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Katy Perry - #VevoCertified, Pt. 3: Katy Talks About Her Fans

by KatyPerryVEVO • 641,698 views

Music video by Katy Perry performing #VEVOCertified, Pt. 3: Katy Talks About Her Fans. © 2012 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws....

I usually don't get excited over things, but if one day I do meet Katy, I may have a heart attack.
Me too........ Sigh i can only dream
She is really small like she is tall but small
Me too sigrid I'm 12 and that's my dream!!!
I'm 11 and it's my dream too!
I wan't to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really love Katy's songs. I just hope I can meet her, but just like what they say it's free to dream
She is just perfect...
You have to treat her like a person and not someone who is above you just because they are famous.
I wish I could meet u.Best singer in the world!!!!!!!
Oi katy. Perr eu sou marina eu tenho 9 anos e gosto monhito das soas musica e. Voce e. Munhito bonita
i love your songs katy perry!!! you are my favourite singer! :)
Keti odozavam te srecoo♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love maj favorite maj nejm miz kejlen laufdd Lov diss
I love you katy perry songs ı love you
i love you katy!!!<3
katy I wanna meet u ur awesome I just love you a lot
i would faint if i met her it is my dream to meet her  it would men the world to me if i met her
J chi hi fyi chi fyi fdfer
How can I meet u I would love to meet you, you are the person that insperd me to start playing gutiar and I would learn your songs I love u
Katy the best in the world
If I met Katy I don't know what I would do tbh... Id kidnap her
Katty écoute j'ai 12an et mon rêve le plus cher est de te rencontrée I LOVE YOU !!!!!
Tu ne sais meme pas écrire son prénom et tu ne parle pas anglais . Laisse les vrais KatyCats
I want to be just like you ilove your músic
Katy inpired me to sing and I am really goog for my age
My dream is to meet Katy !!!
You are like a friend to your fans
My reaction if I met her : Die in her arms
Are you katty parry ur the bestur songs make me feel not to cry when my mom died when I was born and thanks alot katty parry :-)
This! More people should read this comment to know why people, not only "kids and teens" but also mature audience listen to katy's songs...they are not just fun, they mean so much more when stripped down and just let everyone be happy and content with their lives, and not always be depressed and serious when it comes to music taste. +Ignacio Moreno Im sorry to hear that, she is definitely in a better place now :)
OMG! IM 12 and thats My DREAM!!
💞💘ɨ ʟօʋɛ ʏօʊ ƙǟṭʏ քɛʀʀʏ💘💞
"if youre freaking out,its okay,i will hold you until youre not freaking out" ok 1.the people that are freaking out,thats not going to make them stop XD hahahaha and 2.I LOVE YOU FOR THAT KATY! :) what other stars do/say that?!?! <3333
yeah she totally does..not.
I love u so mach Katy - 0
"If you are like freaking out, its okay. I will hold you" I am in love with that woman! 
This is for katy perry I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!! U are the BEST SINGER EVER I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR BIGGEST FAN and I'm going to your convert this summer in Chicago I'm pretty sure I am if I do I'm hoping to meet u
I love you ❤️❤️❤️ Katy perry
Omg if I meet katy in the summer I will be so shy I was kinda shy with Debbie Ryan but just think what I'd be like if I met the biggest woman pop star in the world! I would have already started freaking out!!!! Katy is my idol and I want to meet her so very very very very bad waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more than ANYONE knows!!!
I AM KATY PERRYS BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like katy perry to and Did I just see Hollie Steel
This is an awesome video😃
You are the best singer ever I'm your biggest fan.
love you katy♡♡♡ You are my hero!! I love
There saying she gonna be here in Chicago in Allstate arena in July or June so I hope that I get to see her cause she's AWESOME!! Love u Katy Perry!!! PS: if u guys see her up close in person you gonna cry ( cry=Tears of joy) because we love her so much!!!!
I mean the untied center in August 7 & 8
Жалко что я не тупой мажор, который может уехать в другую страну что-бы увидеть Katy Perry. D:
hi katy its  schimon  i  am 8 years old i like you
Ugh, I Love Her As A Person And A Singer As Much As I Love Demi :)
One of her eyes had more makeup than the other
I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! KATY:  if ur freaking out (me) and its ok ill HOLD u until your not freaking out anymore!!! that so would be me... i would hardly be able to speak i would be so shy and start shaking. i start shaking randomly.... like when i get nervous i got really nervous when i held a harmless animal. i would be so nevous and what would be going through my mind: what if i squeeze her and have to leave; what if i spit in her face..... omg i would just DIE if that happened..... and on twitter katy is getting so much hate on her vid of this kinda funny vid and harry styles said: I can't believe wat they leaked about u.... with a link........ 
Katy i love you very much YOU ARE BEST
Im fan 1 i love you i love you katy cat
John LightRider Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Hi Roar is brilliant-the single of 2013
OMG you meet Katy! You're so lucky!! I wanna meet my dream! I hope meet her!
There is no Comparison between Kay Perry and Gaga. They sing tow totally different genres of music,They also have different fans. I have just been more wowed by Katy's music than Gaga's. Katy's videos surprise me and Gaga's make me say Wtf?
Getting a hug from Katy Perry my whole life would be complete :)
She doesn't SUCK? How about watch her movie and she how she is FOR A CHANGE? ..... -___- Like you could do any better huh? Remember...YOU started this... :)
Your so awesome Katy! Your my faveorite singer Eva in da world!!
When i meet her and i know i will at some stage im gonna try my best to just talk to her normally but i know for fact i will start crying and shaking :O On the other hand that means she will hold me until i stop!! OMG
Katy : If u Like Freakin Out *and it's ok * I'll Hold u Untill u'r Not Freakin Out Any More Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I LOVE U KATY <3
I wanna sing and be famous like katy perry. But I know tht will NEVER happen becuz I SUCK... :(
I LOVE YOU KATY PERRY ! so much :* I hope I could met you one day, please :')
When did she say anything about gaga!! Stop hatein jerks
Me ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥·
I love u i love u but i know ill never get to meet u but i love u
I really need to go to one of her concerts!! lool
If I had a chance to meet her I would TRY to be calm but I would just start freaking out. I just can't imagine myself being normal around her!!
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