Univision News - A Cat Interrupts Univision's Weather Report

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There are several cats that have turned the Univision parking lot into their home and sometimes they make it into the studio. This cat just walked right through the weatherman's report. For more...

Gotta give the man credit for not interacting with the cat. Dedicated to his job, he is.
LOL and the cat gives no fucks whatsoever. :D
This is hilarious! Kitty looks just like my cat! I suspect that he knows more about the weather than that guy and he is giving his opinion at the end. ;D
Dean Pook Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
What a pro. Doesn't skip a beat.
somchai aimpoe Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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"Oh hai, duz not mind me. I iz just gonna yooz this part of teh map here..." Sumtimez we yooz wether maps to plan #KittehWurldDominayshun . We iz in UR wether, plotting our uprizing. It will be raining kittehs soon enuff! (I theenk teh LOLing iz addeded cuz tehr wuz another vershun taht no had it.) #Caturday   #CaturdayEveryday #funny #cat   #kitteh   #kitty   #kitten #feline #FelineFriday
HEY! what is my cat doing on this show! LOL he looks just like this cat! XD
the laughing obviously wasn't in the studio where the cat was. it was either a laugh track or the audience.
Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A KITTY!
speak Native American? That's like speaking Asian..or speaking African
finalfour91, This is America, good catch but not everyone speaks Native American aka "American Indian". Therefore, since there are many other Ethnicities, the news is featured in various languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian, etc..Deal with it or move back to Europe.
Not liking a language doesn't mean you're racist, sorry
Except Latino refers to people who are or have ancestors from Latin America, not people who speak Latin as their native language. So yes, there are still plenty of Latinos and Latinas in the world.
Here's the weatherman's twitter page username EduardoElTiempo , the cat was under his car tonight.
Damn I should've watched Univision.
It was over the top and several degrees pas annoying, for me (their laughter).
Racsim is defined as "the hatred of one person by another -- or the belief that another person is less than human -- because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person." So shut the fuck up, you were being racist.
and you are so stupid that you let me troll you that easy.... racism is spread because people copy it just like the way you copied my "ew" p.s i hate all nonwhite and nonenglish speaking
Breaking news, a giant cat attacked the Bahamas today.
Oh yeah, you're racist buddy. But you may not have known that and I believe you.
Not avilable in México....the height of irony
That weatherman is a professional!
You're just as ignorant and racist as the jerk you responded to.
Tonight will be cloudy with a slight chance of cat.
it is perfectly fine to say the cat is crazy using ser. just like i would say soy estudiante. i'm not "permanently" a student but it's a characteristic.
Am I the only one who thinks that the way they laugh is annoying??
Ironically the cat was walking towards Cat Island in the Bahamas (yes, that's a real place - look on a map)
does it sound like the laughs were added in to anyone else?....
Awwww.... How cute That's why I love cats better than dogs
Cloudy with a chance of furballs?
Looks like 0:14- 0:26 was a... *Puts on Monacle* ...a cat-ass-trophe. I SAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!
Weatherman is professional. love that cat! just saw a report on this on the news, and this cat is very welcomed on the lot and all throughout the offices, they've named the kitty Achis. :) so cute how they've been so nice to the cat, also two other cats on the lot, they've provided from the footage , a little cat house and food for them, one of them is 22 and named mama i think it was. :)
that cat didn't really give a single fuc*ck look at his tail at 0:05
The maniacal laughter in the background made me crack up more than the presence of the cat! Hahahahaha
you're a student as long as you're in school therefore you are permanently a student. "el gato es muy loco" implies that you've been around the cat for long that you conclude he is crazy all the time, but i'm sure you've only seen this cat once. :)
I wish this happened more often! LOL!
I would have found it adorable if he picked the cat up and continued with the weather report. XD
(laughs) i think the kitty knew that the univision hq is their teratory and the "huuuuumannnns" are just leasing it i love the tom's tail just higher then a flagpole in front of the poor weatherman (giggle)
Wow, this sure is a Weather ForeCAT :-p
And that is why bring your pet to work day was canceled....
well the target audience is technically latinos in the U.S sooooooo its for latin americans
ew ur gonna be mad at me but copy me? so i guess i could get you to copy my "racism". spanish is a language btw fucking idiot not a race =)
100% guarantee I have a better education than you and I'm healthier than you. 100% PERCENT.
The laughing in the background is so creepy. Like laughter at a party of demonic ghosts and zombies.
Extended Forecast: raining cats and dogs
breaking news a cats butt has invaded Key West now time to look at our look in sports, john
Heh, this happened on a German weather broadcast a couple years back. The newscaster just picked up the cat and petted him without missing a beat.
you don't have to know someone or something long to describe it with ser! if i met someone and wanted to describe them as a nice person, i personally wouldn't want to say that they were being nice with estar, rather that they ARE nice with ser. You can call the cat crazy with ser. It seems crazy and you could conclude that a characteristic of the cat is indeed that it is crazy.
Just like those bodegas, always a friggin cat somewhere.
The weatherman kept his cool, and kept going.
Too funny! Wonder why the cat was there??? That weatherman was great, what a pro!
Oh, and go play runescape some more you faggot, HAHAHA
@LongClawzHidden either way this video really isnt funny at all
cat"dont mind me im just being a boss" lol
I can't help but think that Steve Martin had something to do with this.
I really dont see the laughing your lungs out part im mean come on it wasnt that funny>:/
I'm proud of this station for all the reasons Yuiusako listed. Major props TV station!
Omg, that was amazing. Amazing, funny, unexpected. I don't think you see this everyday, I mean 55 degrees in Miami???? wow, I am so sharing this video
You Mean INDIOVISION..? This clip was worth the click...
Hey, guess what dumbshit? They were born in Spain! :D
ahh univision ...i always watched that news but i didnt see that lol...cat out of nowhere...thumps up...and how did the cat get in there?...lol just like when i saw few years ago that a cat interrupts the soccer field and all the guys are staring at the cat. so funny yolo
no, es is fine :P. she's describing a characteristic of the cat.
Like a pro. Even though he apparently works with some rank amateurs.
Oh that was just funny. But dude was a total pro. Never missed a beat.
raining cats...and just cats.
The best part was the tail just wandering across the bottom of the screen.
Cat: They see me rollin, they hatin, patrolin they try to catch me interruptin Spanish weather reports
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