Samuel L. Jackson - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift Cover)

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The Django Unchained star joins Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon to perform a special version of Taylor Swift's hit song... Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeToCapitalBreakfast Get involved with Capital...

Lmfao I love his finish on the songXD
Say never again!!! I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you mothafucka!!! Say never one more goddamn time!!!!
I would love to see Taylor Swift's reaction to this.
Does he look like a bitch?
omg, this is awesome!
Seriously. Stop making yourself look like an idiot. You and your ilk are exactly why redditors are looked at as morons. You can't even recognize a failtroll on YouTube. That's why they say these things. You're too easy. LURK MOAR.
You go talk to your dumb ass friends
Between Django Unchained, that Funny-or-Die Sadoff video with Anne Hathaway, and this, Samuel L. Jackson's last month has been really, really good.
If "mother fucker" were in there it'd be referring to whoever she was singing about, not her?* (*unnecessary question mark at the end of a statement)
is this the song Samuel L Jackson sings in a gospel way in Django Unchained movie?
I think the anticipation of hearing him singing this almost made me laugh as much as the video itself :P
You know what I want Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson commentating Whales I would pay ALL THE MONEY TO SEE IT
"The Django Unchained star" really?Is that all the props Samuel L' gets?
This made me sad. Sammy I love you please take me back.
So he doesn't really _sing_ it does he now. That's all I came for, and I am disappointed.
Baggy oz plz get the heck out my buisness someppl unlike want 2 be clean dummy
Needs to be longer. This is awesome.
Lol u go talk to ur dum a** friends u liein' piece of s***
There should be a whole album of Samuel L. Jackson covering stupid teen pop hits. It would be the greatest thing ever recorded.
She actually does write most of her own shit. That's kinda why it's all shit. She's a one trick pony. Her songwriting will never mature, and neither will she. That's why she's always going to have a new ex-boyfriend who just dumped her because of her issues, so she can write another piss-and-moan album about it. I have literally no respect for her music at all.
so much better than the original
Samuel Jackson we are never getting fuckin back together cuz I'm tired of this motherfucking snake and this motherfucking plane
He could read my taxes and it'd be excellent.
I'm a redditor, but I'm also a regular visitor of a darker imageboard (I don't think I need share its name here). THAT place isn't even as retarded as reddit.
you go talk to yer dumb ass friends.
Who cares about reddit anyway, Bunch of Rehashing asshats
Best... Thing... Ever!!! Like ever
He just made this song baddass :O
I was expecting "I dare you. I double dare you motherfucker"
I'm just gonna save this on favorites and listen everytime I feel sad because this is just awesome
Cool, and he didn't need autotune either! Worthy of a Grammy!
She is but Samuel L Jackson didn't call her one during the song. I was expecting it to be like "We are never ever getting back together... mother fucker"
"Siri" "Yes Samuel" "How can i destroy my carrier" "I do not know what you are saying" "LISTEN TO ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU PHONE!!!!!" "Yes the iphone 5 has a voice input feature" "NO YOU DUMB BITCH LISSSTEEENNN TOOO MEEEE.. HOW DOOO I DESTROYY MY CARRIER" "I cannot believe you would say those things to me samuel. And you cannot destroy your carrier its impossible" "YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CANT DO PHONE WOMAN!!!!!!" and thats how this happened.
this just doesn't feel the same with him not saying "fuck" at all
Wow you must be such a badass censoring ass on the internet.
I too have tried to reason with those who feed trolls to no avail. I have deduced the reason of so many redditors folly is due to, in part, the internet "culture shock" induced by going from reddit to here. they still have the idea that people give a shit about what they have to say, not only that but they believe others comments are still meant to be insightful rather than inciting. that and most redditors are fucking retarded myself included.
He could read a fuckin' theses on nuclear power and it's application in the library setting and hot damn, it would sound like heaven!
Obama can do no wrong right Samuel L... you're as bad as those people who supported Bush and his fascist take over. NDAA NDAA NDAA NDAA A bunch of fake liberals masquerading around as democrats that are really just authoritarians!!!
He made the lyrics sound like Millie Jackson song, lol.
Whe are never ever getting back together, MOTHERFUCKER. DO YOU UNDERSTAND IT?
i kinda wish this was longer lol this is amazing
Just never let samuel sing any broken heart song. He will make it sounds like a threat.
you lying cheating piece of shit xD
omg. this is hilarious!! taylor tweeted this :D
I demand a full cover by this beautiful black man's incredible voice.
I am sick of these motha fuckin snakes on this motha fuckin plane
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