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at 2013 kyle said NO ??
The Shirley Temple of Australia.  For those who don't know who Shirley Temple was, that's a compliment.
This song isn't from Shirley temple
+Deedeegyq Wooz You just don't get the gist of what I said.  Oh good grief, forget it.
She's 8 and then when she was 11 she was on was on Australia got talet and kyle has buzzed in 2013 casue he hated musicals so im confused
Chloe Marlow! One of the highest worth artist .The new Meryl Streep once, but it will be even better.
She is better than most kids in my grade!!
2 years later she's backk haha!!
she auditioned again 2 years later aw
I ok to say that I used to dance with her and I still see her to this day
Good job chloe nice job handling the mean man lol keep doing what you do you are amazing 😋😜
Down Going acuminatus Jysjggjadsgmdeakjmbqkmhzwfsuer
Like your voice and dance moves
another spoilt little shit  
She is a good dancer.
She perform for Kyle later and he hated her. I don't understand. Why did he like this but hate her other audition?
+thesilversupporter He didn't even give criticism when she was 11, he just said he hated it and voted no. He didn't consider her talent, just his opinion on this type of act.
She has a cheesy smile
she should be matilda!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Kyle liked it and then in 2013 he hates it. That is freakin' messed up.
Gaby Gabriela Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Chloe Marlow este o fetiţă sigură pe ea, şi are şi de ce! Ea a fost binecuvântată cu un talent pe care trebuie să-l vezi pentru a crede.
She looks 7 but she's 11
she is 8 in this video
Really really really cute I love you !!!!!!!
She's spoiled, you can tell cause of that annoying ass scream at 1:32
joidezi Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
She's gonna be on broadway when she grows up !!!
Whoa, shut the fuck up. She's a child, she's not a bimbo, and she has talent
lol. that was so cute!! I wish I could tap dance like that!! I love how she screams and runs off stage after they said yes. so cute and funny!!!
i think you just described every child in theatre ever
That child is not cute. Se can't sing
Lupe Jose I agree with you 100%
1-adam-12, 1-adam-12, talentless auditioner, australia's got talent, proceed code 3.
PS some people said that she said smile oddly at the end but its because she was out of breath
Omg when she started tap dancing i was like whoooaa! Haha
good on you i hate it when people are cruel like that esppecially to little kids so well done and i cant belive theyve spamed you it's peffetic to spam a nice comment like this if im honest and the bad ones towards the people who are performing should be spamed only allowing nice comments to show as it isnt fair or nice to the person or there confidence specially at how young she is
looks like you've been coming back to the same video for now about 3 months
People r so rude about her saying she's ugly and her tap dancing sounds like an elephant which is just rude and not true I thinks she's a very good singer, I like her costume, she could actually tap dance whether as some people can't and she's cute
Could she be any cuter!!!! I just died from it! lol, she did sooooo good!
Chloe u r great please keep doin what u doin and when u a little bit older i'll see ur name in lights
thats so cute she just runs to her mum and hugs her cute!
what shes talent? singing ? dancing?
You didn't really have to call her ugly.. i mean, that 's just a little "ott" if you ask me.... :/ i mean, she's only a kid.
Oh my gosh! That child is so cute!
She's an Australian Shirley Temple.
10 years old & swearing at a 7 year old? What HAS this world come to? Grow up.
Chloe Marlow is an untalented gobshite.
She is on it this year 2013
my two favorite things in the whole world. Australia and amazing young singers. she was truely amazing
You all can keep comments to yourself I know everybody has their opinions I respect that you do but if its something that's rude why bother to type it ... Is it because you want the world to know you have something to say???
This young lady will be heard from again. She has so much charm and talent.
Just to even say her name ya gotta be half pissed shes a supa mega fugly with a moldy mungbean twist
amazing performance, only 8 years old and has such a courage and talent.
She's going to be another washed up has been. Can't sing, can't dance.
The little girl has more talent than McFadden and Sandilands put together.
oh sooooo cute...mwaaaaaaaaaaaah
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