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Super Mario Live

by ctporter811 • 575,828 views

Chuck's Super Mario skit from Mr. Owasso Pageant 2008.

Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another school play.
Hahaha I found this very fun to watch! It's unlike anything I've ever seen. XD Awesome clip.
They didn't make him big. They should have replaced him with a giant guy wearing the same clothes.
The guy mess up the pause part
They completely copied the other guy that did this, shame that people can't come up with their own ideas nowadays, they should of at least tried to do it a little different than what the other guy did. They did everything the other guy did, in the same order and same style, copycats much? Unless this is the same guy and same school, I can't tell.
Hey,@ctporter811, what audio file did you use for that performance? Please urgent!!!
I've played that game!!!! Average Mario...
Awesome little fail at the Pause screen.
wow! so good thank you for uploading this video! :D
cool and nice.....!!!!!
Itsaa mee! Mario! :)
silly. Does nothing for me.
at frst it was silly..but then i loved it..i realise the accurcy ..of timing with the backgrnd music..good job :)
That was Nice!!!!!!!
that was super funny you have my screen too hurraaaaaaaaaa 
All I can say to this, is this video was absolutely AWESOME. I enjoyed it 100%!
That really WAS super!!!
Mariana Aray Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Que buena idea, muy buena coordinación!
Shit must of had some balls 2 do that o.o
Lol hilarious. Boy got his exercise though!
the people in the black suits just have to be white.....
in my channel there is one best and good graphics
he is noob admit not doing double jump at 2:00 to kill them both with extra 200 points
0:05? Bruno Mars from the future?
the most visible ninjas that I ever seen.
I bet he got tired after doing all that jogging in place.
the pause fail yes but it was a lag lol
(audience cheering) Unhappy dad:HEY, SHUT UP I CAN'T HEAR THE FU*K'IN SONGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they need more practice.. japanese can do better :P
like if you playes super mario after this :D
gotta say this is pretty awesome! :)
Now try sonic the hedgehog, thatd be like a super-win!
if u think this suck lets c u do any better also make it live
yeah it will be hard but it will be easy if he has no shoes: D
This guy must have an amazing life. (:
That's only if he finished with 222 seconds or 111 seconds left.
Is this not the exact same as that other high school one ?
Why has it taken this long for me to find this? YouTube gold!
That was actual really cool, lol.
i wish i was backstage playing the game
Where's the fireworks at the end ? LOL !
i need the sound track for this video any body can help me !!
He looks like steve from blues clues.
just never learned the names of the monster u have to kill
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