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Darksiders 2 Exclusive Last Sermon Trailer [HD]

by Machinima • 1,033,883 views

Click Here to Watch the Darksiders 2 Death Strikes Trailer: Darksiders 2 Exclusive Last Sermon Trailer [HD] Developer: Vigil Release: 8/14//2012 Genre:...

They weren't lit, obviously there is no electricity in this post apocalyptic world.
Apocalypse occurs. Death-"Oh shit, hold my beer, I got this."
That is because cod nd halo r both popular multiplayer games played mostly by assholes like u who just troll ppl that no1 likes
I find it highly unlikely that 3 and 4 are going to be made. Strife is a gun slinger and I believe that it won't have an interesting gameplay. Also his guns are almost useless against enemies as we've seen in the games. If you control Fury there is going to be a shit-storm because it'd be way too similar to Castlevania. But I hope I'm wrong.
I was aiming to see how good the feedback was, oh well. Yeah I picked it up later that same day that I read the spoiler. xD Going to play it now.
Nordic Games 2015-2016. mb or mb not.
Sooooo.. Real... best weed ive ever taken.
0:26 ... Look at the chandelier... It has light bulbs on it... When is this set haha?
should i get this for Xbox or PS3?
yea, but with THQ's current financial problems, there's no way it could be made in a year and not be some cod bs
Awesome video game series. There better be a Darksiders 3 and I wonder who you'd be playing as next. Pestilence or Famine? Playing as Pestilence would be cool.
This game is gonna rock, never gonna sell my darksiders collection. I hope it sells really well,cause im hoping for a third game in the series. This will be epic huge game with lots of awesome combat, brutal kills, horse riding and wall traversal, riding on a huge automoton golem to travel across lava, plenty of bad ass boss battles, angel realm, underworld realm, and plenty of awesome abilities, combos, weapons, loot. This game will have it all and a bag of chips. DARKSIDERS 2 buy it tuesday :D
YESSSSSSS! Darksides 2, Transformers fall of cybertron and Sleeping dogs all in this month, 9 more days for this can't wait for zelda type gameplay, god of war brutal kills, and its own unique dark badassness. SWeet three huge games this month. Theres gonna be loads of boss battles and an epic journey through the wasteland underworld .
i hope you're wrong, the games better be atleast 2 years apart from each other, so the games are awesome and not some recycled cod bs
check out this New Darksiders 2 Movie : /watch?v=kLoPCl5JkE8
lol death lives? i know the character's death but still, that's an oxymoron if i ever heard it
lol stay off the internet if you don't want spoilers. I agree he should put up a spoiler alert, but general rule of thumb is to go dark if you want to stay spoiler free. That said, Darksiders is a great game and you won't regret your playthrough.
After seeing gameplays and reading some reviews, I'm thinking about buying this game. Is it worth it? It looks awesome! This game and transformers fall of cybertron will keep me busy!
idk what some reviews are talkin bout sayin the game has glitches,graphics dont look good,and the game isnt polished...?darksiders 2 looks GOOD on my tv!it runs excellent on my xbox!it plays smooth as hell...if ur on the fence about gettin darksiders 2 because of this.dont the game its fun!
Soldiers of Troy! To lead you has been my honor!! :-P
I think i wld rather get this then Black ops 2 nd halo 4 cause there is no assholes that botheru and also it has DEATH FROM THE 4 HORSEMEN OF THE MUTHER FUCKING APPOCALYPSE
wrong. Pestilence is non-existent he was invented based upon the fact that the white horseman carries a bow and the ancient greeks and Romans believed that when plague spread it was due to Apollo shooting people with plague arrows i believe. Pestilence is now more popular however than conquest in modern terms as the majority of popular tv culture portray the four horsemen as such. However conquest is the correct title it is not pestilence however it is a common misconception so it ok :)
Is there technology in this game? If you look on the chandler you'll see lightbulbs
I agree, but until someone picks up the series again, we'll have to make do with 2.
anybody kno if u can start a 3rd new game with all upgrades??
You forgot Legend of Zelda in that concoction of epic videogames that equals Darksiders.
@J.I Levula Well, in the darksiders universe, there is no pestilance or famine rider. The four rider are Death, War, Fury and Strife. Strife wields handguns and Fury a whip. Fun fact, Fury is also a woman.
God dammit. I wanted to see what death ends up doing, not more of the sermon. I mean, it was cool and all, but I felt pretty gipped on that.
Got darksiders 2 and sleeping dogs and so far am extremely satisfied with my purchases. Darksiders = bigger world, more exploration, combat upgrades, abilities, combos unlockable, fast travel, ghostly horse despair, you can ride also on a stone golem creature that can be used in battle, and you get to be bad ass death wars brother. hopefully this sells well enough for vigil games to make part 3.
there's a dlc coming out where death has to protect human survivors ^
You should put a spoiler alert in your comment, I'm just getting the first game because of the sequel and that totally ruined it. >.<
to watch the other trailer with good music simply copy and past this: /watch?v=_n9s2ft1abY behind the .com
I was talking about the first game. I got it and completed it a few days ago. I recommend the sequel highly because it will obviously be better than the first, and the first was awesome. It will be bigger and definitely longer than the first, it has content after you finish the game along with exclusive DLCs. There will be more bosses, more challenging ones as well. It's obvious. The graphics shouldn't matter, it's in a comic style.
But I've read the president will get changed or something ? Maybe it is still hope.
my opinion of top 8 most powerful: dark prince samael lilith death war fury strife destroyer would that be accurate?
Also holy shit it's Lord Commander Mormont!
I hope this game picks up a few more sales on the PS3 and 360. It really deserves them and the fact that it's less than a million worldwide is ridiculous. Hopefully it'll get another half million copies sold on the Wii U, if not more. I want a third installment
What the hell is the Commander of the Night's Watch doing so far from the Wall ?
It's cool, it was a wrong spoiler anyway. xD Finished the game, the ending was so epic!
if u like puzzle...DARKSIDERS 2 is ur game!
@kimkickout I think death is more like Dante and war more like kratos
now everyone's going to grow there hair out like death and dawn their limited edition mask.
Platform for a fucking PC TOO!!!!
COD's gay, it will always be, and they should of stopped halo at halo 3, both of them are dead series that should of ended years ago,but because of people not having ideas, they just drag on stupid games like COD and Halo...
War didn't do anything, he was framed, so death has to pull his ass out of the fire, and he can do it cause he's the most powerful horseman and it's some sibling thing, they're all brothers, so it's redemption, and death is the oldest, so he knows most, it's based off the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, so it's going in order which was first in mans history, since life happens, death is first, and war is what conflict is between man, so that's past a horseman, so he's #3
I havent bought a video game in 2 and a half years and darksiders 2 is going to break that
THUMBS up if you think they sould make a Movie of Darksiders 2
Ah they inserted the data now, because I checked some time ago, and wasn't. Thx a milion man :)
dude go post your opinion somewhere else because i like COD and halo and pretty much any game so go post it somewhere else and stop being a bitch about games to people just because your bad at it or have never played it and just judged it from the cover.
Actually the second auction is starting in April and Crytek now is bidding for Darksiders so there is a good chance now for a Darksiders 3.
Actually, I think death will be in Darksiders 3, if you saw the ending in Darksiders 2, I think you might understand my slightly better...
It would be really cool if Darksiders 3 had a co-op based game mode with one player being War, the other being Death. Each will have their own abilities that each will have to rely on. The single player would be all about Famine or Pestilence.
This always annoyed me about darksiders. Famine and Pestilence (or conquest if you want to get biblical) would be WAY cooler and better suited to the theme then Strife and Fury. Neither Strife nor Fury are very apocalyptic themed, if you know what I'm saying? Or maybe you don't...
How do u know it will be like this? if u got a source or somthing post a link plz!
I really expected that when the guy looked trough the hole, he would get a sword in his head or something.
Thanks for commenting back, thats true it is comic style just as long as the full ride is awesome. The only thing that was tough for me in the last game was some of the last puzzles but other than that a solid action adventure game. Hope this sells well so they can continue darksiders trilogy or saga :D
I thought it was war, death, famine, and pestilence. (Not in that order)
Ex-Vigil developers in Crytech are talking of bidding for it
Lord Commander Mormont, you're alive!
Darksiders 1 (2010) Darksiders 2 (2012) Darksiders 3 (2013 - Strife) Darksiders 4 (2014 - Fury) Darksiders: End of Days (2015 - War, Death, Strife, Fury)
Yes, it's worth buying. The other guy is right, texture quality isn't great and the raven isn't a great guide, but the game overall is great and he should be ashamed for just focusing on the bad.
ONE FRICKING WEEK LEFT! Oh please go gold!!
You can go back to wherever you want and you actually need to backtrack if you want 100% completion. It's less linear than the first one but it's not a sandbox either. Still evokes a very Zelda-y feel.
I thought all the humans died off long before death got involved. Although I may be wrong
ask not for whom the jimmy rustles for THEE.
Let me guess. Did you do everything by level? Like do it when you were ready and it was easy? o.o I did the Soul Arbiter's maze and The Deposed King's Liar in the 15-17lv. range.
maybe they will make darksiders III, maybe we could use strife or fury
Why are there electric light bulbs in the chandelier?
Waht do you mean with strife and fury? Is it not war, death, disease (i. d. pestilence) and famine?
well i think he will be in it but as to play him will be a different matter as when ur playing as death in number 2 u are playing at nearly the same time as u are when u was playing war in number 1 if u understand. so when death sacrifices himself at the end hes called by war so his sacrifice is made void if u know what i mean aka the seal is broken and his brothers come to his aid
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