Hydrogen Peroxide...Why you should stock up

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After several questions about why I stock up on peroxide, I descided to do a lil'video on it. Enjoy and post ther uses if you know of any. lowbuckprepper.com

For those who dont wanna rebuild or cant there is always the (Opt. out) option depending on the duration and totality of the Event ? I would advise caution with this as the lights could come back on 1 min. after you make your decision so ??
Ample military medic info and bush medicine info is available on the internet. Check everything you are told. Trust nothing you cannot verify. I won't be stocking up on peroxide. Salt and baking soda are more stable, not liquid, and multi-purpose including dental use. Iodine for wound care is stable, and "sugardine" is proven in SF medicine and proven constantly in the veterinary world where it's used to treat (often nasty) open wounds on horses and other livestock.
Peroxide is great for sanitizing/ disinfecting wounds cutting boards... also is good to clean ears safely, also will get blood or mold out of laundry (so is dawn dish soap), it will oxygenate soil if you spritz on the ground over roots, and if you have an infected tooth it will draw the poison out if you hold some in ur mouth as long as u can then swish good & rinse and gargle with it for sore throats, use with baking soda for good clean teeth and it is safe if its ingested in small quantities like a kid learning to brush teeth may.... i am sure i left out prob 500 other uses as well but these are ones our family uses the most.
 Caveat emptor......  Hydrogen Peroxide...What you need to know when watching this video on its use ! Hydrogen peroxide releases superoxide anions (powerful free radicals), which are responsible for its significant bleaching and antiseptic properties. However, its beneficial properties stop right here because research shows that it can penetrate the tooth enamel and dentin and reach the very inner tooth chamber called dental pulp. Hydrogen peroxide has low molecular weight and the ability to destroy proteins, which facilitate diffusion through enamel and dentin. The dental pulp is where the blood vessels and nerves of each tooth reside, which makes this area particularly sensitive. A unique class of cells, called odontoblasts also reside in the periphery of the dental pulp area, which support the teeth by depositing new dentin layers throughout life and are also believed to play a protective/reparative role in response to dental carries or other environmental factors that harm teeth. The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it has a cytotoxic effect on the dental pulp cells, which means that it literally kills them. A study published in 2013 in the Journal of Endodontics shows that even low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide trigger molecular mechanisms in pulp cells, which activate programmed cell death.    It is speculated that lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide may have significantly less toxic effects on dental pulp cells, because there is more time to dilute and degrade the peroxide that reaches the pulp. However, the long-term or even short-term effects of daily use of hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash have never been evaluated. If a few bleaching sessions can cause detectable damage in the dental pulp, then, based on the existing evidence, it is reasonable to assume that using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash on a daily basis may not be the safest option at all.
Always question your research. Your info is very good almost to good so I researched it. The journal that reported this is involved with Merck Pharmaceuticals # 1 in vaccines and drugs. Shows me  the strength Hydrogen Peroxide. Also why dentists think fluoride is good in our water. Caveat emptor....
I don't think I'll be mentally stable if a disaster happened, If it's as bad as a zombie breakout, I rather die.
ANGELA WESTCLIFF are you trolling??? look around you.I live in the uk and i would suggest looking into the gorgia guidestones  the comments made by people like prince phillip and take another look at september the eleventh and the 7.7 bombing here in the uk .Not to mention earthquakes nuclear war nuclear accidents meteors take another look at your birth cirtificate YOU ARE OWNED YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO YOUR WHOLE LIFE .seriosly go do some research the shit will hit the fan and when it does this guy will survive well at least longer than the majority 
I know this is an old video, but sorry about your dad.  : (
Its big in Europe for alternative health care. Here its illegal. FDA stuff. If you have some kind of foot fungus that wont go away.I have two possible cures. Pee on your feet.I read about this. Supposed to work. If you ever have used antifreeze and got some on your skin.Your skin dry's up like crazy. So perhaps some anti freeze on your feet could stop a foot fungus that is driving you mad.I read this some where also.It makes sense. I would do the pee thing first though.    I was told by a doctor to only use HP once or it interferes with the healing process.       Killing cancer by Jason Winters is a good book about a natural cheap cure for cancer and some other good info.
What you really need is food grade hydrogen peroxide, 35%, and then you MUST dilute it for safe consumption. Do some research on this!!!
Using hydrogen peroxide in larger wounds can be dangerous, it releases oxygen and if that oxygen can't escape the body it can enter the blood vessels leading to embolism and coma and death very soon after, as well as a lot of pain. Saline or manuka honey (I know that would be hard to get in bad situations) or something weaker would be a safer alternative and won't damage healthy tissue as much meaning it will heal quicker. Same goes for livestock. Just thought that might be helpful :) 
Why are you all stocking up on this stuff? Is there something I don't know? I live in England & I really don't know why your all even talking abt this? why wont you be able 2 go 2 Hospital??
Shrug dunno probably or she just does not understand why people prepare for things lol. 
Baking soda is way better for toothpaste.  Plus, drink a teaspoon a day in a glass of water to help keep your body's PH in the alkaline range, and to keep your guts clean...
+FeldwebelWolfenstool Looks like somebody got mad...
+Esad Punk how bout inject yourself with ferrofluid, gasoline, battery acid. and some radioactive chemical!
hydrogen peroxide is good at removing debris from cuts b/c of the fizzing but not all that good at killing bacteria
For 10 years I have been cleaning my teeth brushing with Baking Soda and Peroxide and water only, and in 10 years I have had very strong teeth and gums, I have refused fluoride treatments and fluoridated toothpaste/water and other things like Artificial sweeteners, etc.. 
Something to keep in mind is that hydrogen peroxide generally has an expiration date on it. I don't remember exactly, but I seem to recall that over time, it breaks down becoming less effective as a disinfecting agent. Eventually it ends up as water. (Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 - Only one oxygen molecule away from H2O,water)
When combined with sulfuric acid, it turbo charges the reaction of decomposing carbon-based life forms.
if you need to make a fire you can make O2 with Hydrogen Peroxide and yeast. 
using hydrogen peroxide on small cuts does more harm than good.... you wanna clean a wound? simply use soap and water, don't belive me? ask any health professional
Hyrdogen Peroxide is the main compound released by several types of immune cells to kill bacteria. We LITERALLY manufacture it and release it during the immune response.  Go be bad at stuff elsewhere.
+Liz Dillard Hydrogen peroxide should be used sparingly. While it kills germs, bacteria etc., it will also interfere with the growth of new skin cells. Use carefully.
The good thing about hydrogen peroxide is that it breaks down to water and oxygen (H2o and O2). I use it a couple of times a year to clean my ears. Just the 3% stuff, you let it bubble away for ten minutes or so and then drain it out. Also it is still used for soaking wounds, I had a serious cut on my thumb, the doctor soaked my thumb in a dish of diluted hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes, it did a great job, zero infection and healed up well.
So it will effectively clean out a hookers snatch if SHTF and i don't have any rubbers?
Most Dentists won't tell you this but your mouth has 300 colonies of bacteria. I use Listerine full strength.  I use 35 % Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide like 5 drops in my drink to add additional oxygen to my body to fight off fungus related diseases. I also add lots of live digestive enzymes I get from 25 Chlorella tablets (fresh water algae), and lots of probiotics for my 27 ft. of intestines.and Liquid Colloidal Silver 5 to 12 ppm which has the ability to get rid of 650 different types of microbes that create disease.  The best antibiotic on the market.  I've done my research and I hardly ever get sick at 73.  Knowledge saves lives, ignorance kills.
+Liz Dillard You're right about the Listerine. Jess remains healthy because of all the other things he's doing, not the Listerine. Listerine kills all the bacteria, including the healthy bacteria that is required to maintain a healthy mouth & teeth.
+endemion06463 Colloidal silver doesn't kill off the beneficial bacteria, neither does hydrogen peroxide.
u forgot using it to make blond highlights in your hair, useful when trying to pick up hot prepper chicks, trying to repopulate to world post-apocalypse
If you use hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash too often you'll end up with a condition named "hairy black tongue"! Ask a hygienist or Google it if you think I'm joking,I assure you I'm not kidding.
Actually peroxide does not help with cuts. A scientific research study had been done and it was found that is does nothing.
Putting a few drops of H2O2 in each ear, will help prevent from getting the flu, as entry via the ear is one of the pathways in which flu enters the body.
I had some kind of weird growth on my lip after using chewing tobacco.  It's 100% gone now, and it's all because I rinsed my mouth with food grade h202, diluted to 3% of course.
The fact that you only reply to a couple of comments shows me you are not confident about your claims.
do you think it may just be that this is years old with 500k hits and I don't look at it often?? yes, this is the same person on a different channel.
I am guessing you forgot use as a rocket fuel or at least used to support the combustion of a rocket propellant.  NASA uses tons of it and its at 100%  I have poured 50% strength on the grass just to start a fire.
Could be used as an Antifreeze ? Water has a melting point of 0°C and pure hydrogen peroxide of −0.43 °C, but a 50% (by volume) solution of the two freezes at -51°C. The boiling point of the same mixture is 114°C. - Credit wikipedia. Note: Caution on heating up high concentrations. 
This guy is a fucking idiot and uleehhh ummmm and ehhh ummm yeah dummmb ehh ummm
Hydrogen Peroxide has a very limited shelf life. Stock up? A couple of quarts back up is about all anyone can use. NO ONE should gargle with straight 3% HP. It should be diluted as least 1 to 1 when used in the mouth and adding a little salt is also a good idea.
Where did you find this information?
Angelia Bell Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
stocking supplies
Check your local hydroponic store. They'll have 29% or 34% gallons for around $20-25 under the brand name H2O2. Far stronger than what you'll get in the drug store. Stronger = easier to store a bunch.
I'm not an MD but I am a former REMT-A, instructor, and I have a graduate degree in epidemiology. I strongly discourage anyone from using hydrogen peroxide on open wounds or broken skin. It is cytotoxic and actually interferes with wound healing. The following commonly used/carried/stockpiled agents are also cytotoxic and are to be similarly avoided: alcohol, tincture of iodine, mercurochrome, Merthiolate, Betadine SCRUB, full strength (10%) Betadine solution, and kerosene. What to use? Betadine solution diluted 10:1 (1%), Dakin's Solution (U of VA has recipe online to make it out of Chlorox), isotonic ("normal," 0.9%) saline, and tap water. There are more than a few articles in peer reviewed professional journals that prove tap water is as good as anything else.
I know I'm just a doctor too much. You tell you one damn thing and then in and end up doing another
Firstly, dilute hydrogen peroxide will cure pyhorrea (a sip, half fill mouth with water) and bacterial infection in the mouth. It is completely harmless if swallowed when dilute. Cleaning wounds, you are supposed to mix it with water, and then it will not kill off skin - in fact it does a lot less damage than a topical disinfectant. Lysol is absolutely useless for killing off mouth infections, by the way!
God has warned us to be prepared with extra food etc for ourselves and to help others in the difficult times; with the many weather related etc. problems we can see that those not affected can help others. God warned that a time was coming where we would not be able to buy or sell without the "mark of the beast" in our hand or   forehead without denying our faith; but if we take the mark of the beast we cannot be saved in God's Kingdom, but are doomed.  (Revelation 13)   I had a toothache that I was sure I would need to go to a dentist for; but I held hydrogen peroxide in my mouth for about 10 minutes a few times a day and it cleared up on its own.  
Thanks ! However, it is not good to jostle or shake the bottle, due to the fact that the Hydrogen Peroxide will lose its effervescence, or 'pizazz' ( if you prefer that term ). But, it needs to 'fizz' in order to work for most of its applications. 
The BEST, cheapest and quickest disinfectant is your own urine!
With all the uses for all the things you could think that would come in handy, you would need a warehouse to store not just the variety, but the volume. Sounds like you might need 100 gals of hydrogen peroxide alone. But if the world is going to come to an end, you have bigger things to worry about than a supply of mouthwash and tooth whitener.   .
Great advice BUT, Hydrigen Peroxide has a short shelf life and goes flat quickly, that is why it comes in brown plastic bottles. So stock piling it is not too smart. You will have worthless bottles of liquid when you think you most need it! FYI
What about crotch rot? I got a funky case of that junk. Dog won't even lay in meh lap. It burnssssssssssssss. Haha
Get a life, as this guy got a mantle condition
I have used HP on my kids ears and mine, especially after swimming at a water park.  Each body of water has it's own PH balance, and while each one collects in your ears you are more likely to get an ear infection (commonly knows as swimmers ear). It's also great to use to clean wax out the ear, as it floats up... just wipe away with tissue of Q-tip.
I clicked on your link to your new 'page' guess what.. it didn't work.  Said it was private. 
it this one I'm replying from. Not sure what's wrong with the link, but thanks for letting me know
you're welcome, liked the video ... would love to see more
We spray our toothbrush after every use. The spray hydrogen peroxide can be found at Wallmart. Makes awesome window cleaner as well, doesn't streak. typical window cleaners have many bad chemicals so they can be done away with. Great spot remover in carpet.
another good one in your prep or go bag, Silver Coloidal ,(silver Solution), Silver Creme for Burns and Healing wounds, ( worked for my 3rd degree deep burn in my leg), Silver Bandages for wounds, if any need Perscription make it happen , i phone up my Doc, and told him i need silver creme for emergencies .
There is no amount of Hydrogen Peroxide that will help when the Zombie Apocalypse hits!  Although......I have gargled with it, and yes, you're right, it is a fantastic of maintaining your oral hygiene!
good info. I will have to do more research. Thanks
Is the peroxide you get from Walgreens or walmart in the brown bottles ok? This week there is sale in Walgreens for h202.
Cheese needs specific types of mold for specific flavors. Cleaning with Peroxide will not level foreign tastes like other cleaners, so better for cheese. Anyway just added the reasoning for Peroxide in making cheese
Don't listen to this man he doesn't have any pancake mix???
It's wiser to make your own pancakes from scratch instead of relying on pancake mix. All the ingredients necessary for making pancakes should be in your shtf supply of basic ingredients common to making many different recipes.
when u get an infection......te best way 2 take care of it is let maggots eat it out...u need 2 b sellin maggots
since I started using Peroxide, I have not gotten sick, when I got a staff infection in the bone in my leg, it was gone 1 treatment of food grade peroxide, etc.
sunlight ACCELERATES the NATURAL breakdown process of hydrogen peroxide (which occurs quite rapidly)  so don't give yourself a false sense of security simply because yours is in a brown bottle. ALL hydrogen peroxide becomes water eventually
+Nick Kapp Keep it in the fridge to prolong its usefulness. It will break down much more slowly.
only if you don't keep the lid on it, hydrogen peroxide will break down ALOT SLOWER if you remember to put the lid back on the container.
get on with it . Sheesh
Sorry about your Dad.I hope things goes as easily for you ,your Mom and your dads passing as possible.Tell him ya love him while ya still can
hydrogen peroxide is a free radical release you would be better off with listerine!
It's good for getting rid of tonsil stones.
If your dog swallows poison or something u want them to vomit up... 3 or 4 table spoons to make your dog puke.. little dogs a little less.
Yep.. works on people too!  Ask me how I know.. lol  Drank about 1/2 cup before I realized, called poison control, they said I would vomit in about 1 hour... and that was right on point.  Foaming from belly up like a kids volcano!
There is one more use for H2O2, however it is against federal law for me to relate it to the public. Look into it for yourselves. 
you could just go to the FEMA camp doctor for a penicillin shot instead
Your be in a Fema camp already be hide bar wire!
PS- cellfood is.... peroxide- it produced oxygen when mixed with water, and it's the oxygen boost that cleans, kills bacteria and viruses, and makes a stain on a white garment nice and white again!
Mixed with bleach not water!
Hydrogen peroxide is great, when its not water and oxygen.... stock up on it and check it after a year and see what you have... there is a reason its in a brown bottle... it breaks down quickly and becomes useless for medical purposes. stock up if you want, but youll end up with drinking water.   this video might as well tell you to stock up on yogurt because its good for the digestive system... when SHTF you wont have fresh hydrogen peroxide for your wounds.
Bleach is better  if used sparingly!
Check out Di-Atomic Oxygen.   Liquid Oxygen Supplement    Which is Hydrogen Peroxide.  you add 20 drops to a glass of water and drink it every day. 
It's also great for taking blood stains out of anything!
+ShyProdigy   aw fuck that woz funnie  :D
Don't try to get 35% food grade HP in the UK any more as the govt. made it illegal to buy without a license on 2nd Sept! The highest grade you can now buy in the UK is 12% HP.
It's important to clean cuts, but using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol like we're taught, kills the good with the bad bacteria and cells. There are plenty of essential oils with disinfecting properties, like Tea Tree, Oregano, Thyme, Thieves, etc... I use Thieves and Purification, works great wihtout killing the good bacteria and cells you need to heal properly.
What's this about moonshine??? It's a dead link, and that toys with my emotions!
Bree Craw Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Do not use on contact lense. It will burn your eyes!
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is essentially an unstable version of water with an extra molecule of oxygen.  This means that, when it comes in contact with other substances, it releases the oxygen atom and becomes water.  Many harmful bacteria can not survive in an oxygen rich environment -- and this is the basis behind how food grade hydrogen peroxide can be a powerful healing tool.  The human body lives off of oxygen, including the good and helpful bacteria while the harmful bacteria dies off with large amounts of oxygen.  Dr. David Williams has written much about how h2o2 helps the body get rid of many toxins any viruses by releasing this extra molecule of oxygen. This ingesting of food grade hydrogen peroxide is also known as “Oxygen Therapy” and has been used by many medical practitioners for treating everything from the common cold to cancer.
baking soda is another cheap and good thing for many uses inn a survival situation.
We see how the AMA has brainwashed us into believing this when there are far better ways for your health. Use THIEVES essential oils for cuts and mouthwash. You will not kill the good with the bad bacteria and heal cleaner and faster.
Hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda to make toothpaste
I’ve heard hydrogen peroxide helps to promote hair growth, LowBuckPrepper. If so, you might want to stop using it as a mouthwash and apply it elsewhere on your head.
+Dwight Stewart hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Mr jerk you are hilarious!!! :)
Wtf is the noise around 5:00? Scared the shit out of me, I was on quite high volume...
Great advice! From one ghetto prepper to another! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!
thanks ,and best wishes to your dad 
banzailoco Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
So. All of you "preppers seem to think think that you only need to survive for a couple years. Hmm, I will be laughing when you uncivilized belligerents start marauding around taking other peoples' supplies after yours run out. You should be thanking me for informing you.
My vet told me that hydrogen peroxide is too harsh for cleaning open wounds because it can burn the tissue edges making it take long to close. he said diluted bleach is better and doesn't harm the tissue as much
I'm pretty sure that H2O2 doesn't really disinfect cuts and such. It does react and boil out dirt and such, so its good to use, but I always use rubbing alcohol to disinfect. I just looked it up on wiki and didn't see anywhere it saying that it is a disinfectant.
one other good thing to have in stock is a lot superglue (cyan-acrylate) ive seen 4-5 tubes of 3grams each for a dollar. they are sealed and stay fresh for years. besides gluing stuff or your fingers together for amusal, it can be used to "stitch" small cuts (draw 1-2 lines across the clean, dry cut, DONT cover the whole would!!) is also hardens toilet paper or flour into rock solid plastic, great for reparing all sorts of stuff. PS: its original purpose was as surgical glue for skin
Chlorine bleach disinfects better and is far more stable As well as alcohol We brush our teeth with peroxide, gills germs and bacteria
hydrogen peroxide on a wound followed by iodine and it will heal in five days for small one larger ones take a little longer - try it
i did the drip therapy for 3 months. I believe it cleaned my capillaries, because my palms are now quite red, and before were pale. Did you notice this? Actually did the therapy to rid myself of a candida overgrowth in my stomach. It worked.
peroxide and warm water is a good solution for cleaning ur ears using eithet a special spray bottle or just a syringe. it helps to liquify or dilute wax and flush it out
I agree with you hardhatg69 H2O2 is a ltype of bleach and willl bur n the skin. It is great as a disinfectant and a whitener, plkus not as destructive as bleach. That extra H atom is easily released when exposed to light. There is a relatively short shelf life after the bottle is opened.
Who the hell goes through a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in 4 months? LoL. I've had the same bottle in my bathroom for over a year and still cleans cuts just fine.
I think its a hood idea in gen just to try to be stocked up in any unexpected event like the kartina ordeal we had to deal with. Ii just wanted to add you should have a couple lg bottles of Food Grade hydrogen thant can be taken internally wirh proper dilution thats is 35% food grade. Nothing else will do for intrnal peroxide cure. Thanks for the plants tip. I had forgot
And where does DWAIN61 even get cartoons from?
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