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T.I.'s No Mercy EP 3: My Style vs. Eminem's Style [From The Vaults]

by The Live Room powered by Warner Music • 156,700 views

T.I. talks about his triumph from tragedy and the making of his tracks "Castle Walls" and "That's All She Wrote" from his No Mercy record in this track-by-track commentary for From The Vaults on...

For the same reason why anybody else doesn't use good vocabulary they just don't feel like using it in everyday average conversations i bet you don't use a colorful vocabulary when your talking to someone you know
T.I is better than Em? Nothing against T.I, but he can not fuck with Eminem. If you prefer T.I over Em, there is nothing wrong with that becasue every has the right to their opinion. However, you need to jump back to reality bro becasue T.I has not released an album thats on par with the MMLP.
Haha you stupid Hipster, Jay-Z is mainstream, B.O.B is mainstream, Outcast is mainstream, so are many other talented MC's let me guess you only listen to Hopsin, and immortal technique lol
Eminem hasn't been good since the slim shady lp his best album. After that he started going downhill encore sucked relapsed sucked recovery sucked bad meets evil sucked he's a overrated commercial rapper. T.I. when was he ever good.
It will pain me if I see one dislike in this video.
I like how none of the top comments are about how Vastly large T.I's vocabulary is or. How smart as a Man/Father he is. Is that all u guys care about is his rap ? -__-"
T.I.- one of the few rappers that know what the hell he's talking about.
yeah eminem didnt really get fucked by his dad your talking about the Track Insane, that was just a track for the album Relapse
Tip and Marshall are the best!
I agree his earlier albums (other than relapse) are better, but to say its overated is crazy. The fact that you think T.I is "way better than em" clearly shows you do not have an ear for hip hop. Listen to his lyrics before posting bullshit.
2 of tip best songs from "no mercy"
Man for everything ive done i bump t.i for inspiration . i wish i could have 5 mins with this guy to thank him .
And Eminem and T.I aren't garbage mainstream rappers, and i certainly do not listen to any of those people you stated, i don't even listen to rap anymore but if i did i would most likely pick up a Biggie joint or Chino XL my two best rappers.
Thats really Racist, what black people can't have a good Vocabulary. SMH at ignorance
i know this video its old but T.I and eminem lost their wing-man all the hater think eminem won't make it just cause his white and only cause it black african american he didn't give a fuck about what people say about him he till spittin in the booth eminem and T.i has a rough life grewing up as a kid and your sayin T.i,eminem talk about real shit
Everyone's arguing about who's better; why has no one had a comment that sounds like this: this motherfucker is talking about some real shit. This is why I've always liked T.I. not only as a person, but a rapper as well: he thinks, and he's meaningful (not always of course). This is the first time I've actually enjoyed hearing a rapper talk.
You prove how biased you are by saying that Em's music is trash. You are speaking based off purely your own opinions and that is it. You ignore what everyone else thinks. I have said before, I prefer T.I.'s flow right now, but to say he wasn't influenced by eminem is Ludicrous. Eminem is probably the most critically acclaimed and best selling rap artist ever. He didn't influence T.I. he influenced the entire game. It is your opinion that Em is trash but 99% of people will disagree with you.
If black people have good vocabulary, then why don't they use it?
He's a genius. Not just with his work, but also the stuff that comes out of his mouth.
You can be successful, but still not be that great. Em dissed him subliminaly all throughout Recovery, people just haven't noticed. 'The Carter IV' was one of the best selling albums of last year, because Lil Wayne dick riders (aka his fans) bought the album. I'm not saying Weezy is shit, he's okay. His fans just hype him up and ride his dick like there's no tomorrow and say he's 'the best rapper alive' which he's not-which causes people to hate him, due to his annoying ass fans.
lil wayne can rap better the all u haters why do thinks he's famous?
@fagbohun19 You do not see the point he is making, just because he is rich and famous does not mean his life is perfect.It is still alot of time he would rather be normal because of all the stress that comes with being rich and famous.
@MasterChefChop if anything T.I is CLOSE to em because they both talk about real life shit
y'all need to quit arguin cuz both em and t.i. are just about the only good thing left in rap music on a mainstream level.
@fagbohun19 Yeah, I understand that you got something entirely different out of the interview than i did. You think that if you work hard for something then you shouldn't complain when you've attained what you were working so hard for. And I believe that too. But then again the end result of our dreams can never always meet our expectations because given the chance to see ourselves with it already acquired...would we pursue it? Who knows...
I hate when celebrities complain about the cost of being who they are. You worked your whole life for it you probably stepped on peoples toes and backstabbed and all that. NOW you are where u always dreamed of and NOW you wanna complain that we dont know what goes on inside your "castle walls" cut the BS. I still love T.i though
then start reading books :) Intelligence is true "Swag"
I have truely seen the growth through this man from when he was a boy doing BE EASY to him becomin a man doing DEAD AND GONE. Keep doing your thing homie, i just pray i can find the motivation that you have to continue fighting the good fight. Be bless my brother
I like how everyone tries to show off their vocabulary after watching this video.
I think its funny how some people really think that their own opinions outway others. At the end of the day its just an opinion. Just becuz you feel a certain way about a particular individual, doesnt mean that everyone else feels the same way.
@Altonbr1 but do you get the point im making though?
Hey, T.I., we love you and keep sanging those songs!! You rock as a father and husband and I LOVE your show Tiny & T.I.!!!
$100 say you like: lil wayne, nicki minaj, lil B, soulja boy, and other garbage mainstream rappers
Em > T.I T.I is still dope as fuck!!
He is shit there's a saying that the majority is almost never right, Wayne has very little skill if you knew anything about rap you would know that and trust me i use to really like Wayne but then you get ab better understanding of rap and Wayne s nothing but a sellout that got rich with average rap skills.
Thts because eminem fans or should I say "stans" know tht the rapper they route for is ten times better than any other rapper!! Wayne fans are blinded by the lime light! Most em fans have been with him since the sslp! Tht being said ,em fans know when there rapper isnt doing as good as he used too an they resent the new eminem for it!!
I hate how that nigga licks his lips..
If nobody is playing paper trail years from now then he isn't even remembered at all, so to say that his albums not being played years from now not affecting his legacy is ludicrous. Stan is widely considered one of the greatest tracks of all time, for you to say otherwise is completely ridiculous, and for you to put it down with your man crush statement and ignore the fact that Eminem tackled a social issue that nobody else would think of doing and is just as ridiculous.
T.I.'s vocabulary is meticulous :D
eminem is a father/son/brother/friend just like T.I
T.i. Said who need a fucking college degree check my damn vocabulary out people and I am rich lol
he will be remembered for the multiple grater albums like No mercy T.I. vs. T.I.P urban legends and king uncaged
I don't know about you but I don't really judge a rapper based off of his album covers... Plus I doubt that he has as much to do with an album cover as you think.
all she wrote is good but eminems solo version is much better, not hatin on t.i.p at all but em killed that shit
Eminem and T.I. are the top best in the game. don't care what anyone says.
its great to see the king ti give his respect to eminem in my mind there both 2 of the greatest rappers of all time not for ablum slaes or amount of money they have made which buy thoes standerds there still the best but because they are bale to take there life and put it in music that everyone can realte too!
Eminem and TI are KINGS. Great video, TI is a very humble man. Much respect.
i swear the stupid shit rich nigguhs be saying
Wayne can rap. Just has not made anything worth while sine Tha Carter III. Listen to BMJR. That is the Wayne I miss.
"i never been to didney world" haha true G
You are only one type of influence, basically you are telling me that you can only be influenced by repeating the same lyric (which would go against your eminem is influenced by ti point) or name dropping even though stylistically their flows are very similar, even though em sounds less and less the same since paper trail. FYI arguing based off your opinions and feelings is the most textbook version of bias
What has T.I. done that is on the same level as Stan. Slim Shady LP came out 15 years ago almost and people still listen to it including me, its on my Ipod and I rarely skip those songs. I really like T.I. and I think he has been one of the best for 4 or 5 years now but I don't know if I will be listening to paper trail in 2021
Obviously you are a T.I. fan and look specifically for more interviews from him (which oftentimes are just the same interviews used by a different site days or even weeks later.) than you would for Eminem because you are part of the small minority that thinks he is trash and can't even respect him for what he has done even though you dislike him.
Em was an outsider because he possessed a different style. Tell me how good rap is right now..
"Visa Versa" EP Ch. 3 Vs. 6 My entry... Nc. proud that ill be come on with me you gotta sea Truth be told he could saw it all over me, breath be given my breather shall ride like the A.T.F just one one breath can such wealth. Thanks is to be given money is to be made minus the cake do it for them cause they though I was fake, the point was made now be a fan and go check out another page.
:) u doing good with your life keep it up :)
overrated album all his albums are better than that
Honestly, there are very few artists I support (meaning purchase their albums and go see them on tour) because I find that after a while artists start slacking and end up sounding line everyone else instead of staying in their lane and staying true to themselves. Of the few artists I support, TI is one of them. I just enjoy his music and I love to hear him speak because he doesn't open his mouth and a bunch of bull comes out. He actually has something to say.
ti i love that you are a humble person and that you realize being famous is not all person can be but a positive role model as well and all the other things life is comprise of
I commend T.I. A humble man who realizes what living life is really about and has his priorities straight. It is good to see when a man weathers a storm, then gets things right in life to begin a second chance. He doesn't let his talent go to his head. Keeping it real is what it's all about. God bless.
@adsasfd your on crack.. Your telling me Bad meets evil sucked? You no notting smh
here's the scoop fella: lawyers complain. doctors complain. no job or career is perfect, no matter how hard you've worked for it. everyone who works hard to get where they are don't think about the negatives or else they'll never get there. in T.I.'s case, it's not so much complaining as it is simply pointing out there are two sides to the coin when it comes to being famous. dunno about you but I'd hate the feeling of not being able to take my kid to Disneyworld because of my fame
@Altonbr1 regardless of what he thought...if you work so hard for something you shouldnt complain after you got all you want. you are famous and rich and u are complaining? what should the poor and lonely do then? kill themselves?
I agree... T.I is the realest rapper out there
when will ppl learn to take what they like and leave the rest to those who like it..if u like wayne or even soulja boy,well good 4 u..we rilly dont give a the end of the day he dont know you, and he probably dont even like you, but hz makin the KING said "if it dont apply, just let it fly"..if u aint a TI fan then shut ur ass!!!
I want the Castle Walls video to get released!
So you are telling me that Em learned from T.I. even though most of his best work was before ti even put out an album, if anything em's style as a rapper has changed away from ti's style since ti has become more popular, and i am pretty sick of you using album covers as an example when it is all marketing the artist just gets to give the ok. and it seems like em talks about ti more because he has more interviews than ti and people care more about what em thinks about other artists cause hes king
The difference? TI is just like any other rapper these days. All talk about money and fucking your bitch. I still like TI though.
He could be a guidance counselor
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