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by Shane Dawson TV β€’ 4,878,632 views

Get "SUPERLUV!" on iTunes here: and watch the music video HERE THANKS FOR...

I miss this Shane Dawson TV
+Zoozy G i miss shanynay shes soo funny ixalso miss deezy
+Rachel Hoffman riiiight me 2 I mean would he still be doin shananay ro he just stopped ?
Me and my sister call my dad a sperm donar becuase he was always a dick we would have to visit him but he did nothing with us rodger white if your watching this and you see this comment YOUR AN ASSHOLE, A DICK, AND I WISH YOU LIVE 6 FEET UNDER GROUND happy fathers day Dickhead
I brought him a Aids Repellent
I basically just hang out with my mom and we go to fun places bc my dad sucks and doesn't even bother to actually try to see me and my little sister. :)
Dear Shane when can you do videos like this again there very funny pleas comment back if you have a chance
I wish Shane did these types of videos more often they're really entertaining and funny
I agree. But it's very difficult , and lots of hard work and plus he worked very hard to make us a movie. :)
IM GAY!!!! high school musical music in the background
1:47 Best prop use ever 10/10
I dont have any parents im actually living with my 19 year old friend ;( i miss my peeps :( shane thak you for making these vids :) they helpΒ  me :)
My dads bein jail at least 7 times for drugs and fights and to this day he always says he misses me but never bothers with me when I try to see him xx
What was the song at the begging called?
My dad hates me, I usually avoid him as much as I can. Same with my mom, but I have my bands and my favorite youtubers like you Shane :) Thank you for making videos, they help me a lot <3
Its probably cause u are some emo cunt that cuts themselves all day because they werent able to go to some warped tour bullshit concert.
You are a judgmental freak. SO WHAT! I'm like that -.- It was my choice, not yours, so go hate somewhere else.
I didn't get a cookie shane :(
I don't know why people put comments about there family problems like its a competition?. Seriously If I was a father and I wasn't around I wouldn't want you telling everyone about your family life/problems
What if you don't have a mom or dad
I don't have a dad anymore he left me and my mum without telling us the last day he was a t home he looked depressed
I dont have a dad or mom i live with my nan :(
I'm giving him a big fuck you.. I fucking hate my dad
+Tayria75 dahm........ The feels.......... Sorry for your loss...... I hope karma gets those people who didn't invite you in the asshole........ I know how you feel.... My mom died and I couldn't go because they said I was too young.....and I was thirteen....
I hate my dad too he's a fucking reatrd
Noting I hate my dad
Lol and nobody cares if u hate your dad Greg dick fost , u are just one little faggot , u are joking I know it but still .
I want to see that movie sequel
where is mha mutha fukn cookie?
U r so awesome your videos r awesome keep making them
Nooooooooooooooo not Guadalupe 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#lol
I really love this video. Shane and i both have similar experiences with our biological fathers and it makes me feel better knowing that someone i love so much understands :)
I think you r fucking awesome and u r crazy funny!!!! Anyone who says different is probly makin like Paris and snorting coke!!! Ur welcome! Lol!
i like you old are you
Guadalupe dies so many freaking times.
oh and no he's the made
the e cards are so fucked up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ especially the gay one πŸ˜‚
Damn it I came here for porn. XD
the title isn't even right..
He does Dat alot. Misleading titles and thumbnails and always in caps locks
OMG Shane your brother πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he plays all the awkward characters I love him!!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
Wtf lol my dad is in jail lol
As a Father's day gift, I'd write a story for my dad.
the blood is way to much make it more realistic
Its a comedy video! Damn man you are acting like this is some high budget action film!
This was the first video I ever watched of him. I still find it hilarious that the first video I watched of Shane had "Porn" in the title!
Im Giving Him A Gift Card For TGI Fridays
I'll favorite this so I can send these out next year
3:40 lol that me I get grossed out
im getting my mom lots of love
I'm your number one stalker
Who the fuck u talking to u better get back in your knees and suck this dick lmaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm making my dad a card :)
Is Guadalupe Shane's brother?
Wait you ain't Seiko, YOU ARE SACHIKO!!!!WHAT DID YOU DO TO SEIKO?!?!?!
Yeah i dont have any friends who like corpse party, they don't even know about it :(
WHY.... DIDN'T I........ GET....A........COOKKKIIIIEEEEEE!?!?!?!?!!?!!?
My dad wasn't there at my birth. Shane can you cheer me up.
my dad wasnt at my birth either dont worry i feel ya
+OHITZARIx me two Cause i dont have a dad
I love my daddy... He's not perfect... And I know he loves me. WHY Y'ALL HATIN' ON YO DADDIES?
My dad died when I was 12, he was awesome.. He died in a motercycle accident.
Ill give him breakfast in bed and a card that sucks
Greg Frost is fucking Saco
yo shane u redy to se me fuck this cake happy birthday to me in my big black pussy :} HAHAHAHA
U r awesome I love this video keep making more :D
Ew shane worst video sorry
happy birthday to me and my big black PUSSY LLLOOOOOOOOOLLL
Hi peoples what would u do If a creepy man with a van came up to u and said get in the van?
Gwananalopia NNNNNOOOOOO
who the fuck watches this shitΒ 
Obviously you because you clicked on the video. Seriously if you don't like watching these videos then why are you here?
Um well I can't get anything for my dad because I never knew him or met him
Simvian Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
I'm getting my dad a iPad because he is tech crazy like me
Every time i try to watch his videos wgich r sex related it says try again
Guadalupe is actually a place in the Philipines,DERP
Why you always turn Ur head right after a skit WWWWWW HHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYYYYYYU
Happy birthday to me and my big black pussy
You are my favorite YouTube
4:14 :'D "Kill ur self faggot" "Love you too" Hahahahhaha
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