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Lots And Lots Of Guns

by godsairsofters • 158,283 views

i was getting ready to put up my gun rack and i made this video. this is half of the guns i have right now

Why would you need so many airsoft guns? why would you need more than 2 or 3 rifles  a few pistols and an MG? (this is just my opinion so please dont hate me)
Wow THATS lots of guns
Aww :( he dont have my favorite gun (shot gun)
Were your SAWs a worthy investment? Those two at the bottom, I seen them before very tempting but exspensive.
am i the only one that is jealous 
I bet you don't even use half of those
have G36C, mod it into SL9 so much cooler :D
Now I have an M4 and I will mod it to an MK11 Mod0 :D
wow...... ive seen ppl that dont have crap as far as money and have maby have 70 to 80 guns
well I failed with that comment
He had at least 20 d boys ak47s
wow looks like u need space ill take some anyone u dont want ill tke them  i realy dont have any so pls make a little kids day
This guy must be loaded
He has at least 20 or more d boys AK's
Such a mishap of humanity....
Do what realreviews4you said. XxGreatChase91xX is a little off, if you want a solid body with good internals stock you need to buy a KWA or a VFC which are $300+. You get what you pay for. For research you can check the reviews on shortyusa. Almost all their guns are overpriced but there are a lot of reviews by people who actually own the gun.
Hmmm where does he get all this? I do t know maybe a store? Someone makes them? OO I know!! A website! It's called eBay people happy now?
Yes, cause everyone can take real guns and go shoot people legally for fun -.- I don't play airsoft, I play paintball, but when you get down to it is basically the same thing. At least woodsball and airsoft it. People play them for this: people shot people for fun without getting arrested.
he bet on 1,000,000$ he will never have sex :D
you're meants you are your is the possessive form, learn to grammar, then come back and try making really stupid jokes again
heh, i'm really surprised he only had about 6 out of 200,000,000,000 of them pulled out
i think he has no life as an adult -_- GET SOME REAL GUNS
u should give me on i want the the forth one in the stack
Dude Are You Having Worl War III ?
why do you assume that?, he obviously has money to blow, just cause he boguth a bunch of airsoft guns makes him have no life? ok
unless im an airsoft tech one rifle and side arm iis fine with me.
referring to your biggest unboxing video ever, why didnt you just buy a hooker so you can finally lose your virginity after 57 sad lonely years?
Why would you need all those guns
Who gives a shit, if someone offers you money you take that shit.
ha ha ha your comment had resieved o many negative notes..
uh, we are all watching a video about toy guns.
I dig that AWP. How much was it?
He has so many guns and at least he kept his virginity
why do you need this i bet you can buy 10 real guns for the money you spent for all those guns
You should see his video on the biggest airsoft unboxing ever on youtube, thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars, its a 30 minute unboxing
i have a question im just getting in to airsoft and i love it but i keep switching guns out i just cant find the right one for me and im about to order a bunch of parts for my gun that i dont even like do u have any advice for me
Bro, Airsoft is a widely played recreational sport played by even disabled veterans. I myself play it, although Im 16 it still is a awesome sport to play. So do me and the airsoft community a favor and fuck off. Thank you.
what is the company you by the guns from
can you send me one pleas and thank you!
This video is gay beyond belief
They're airsoft guns. Airsofting can be considered a sport, and it's hella fun to play.
tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of guuuuuuns!!!!! guns!
Your lucky your job is too test guns man
can you give me one for free i live in huston
ohh... i thought there were going to be all ak's :P
what dose he do with all his guns
HOLY SHIT!and i don't have even one. shitty Europe...
Its a sport why dont you get your fat ass off the computer and play a sport hater?
You can't shoot your friends with "real" guns (legally)
gggggggggggggggg airsoft. 0:00 to 29:00
so much weapons but ammo fails xD
So what are u going to do with this all when you don't want to do air soft any more
all that to gether is a real ak 47 or somethige
huuh all in one breath. not quite
can you sell me one of your d boys scar for 50$
u hav enough guns to army a small village
someone ordered them through him, he's not gonna give you a gun for free, you retard
in your HUGE unboxing vid, i left. it was A HUGE AMOUNT oak mags. and for the vest, use duckt tape
You live in houston???? So do i. I live in spring. Do u goto 5J
he buys them himself.. I know were you live and i know were you sleep... if you say one more stupid thing i will embarass you
can i please have the m4?begginer:)
Thats how you protect you're virginity?
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