Medical School Commencement Speech

by Graham Walker • 11,420 views

My commencement address to the Stanford University School of Medicine Graduating Class of 2008! Congrats everyone!

the crooked pink sash was driving me nuts through the entire video lol
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graduating stanford medical school is an amazing accomplishment in ones life. the speach was funny enough however this dude should be very proud.
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that was an awesome and hilarious speech! :D congrats!
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Here is how Medical School should be. After students graduate they will work directly for the Government. No more balogny. Setting them free to causes corruption. Their charging too much causing damage to the economy. Graduates will be located to a Government Hospital. They will be paid by the Government. A. Terminology and Fundamentals. B. Anatomy and Cell Biology. C. Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. D. Normal Physician and Surgical.
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