have leaned back in the chair if his feet are still in the ground and he's barely even moving?
If ghosts were real don't you think it would be a bit over crowded on the other side? :/
I dont think reporters wear dat time of clothes so i think this is fake
Maybe it's just me but who else sees something behind him at 0:04!?
For those saying he's pushing off in the chair, look closely at the positioning of his feet. This is the last posture you'd want to "push off" your entire body weight with. Think about it...his legs are bent UNDERNEATH the chair and his feet are on tippy toes. He wouldn't have leverage and power needed to do this feat. (or feet) :D
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Boy Attacked by Ghost on Camera NEWS STORY- Real or Fake?:
Ler me see its FUCKING FAKE!!!!!
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THIS SHYYYT is just scary
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