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Another World Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 419,677 views

This is the greatest hopping of All Time

If there are any other GameGrumps fans watching this, I have just one thing to say to you. ...Mycaruba!
scours the commets looking for GameGrumps fans spamming Mycaruba
I really like the concept of the game. I'd buy it.
they brought the full version out for ios and android i think
God damn I loved Heart of Darkness.
Me too man one of my favorite games I played on ps1... I need a good ps1 emulator just for that... If you know of any you should let me know
Haha I loved the game as kid. :) Played through the whole thing back then
This reminds me of Space Ace.
Anyone notice that Mr. Dude looks like Guy Dangerous? It could be him, but just a younger version because this is an old game.
Looks like the apes from planet of the apes when in side view.
That gentleman's pants encompassed the entirety of his legs... How did those slugs scratch him in the knee?
+Caitlin O'Brien That's an entirely new level of douchebagery.
Reminds me of Heart of the Darkness, same gameplay style , different story
you know, Akademik, i was searching for the title of the game i once played sometime in 1st grade, about some kid whose dog gets abducted during an eclipse, when i watched the this video i instantly got memories of it and was wondering, then i scrolled down the comments and saw this, i found the title of the game i had been looking for and you helped me sir! thank you so much!
No problem :) One of my childhood games too, I still have the CD somewhere in my house here.I was really pissed of at the ending of HOD btw...don't want to spoil anything.
This game definitely reminds me of heart of darkness for the PS1
the slugs remind me of limbo
I laugh everytime they scratch him. XD
Good evening Professor Falken_
I have this for the SNES.
This video is frustrating. The original game was Out of this World and you are supposed to kick the slugs!!!!
that sexy violet stuff is poison
I can drink with my mouth closed granted I'm not human I'm endrainian butt still
So painful to watch. KICK THE FUCKING SLUGS! Think I completed this part on my second ever try. You're TERRIBLE at games pal. Just terrible.
Last time I've checked Cr1tikal is no "XxXMLGPr0G3tR3ktBRUHXxX123", he plays games like a badass, he doesn't need to learn the controls, he OWNS it. He doesn't need to kick the slugs, he jumps over them like Michael Jordan. According to your shitty complaint about Cr1tikal is not so very good at games, well I think you need to watch more of his videos.
+Illuminati  Ahhhh the slugs. It's been a while but here we are again. I see you are the latest installment in this saga which is a pity as I like your name and picture. It took me a while but I have finally realized that the kicking of the slugs is not as important as I first thought it was. When you come to this conclusion as I'm sure you will, we will talk. Ps; he should have kicked the slugs.
This game looks shit
And Limbo. And Knitt. All these damn "art" games.
Dude this game was awesome in 1991:)
I though that this game was called out of this world... am I thinking of something different
he didn't say "see ya" at the end this is proposterous
This is the greatest mycaruba of all time
xD Dude lmfao... You're way too fucking funny...
This explains my deja vu when watching the GameGrumps play this shit. I will now revel in the Supreme Tittymaster's playthrough before returning to the grumpfest. 
+Shift Tab Kebab The person who liked my comment does
Another World, Same Cr1tikal
Game grumps jokes, hurhurhur.
This game was made for outdated hardware, and was to look cartoon like. On SNES, and Genesis, was "Out Of this world!" There was also Flash Back, which now has an HD Remake. 
8:22 I actually lol'ed
You should play more crazy taxi! Too funny :')
fuck this games nipples seriously.
aint played this since i was a kid but i think i remember you could crouch and kick the little worms like things
The poor guy is you stupid.
This message is for 'gamesandstuff' who decided to call me a cunt and send me abuse. As soon as I replied in kind he saw fit to ''Ban and report me.'' There's something to be said about someone who can dish it out but not take it. Something about glass houses and stones I believe. The little faggot.
IIRC you can kick the slugs...
This is the best mystery hunting games of all time.
Drop it like a earthquake
You can download the full game for snes
I though he was gonna lose his shit at 7:20 XD
reminds me to prince of persia for the nes
7:22 hahahah The ape thing just runs right by.
2:25 "Solved, one of the vast mysteries of the AAAAAeeeeeee cough, cough" Oh I think I pissed myself!
There is an extreme lack of one thimg in an Eric Chahi game... Mycruba.
is this the same guy who made out of this world, eric chahi?
CRITICAL, i know you dont do it normally, but MAKE IT A FULL PLAYTHROUGH!!!
But do they know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.
I thought you were able to kick in this game...
"Why do I even bother putting clothing on anymore?" HAHAHAHAHA omg
the fuck is that thing ahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhahahahahhaahhah
"How many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie ooo
Lol, that was fucking hilarious. After dying 20 times from them worms, you get fucking murdered by the robot aliens. In the end, it doesn't even matter
I completely lost it when he first found out to run back then towards where he met the bear thing and a slug thing got him xD lmfao'd way to hard.
I played this fucking game in my SNES like 16 year ago.. i died a hundred times by the nasty teeth of that slug... and the dificulty only gets worse. =/
And that's just the intro lol You have to finish it Cr1tikal! You can do it!
there was a game on ps1 or ps2 (i don't remember) that was pretty much exactly the same as this game but i can't remember what it's called.... if anyone knows PLEASE tell me!!!! i remember there was this glowing yellow/green thing that followed the protagonist
These slugs know everything, where im jumping when im jumping how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop,.. dieing right now
do a comentary of a league of legends game
Am I the only one who lost his shit when Cr1tikal saw the huge lion thing and said; "How am I going to jump over that thing."?
only the SNES one was i believe cause i got that version
Heart of darkness? Cause that's what this reminds me of
This man here... He can make Kristen Stewart laugh. SO,in other words,he is 50 million supercomedians combined.
Why cant I have a particle accelerator in my house like this guy?
Play myst URU, that is the weirdest game ever
Oh, are you getting the 20th Anniversary Edition? \8-D
Soooo much like Heart of Darkness, I like Heart of Darkness.
not even god knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop
I honestly think when he hits 1,000,000 subscribers he shows us what he looks like !! Please?
LOL reminds me of prince of persia
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