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At least hope a FEW people are smart enough to realize this means a whole lot of NOTHING.  ANY caliber could produce differing results depending on the ammunition / load used.  Of the bunch, 9mm, .45ACP, and especially the .44 magnum shine in the fact that they can be loaded with a variety of powders and bullets for MANY applications.  The 454, and 500...  FAIL.  VERY narrow band as far as load variety because of the case pressures that need to be maintained per that caliber.  So unless your buying the gun to specifically be "the loud dork" at the shooting range, or just blow through milk bottles in your back yard.  DUMB.  Educate yourselves.
These water bottles are ether trained and killed for fun or are fake -I have been hunting water bottles for years and have never seen more than 3 water bottles in a row. My friend said he saw 5 but I think he is just messing with me
Thanks for that. 😝
drink 20 botles of milk and you will become buletproof
and your a waste of air otto fuck
Hey it was probably all expired or maybe he has cows but if he did buy them just for they it was a waste but maybe the bottles are recycled and filled with water...
Big bullets just cost more..give me the 9 mm it's all I need to stop you dead..
Give me the 9 mm it's all I need to kill your dumb ass.
let see the 454 and the 500 with better grain of bullets !!! then and only then I will be impressed.
100% Agree!!!  In 454 Casull, he uses a 250 SWC instead of a 300 grain hotter load like most 454 like.  Sorry, but no way my 454 doesn't get more penetration or cause more damage than a 9mm.  Ridiculous.
this a good vid because of AC/DC music but the firing of the guns at bottles useless. Doesn't really represent the true penetrating power or damage of the various calibers.This video misrepresents the power of the  454 Casull in a bad way....
A very good test video congratulations, I subscribed, Greetings
only bottle ? like a kid , VS rock or something
Are you shooting in a residential area?
I just noticed that myself. This guy is nuts.
are you launching fireworks at the houses of parliament????
was that a residential neighborhood ?
Lol the magnum knocked over
before a shot was fired, i knew the 500 mag would win
When it was I sprang, “Oh sh*t!”
dont use pusy round in the big guns, really 240gr in a .454 casull.... SMH where is the fun stuff like 400gr...... and the S&W .500 they offer 400/500 and 700gr rounds. next time dont shoot junk ammo 
Well the ammo isn't exactly cheap for bullets like that.
the 454 and 44mag obviously strayed. 
Very very good video with vary angles, ... I am very like it.
the only complaint i have on the video is you used a 250 grain 454 round i know they make them in 350 grain for a better comparison to the 500 sw id say use the same grain bullet a 250 grain 454 is like shooting a standard 45lc other than that good video.
The 500 is the king! I've shot one and it kicks like a mule. I can't imagine getting hit by it.
S&W M500 is the real cannon
What's that sound in the background?
Didn't even see the video but I liked it just because of the song!!! 👍👍👍
This was a very poor experiment. It doesn't rule out laws of physics when dealing with trajectory, angularity, and bullet affects upon expansion.  The only reason the big bores took out more bottles was do to bullet inertia, which I think was what the host was trying to show.  However, each of these rounds could of performed better in a different setting.  Had the experimenter interlock the bottles 3 across and when back the same distance, deeper penetrations would have been witnessed by all the rounds and the big bores may have penetrated the barrier due to the fact that water had a place to expand.  .  
Probably the longest youtube title I have ever seen.
The music is fucking perfect and the fact u fell on ur ass every time after 45cal lmao nice video brother MERIKA
super.......super scheisse
Clearly that 500 won the war lol
Hi I'm a gun newbie.  Why did the 44 magnum only go through 5 bottles??  Is it because it's a lead bullet not FMJ?  Thx.
Had to mess a otherwise good vid with acdc
It would be better to compare the 475 Linebaugh, 420 grain solid against any type of bullet shot through Smith & Wesson 500.  Linebaugh will equal and sometimes surpass the Smith with much less chamber pressure (less wear) and with a shorter barrel, and weight.   Try to carry that monster 8 inch barrel at 10,000 feet elevation for five miles every day on foot.  It just is not practical.
kinda thought the .454 wasnt accurately tested..
hmmmm, the 454 is a lead bullet not a valid test for me.
That 454 bullet was 250 grain Lead Semi Wad Cutter. Designed for penetration. The test is valid. I would like to have seen the 454 in 350 grain SWC, woulda done a lot more.
+Olde Ancient Lead SWC designed for penetration? Youre really stupid arnt you... those are target bullets designed for nothing more than cutting nice round holes in paper targets. The LAST thing a lead SWC bullet will do is penetrate good.
This might have been fun but it in no way shape or form shows true bullet penetration, id bet my years salary that those bullets are deflecting and since you used non standard loads and different bullet styles for each load this is really a bad test as a comparison....
intro way too long....
That 500 is a real hand cannon. Definitely would not like to get shot by that!
Love this video.   I would like to see the same experiment only starting with smaller guns.  I'm a fan of the .380 and would like to see how it performs against the 9 mm and .45.
bordel le 500 mag, il décoiffe !!!!.... super vidéo merci
why a long arranged bottles ? because there's a fucking 500 magnum!
One of the best tests on youtube, and proving two things: 9mm & 45 acp are very similar and 500 cal is a hand cannon. 
Awesome demonstration dude! simple and to the point! S&W 500 kick the "kine"! a child can see that! I want one of that cannon! 
M&W 500 magnum melhor de todas 
that 500 got some spunk man lol id love to have one! how many feet was you from the targets?
Song is Thunderstruck by AC/DC
Looks like a fund day at the range to me!
not a good test... also /watch?v=DFAApRUH094
Like  for bad asssss song :-DDD
what a joke,you use a none jacketed hollow point in the 454 and a fmj in the 500 !  use a 300 grain fmj in the 454 and watch out! its all about having the right bullet!!!!
whats the name of song? please ...... 500 magnum
paulo barbosa Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
brinquedo de macho 
That field must have smelled like Satan's own asshole after this
jen ai un dans resedent evil 4 pis c'est le gun le plus fort du jeu modifié au fond sa tir en tabarnak !
Видео веселое, методика тестирования - гавно. Автор, ты б еще из винтовки выстрелил. И, да, пока ты подниматься с пола будешь после выстрела из .50, я тебя нафарширую из Беретты свинцом.
LIES LIES LIES!!!. Millions of cows die every day - special cow butchers wearing clown masks cut them up to get the milk. Think about that every time you're sucking on a McDonald's milkshake. THEY are hiding the truth from you.
What is that song called at the beginning
SO ur saying that if im getting chase by someone with any of those gun, all i need to do is hide behind bunch of milk bottle?
Yeah, Texas and we had some fun...
Yeah, and they kill chickens to get the eggs out. Hence the saying: "You can't make an omelette without breaking a chicken" Think about it.
He nearly got a strike with the .500 magnum. As it is he's got an easy spare left.
Would love to see the 460XVR in this test!
That's it,i'm making a bullet proof Milk-Vest!
Lol 500 magnum just kills them like crazy
cool fucking editing man..s&w 500 ftw..devastating
Of all animals, cows. The hindus had to pick cows. What the fuck is this shit.
Qual o nome da musica do video mesmo?
I agree buy not using the same type of ammo through the course of testing you skewed the results.
its says ".cal" FMJ, now guess what that means....... right Full Metal Jacket -.-
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