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Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 6

by RocketJump • 5,229,457 views

Episode six of our feature-length webseries "Video Game High School!" Here's how the release is going to work: We will be putting all new VGHS episodes on our site,, one week before...

Jenny man.... Such a fucking thot
+nuclear Protocol It stands for That Hoe Over There
Each time Ted spaces out and see's the drift car races; that just cracks me up.
+Hanzo Hasashi Ha, very punny! It's so-so. I can hear some influence of what seems like a common mix of American mid-west indie and some English (Britain, the UK) 90's punk. At least that's what I picked up.
Oh my god, the wink at 3:53 and then the honk, I don't know why I find that so hilarious, but I'm friggin dying, holy crap, haha
If I was Brian D I would of punch the s*** out of the Law, wouldn't anyone else do it?
I finished the series the day the last episode came out Lol.
I just love Drift King in this episode. And in general. Every single line he ever has is just delivered superbly.  "TED! Even a man as fast as you can't run away from himself forever!" "Ah, thank you Ted's Vassal. Though in the future, I prefer sourcream and onion." "Who are you?" "UH!" Throws drink in face Classic
a few more episodes in and i started loving the law too. his trolling is grade A+++. sad to see what he's become since end of season 2
Brian should've aimed that rocket laucnher at his legs!
The seconed I saw him lock on i said "fucking dumbass"
Haha that's what I said.
The video game punns... they BURRRRNNN
I just SHELL out puns whenever I can
The nerd puns in general.  That JK Rowling
Ya'll may not know it yet, but in my home town for FPS I AM "The Law"
is that home town... Loserville? population: you??
+Bisexual Muffin Welcome to Loserville. Population: 0, well, expect for that guy there *points at skeleton with XBox controller in bony hands*
Wigga should've aimed at the ground of the Law's feet
These kids are far too skinny to be pro gamers
+Alex Phillips no that's some bullshit idiots make up that might be the usa but i used to play for fucking days and I'm skinny as fuck although i love to overeat but I'm still skinny
Jenny looks so much hotter in season 1 than the other seasons
D. King and Ted, the best rivals of all. Brian- "Thanks for the assist," he says, to Jenny. They're playing an FPS, Halo is an FPS, Master Chief says that to Cortana, Cortana is a girl, Jenny is a girl, I don't know where I'm going with this. Fuck.
+Zoltan Gyongyossy Really? Thats Earlier I thought. I thought it was going to be 9001.
+Adam Venroy At that time my friend the game half life 4.5 comes out
Is it just me or does anyone want to inject some knock out drugs into law and strap him to an operating table and flay his skin off inch by inch using a dull knife?
ignore the comment above. Saw the rest of the seasons. Actually Law turned out to be an okay guy
man, the law's my favourite character HAHA
2:15 im hoping that landed on the laws head his the biggest jerkwad ever waiting for brian d to kick his assor is this series just about him getting his buttwhooped and bullied all ove the place by the law
Can I get a few of those monitors? 
There is cussing in this show?! I thought this was PG :C
I don't think there is a whole lot of cursing so PG, maybe PG-13
Did you even watch the other episodes?
games looks like jon tron sort of but the douche bag version
rule of using cover. come around. not go over. cmon bro
Where is the subtitles ?
+Stéphane Lenoir "Just have to not use subtitles"? What about people who are hard of hearing or deaf?
+Meghan Green , did you read all of my sentence ? I need subtitle too, I can't understand all of the english speaking. It's Jeerry Hang who hate it, not me.
This show is awesome! I could watch it all day!
I love season 1 drift king. "Who are you?" "UHH!"
Wait, how did Brian get a score of 5? Cool episode, though!
Every kill counts as one point. He killed a lot at the last minute at once, so...
Omg I have the same bedsheets as the guy on the top bunk. Lol
I feel like I haven't seen this episode before, even though I've binged the series at least ten times. Anybody else feel that way?
Games Dean looks like +JonTron and +JoshJepson had a baby... just a thought.... Both awesome guys!
These people really suck at aiming...
"I'm by myself...but that's great." insert forever alone picture 
"I'm Scott Slanders, and I'm drunk."
Brains aim is as good as me hip firing in a cod game
What keyboards are they using?
I have the same blanket as in this video in the beggining!
Where is subtitles ?. Only 5 episode with french subtitles ... 
All noobs must rage quit if they're Brian d'ying
Is games dean Cavemanfilms
I'll be honest, the bullying in this thing is cheesy and cruel, but damn was that nutshot at 6:35 was hilarious.
I'm Scott sanders and I'm drunk lololololololololol
J.K., I'm just Rowling you... Can't even X'D
That hoverball tho
Jenny should get that sweet Brian D if u know what i mean
Ummm, every single one of you used an assault rifle
What the fuck happened in the end??
how does this comment not have 1000 kiles
if fatty sands in the spotlight he might break the stage!
I think that the principal is like tha law's father and he lets him hacking u can see dis from the start in his office he has the laws photo on the desk and the law said i am VGHS which means or not that his father is the pricipal ☺
Games Dean is the best character throughout this entire series.
hes a total poser though
Watching this video makes me salty... this is the definition of tilt, like, holy fuck
I know I shouldn't criticize but Where is the computer in all of the keyboards and mouses and headphones go into
Their fps game in this video is literally black ops 2
really ok ty, didnt know that
Wait that is battlefield!!!
i must be so bored to be re watching this series again :')
Ever notice games looks like JonTron?
Who's the blond girl the leader of the team like what's her actual name ?
freddy wpng should have been the director of the school
Brian iseither mlghwnt or firerockerstudios.... or i could be trippin...
Youtube is acting like a total bitfh because whenever i try to see vghs it always pops up an add that doesn't load which means i can't watch the video unless thr stupid advertisment is gone!!!!!!!!!
I meant to say total bitch
I guess there's no such thing as reloading?
I like we inner in my dick
(sponsored by monster
What was the name of the rifle in the title sequence?
What a coincidence I like sour cream and onion potato chips too
i dont get games dean was cool in this season but in 2 and 3 hes usless
What did they say while they threw the stuff out the window?
Carpe diem. It roughly means "Seize the day!".
Capio, capere, cepi, captus: I grab, seize. Carpe is a command
I like the show, but the moral of this episode was stupid. What? Someone sets you up but it's your fault because you got pissed at being set up? 
Where's the StarCraft players?
pueden colocar los subtitulos en españolm=)
Quando que vai ter Legenda em Português esse ? ou ate dublagem todos. 
2:31, right before Brian turns off the screen, did the guy say, "and I'm drunk."?
No portuguese subtitle :(
Is that principle from epic meal time
12:37 Brian died 4 times then Jenny died which equals five deaths
Actually, she was only wounded.
I never saw this episode!!!!
HHHHHH Montage  and Action wowww ooowwww :D
I thought Brian was expelled
Is the principal Harley?
Yep, the one and only.
How to dodge like Law in a real FPS game?
CS GO P250 headshot close range. I'm pretty sure If I fucking shot you in the head, I'd be laughing at you dying :D
This show sucks its full of bad actors, the only good ones are the 2 girls and the principal
Says the one that looks for videos just to fap.
Where is that ginger chick from? I swear I've seen her before!
right? she reminds me of the ginger chick from "Nanalew"'s channel. something with the word "kitty" in it i think
The law rest the guy lol
Why did he throw a grenade when the guy was standing right in front of him? he coulda shot him really easily
Aiming is never exact, especially not with a sniper, it's like a circle where the bluet could go, unless ur using a sniper I guess.
Jenny and Brian should've lost. Games had 4 kills on them, and then he killed jenny. That's 5 and 5 was the win score. Fake and gay
Yes because the show can be gay. claps
Fake and gay . I don't understand it when people call things that aren't living gay. And if it was a person then that's even worse. Using gay as an insult is extremely rude. Go to school and learn something instead of being a dumbass.
lol the news caster's name is scott SLANDERS ROFLMAO
Idgaf about the school! Show me the gameplay!!!
Are you fucking dumb? Seriously.
No I am not... This series is ass! The romance plot, the friendship, the acting... It shit! The only redeeming part is the action and even thats shit.
Does anyone know what race Brian is?
In Sweden the last leter is ö
Vikkstar123 could beat all of them
Naw he got crushed by lui calibre man!
Thank You! This is an amazing series!
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