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Look who's in my quadfeed.

by Prinzzyy • 273,087 views

THIS WAS RECORDED BY MY GOOD FRIEND LIAM, GO ASK HIM IF YOU DON'T THINK THIS IS MY VID. Yeh thats right, xLowie and Negative and toy soldier. they were lining up but i...

dont forget to turn your sensitivity up to 14 spin around a bunch press Y alot and hope you hit someone and call it a trick shot
@ByStormzHD You're not even remotely close to the correct person. I was OG Lowie, LoWeeeH is nothing more than a replacement.
how hard is it to kill some one just cause they are good players dosenot mean they are infinite health players
i cant believe i just wasted 14 seconds of my life
I clicked (Show the comment) approximately 14 times
Ahh someones mad :D. Lmfao everyone is SOOO funny cursing all the time so much. And more people come and curse even more like ur dumb ass. Oops a cursed soory :|. I dont care if you curse alot but really? momma jokes now calling me a cat. Bro thats old and just annoying, if i said that to u randomly u would be like wow your cool. -.- just gtro your not cool at ALL for cursing. Idk why people do, God just gnna get ya, hopefully ya go to hell when it comes, then ur regret it and apologidze to me:D
i had to watch it a couple times because it zoomed in when u got the first 2 then started zooming out when x toy soldiier got killed but that is pretty cool i use to watch every one of his vids he pretty much got me into all of that stuff XD
IKR, theres so many comment wars, and most of them have no lives so they could go on forever if they wanted to.
Can't blame me for uploading crap lying around on my desktop.
the adventure was uber horse dog lamp pillow frog zebra etc.. loloololllololoolollololloololololololololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gfhgfg
Your mom must so proud of you.
only 239,499 ppl want to know who was in ur "quadfeed" Also it is funny because there is only one headshot, and it just has to be him! LOL
X ToY SoLDieR was in his quadfeed
he changed his GT for all the people who don't believe :P his original GT is Teh Prinzz now it's Prinzzyyy just some info people need haha
You are honestly one of the stupidest fucking people I've ever seen on YouTube.
D0nt Hate on people u dont know ;) dont be angry MAKE friends
lowie wtf? toy soldier im done u feed against them im done.
wow i dont even know him 1 %. but i subbed and liked. please Sub my channel ImTypicallYT
No you didn't but i don't want to argue with a little kid who's hating on someone who's obviously legit. That's how you spell obviously by the way.
Someone is a little mad? like i say HATERS GNNA HATE <3
*don't *a lot *I *you *you *you're *gtro-WTF? *you're *gonna or going to *you *you *you'll *apologise Go back to school. I'm glad it's the end of the summer holidays. Fags like you need some teaching.
I once killed Chuck Norris.....that is all....i win :P
so fucking awesome u wanna medal or something!?!??!?!?!?!
Uhm, First off learn to spell kid. Second how the fuck would you know if he is lying. You don't have any exact proof that says he was lying. So for all of our sake can you please give up in trying to troll. Your obviously bad at it. Thank you and thumbs up if you like pie!
dude, this video has been up since 2010, this description hasnt changed since then, all my other videos have the same name in the killfeed or in the title, and why the fuck would I change the name of more then 60 videos just to prove a point? It is my quadfeed, i was Teh Prinzz on xbox and now my name is Prinzzyyy, see how the name Prinzz is always in there? You fucking cunt hating on my video and telling me that I'm lying even though I am not and there is proof for you, fucking hater cunt.
?? Kay, just leave his fake, thats what im going to believe and now he is, so u can lie all ya want idc.
why the "fuck" a you so stupid and immature kid just stop. Jesus Christ.
"umm didn't ask for your opinion" Right, it wasn't an opinion you dumbass, you already said bye, so why the FUCK are you still here, YOU don't have a life, still coming back to this vid to troll, gtfo you prick, saying cursing is fucking immature, just cos ur a pussy Peter with golden hair and a mumma's boy, don't want to swear on the internet. it's the internet, do whatever the FUCK you like. but please, for everyones sake, stop coming back to this vid. just leave, shut down ur computer.
Your, I, You, You, I don't know, Gonna, You, You, Apologize* My work here is done.
HELL yeah i need an editor i got beast clips that need editing
how am I stupid when this is my quadfeed? Go ask the person who recorded it, go watch other vids and you can see the name Prinzz in it, you're fucking ignorant.
one time zzirGrizz was in my feed :)
Dude I know you're right but no one wants a grammar nazi on the internet.
OMG xSexYBeotCh is my hooker!! Fucking twats.
i'll just point out the fact that A) you can't spell or use Grammar for shit and B) that your saying that you didn't ask for pacorox48's opinion when saverin85 didn't ask for yours, so you should shut the fuck up...
and this is where i get really pissed off.first of all WTF makes you think god will make him apologize you come out off no where and strt commenting on the vid anyway, nobody wanted you here but you know "Trolls Gonna Troll". second off se should'nt be the one to go to hell nor should you but you're starting to piss me off so much making fun of people and vids , like dude go get a life or something stop trolling.
idk why you think people think that people think better of themselves for cussing in an argument, but you got it all wrong. they are emphasizing their point not, "trying to be cool".
I don't know who he is but I have played with him
Sigh, can't we just talk about the video and quit arguing seriously! :/ don't start this war
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