Jailbreaking your T-Mobile G1 Made Easy!

by Tony Moreno • 277,062 views

Jailbreaking your T-Mobile G1 Made Easy! how to Jailbreak your G1-aka-Google Phone-aka-HTC Dream. getting root, having superuser functionality, and access to features not currently available on...

The link JFv1.43_RC9 UK version is dead. Is there any other place you can download this? Thanks.
would the US file be used for canada?
Hi, I type the first command and I recieve the text: Usage: mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory # # -0 And when I type the second command, I recieve the text: /system/bin/su: cannot open for write: Read-only file system. Could you help me out plzz plzzz thank u reply 2 me
i need someone to send me the rc33 file because it says url cant be found Reply or Message me
i got permission denied on the terminal (blue) screen weni typed (su) i dont know wat to do help me
The G1 is shit,get a iPhone!!!
i have a very important question. i did to many pattern attempts and no my g1 is lockt i cant get in accept with a gmail account i tried to fill in my gmail but it doesn't work. so today i bought a new sim card but it doesn't work. please anyone help me????
How do you restore the Internet signal reception?
@UpsideDownLogic Nevermind i just took out the battery, reboot it. sign in again, and it worked, thanks man!
i am getting stuck on the telnet i get stuck on the second line that it can`t run a read only file i need help i don`t know what i am doing wrong
you dont need to hack to unlock it just call tmobile for the unlock code just till them you are a developer.
DONT TRY The 2.0 eclair update will give these options. DONT PHONE!
very good video presentation.
what do you do when it says no disk in the diver?
that happened to me , take ur SD card out , put it in someone elses phone , hook that phone up to the compuder and take out the update and the dreaimg ... then do it all over from step one , put tha SD card in ur phone and press the phone button, menu and power off ..
doesnt let me format my SD card to make it fat32...whats up?
Guys just do the one-click root process. It's much faster and easier for beginners. Although this is the best tutorial for rooting the phone the old fashioned way. This is the way I did it, so thanks again Anthony.
hello man! I AM in a die NEED TO JAILBREAK MA FON! the internet fon services in Russia can lemme access my google account so how do i get the softwares so as to follow the steps to jailbreak it!
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
hey i bought my phone in the UK but i didnt buy it from a tmobile shop how can I find out if this jailbreak will work on my phone or not PLEAS HELP
can i use jailbreak me .com for g1 or is it only for ipods n iphones ??
hi, im having a confusing problem. i was able to downgrade my g1, and got to the point where i need to sign in on google, however since my g1 was disconected, i could not get 3g signal, and for some reason wifi wont connect, plz help me out, i feel like my g1 will stay like this forever, is there anything i can do?
When I hold down the on and camera button, I seem to get a coloured screen? Does this not work if you already have cupcake?
I did that but the update failed and know I am stuck in the Tri colors screen! HELP MEEE What I am supposed to do?
i made a gmail account but when i try to sign in it says "there is a problem communicating with the google servers".....any ideas on what to do??(i dont have edge or 3g,running on t-mobile)
@crocodile2000 nope at least i don't think so i could be wrong though.
after the 3rdline it says unable to chmod /system/bin/su what gives?
when i get to the part when you add on recovery img and spl files my downgraded g1 wont connect usb wise. it says i/o error? can i reupgrade to what i had before the downgrade? or is there a way to fix it?
can some please help me! how can i skip the gmail syncing
it wont let me on the market what should i do
can you unroot the phone for warranty purposes? can i go from the down graded version to the 1.5 cupcake version or do i have to go to the RC33 then 1.5 cupcake? what is/does the radio update do?
hey when I connect my g1 to the computer and it tells me to mount, my g1 says turn off usb storage! Then when i press turn it off, it goes back to usb connected! HELP!
Hi, I ran into a problem. When I come to the gray screen to update the phone to downgrade, the blue bar will go all the way across but then say TERMINATE, UPDATE FAIL. Any suggestions?
How do i do that part when u have to hold down the power button if i am doing it from a g2 (my touch)
great tut, but what are you watching, everyone listen closley at 2:20 "she wants to have sex...with the dead"
Excellent video, i just might give rooting my g1 a try. Although.. do you have to have a data plan for when you've downgraded and have re-enter the gmail settings for the phone?
I just bought the code somewhere online and entered it in the phone along with my current at&t sim card. When I try to do format thing it says there is no disk in the drive. HELP
when i downloaded the rc29 and did the reboot the the multi color turns on and when its loading it says download is error....
and the first line you type in telnet says "device or resource buy"?
help!!! I have downgraded but now I can't sign on ...unable to communicate with google servers I hear things about adding an apn but there are no detailed instructions I do have data service but I can not sign on, please message me
IHOPE you remembr me i am the guy tha aim the last time i just got my g1 back thank to you and i just want to say thank you DUDE!!! you ROCK
what i need to download to do the jailbreak DOWNGRADE, RECOVERY IMG, HARS SPL, OR UPGRADE ty 4 answer
dont spose when u jailbreak the g1 does it unlock it ?
@AnthonyMoreno24 "telnet" isn't in the market anymore...... WHAT NEXT?
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
Hi im having trouble with the nbh file (us) after i downloaded it to desktop and right clicked it i got no option for extracting and it didnt download as a zip file. can you help me out please.
I am having a problem please help i got downgrading done and turned back on the phone I am at the email set up part it keeps telling me that there is a problem communicating with google. This could be a temorary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services if it contunies call costomer services i have never gotten this before and I had to re do my account before please help
i just searched telnet on market and its still there
i bought my g1 in a shop wen I was in london not the offical tmobile shop but I am using an irish simcard on it so would it work ?
try formatting the sd card from within the phone itself. From the mainscreen of your phone, press menu>settings>sd card and phone storage> Format SD Card.
The Downgrade link isnt working!
thanks for the help!!! although telnet doesn't download on my phone....it's been saying "starting download" for way too long....
Is there anyone still doesnt know how to unlock AT&T iphones PERMANENTLY??? I know a really good site! Go search attiphoneunlocking, never took them more than 2 hours to unlock my phone!
hey im having a problem, it wont let me download the (recovery img) link, when i click on it, it just opens a page with a bunch of weird letter and numbers kindof like if your trying to open a document with the wrong format????? what am i doing wrong??? is the link bad??
i am stuckk on rc 29 how do i upgrade because telnet is not workingg!1 help if you couldd plezz!!!
OK so if anyone else had the same problem as I did here's the solution. Check with T-mobile to ensure your data service still exists, if it is somehow missing after the downgrade just tell them to sign you up for the data service. You should be back up and running within minutes if not I don't have the answer
Did you remember to mount the phone to the computer? Cuz I had the same problem. I just forgot to hit mount.
Do I need the data package on my G1 to root it?
i was talking to a t-mobile tech about my iPhone getting a sidekick plan (and i did) and that is what he told me they do with there phones. i dont know if that polacy has changed but you can also do it for $11 if you dont feel comfortable hacking, but the G1 is pretty straight foreword
what can you do on a rooted g1 anyway
@macalotczar yes but you have to use android sdk and install the correct motoroal usb drivers throught the adb interface then using the cmd module to then acces it send me a message if u want me to describingly tell u
my g1 doesnt allow my computer to format the sd card that came with the phone. any solutions?
i need help; because i cant do it with my phone i have the my touch
if my phone gets lock and then i unlock it....will i lose everything on my phone? O: pleasee reply!!!
my tellnet app keeps getting an error! and i dont know where i have went wrong!
when i press the camera and the power botton.. shows up the rainbow colors.. red green blue white .. and it says DREAM100 PVT 32B HBOOT0.95.0000 CPLD-4 RADIO- SEP 2 2008 serial0 what that means.. what went wrong??????????
hey so if i do this? will i have to sign onto my google account all over again? ...
will jailbreaking your g1 unlock it??
when i click on "format" a little window pops up saying this: "Insert a disk, and then try again." please help!!! (anybody please reply.)
is it safe to run these steps while u have service?
it wont even let me format my sd card everythings connected help pleaseee!
@fearlessjokers lol dumb ass thats only for apple devices apple=iOS android=google os/linux
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