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Tiny Turtle chasing HUGE dog! Funny Video!

by Ball Sack • 34,876 views

A turtle chasing a dog around the garden!! Intense!

really funny small can scare big real easy
lol i would also freak out if a small, shelled creature kept crawling after me.
@Erysescyne Post a video, or I wont believe you. Until then, this is the Fastest Turtle in the World!
oomggggg dats sooooo cute i wesh i had wun
I can hear him saying "I'll kick your ass, beitch! "
Id be freaking out if my turtle was with my dogs. Scared freaking out
thumbs up if u are watching in 2012
Hey, that turtle is speedy lol.
@Sarcasm98 There are turtles, especially water type ones which are much faster than this one:P mine is faster too, much faster:P but she doesnt chase dogs =(:D
lol my turtle was fallowing me n its got stuck under my bed [but it got out[]
lol the dogs like IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!
That dog prolly got bit by the turtle before so it knows to run.
What is the maximum speed turtles can go, I've never seen a fast turtle.
OMG I HAVE 2 BABIE TURTLES 4 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a mr fat turtle tee hee!
That is so cute! That is the fastest turtle I have ever seen. Your dog looks like he/she is having a blast.
Turtles will take over the world!!!
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