Cutest Cat Moments. How to raise happy children - 10 tips from Mom - Cat Coco

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I love this video. I could watch it for ever.
Addddddorable! Cuddly. Kissable. Huggable. Lovely. Sweet. I want them in my arms right now! <3 :*
Wowwww. Pls take care of her. She is very nice
Omg cuteness overload 😂
So very sweet  !!! How many kittens has Coco had ?
This is adorable. I want to hug those kittens... but their mother might not like that.
Mama Coco is the best mama. I would love to see more of her.
Do you know what the pattern on their coat is called? I think it's a sort of tabby, correct? My kitty has it and all the vets here want you to put down what type of pattern they have and I have no clue what it's called. 
How does this video just keep getting cuter?! ~✿ღ Please Follow: +Interesting Videos 
That was incredible on so nany levels
It's so so cute I can jus
I would so much appreciate to know the breed of those wonderful kitties Could you give me the information please ?
+Funnycatsandnicefish THANK you so much but are they all so "perfect" as those ones ? I live in France how to find the right people who raise them up ? I guess you must really find the right place to find kitties as cute as yours ? my email acquarius@live.fr thanks
GUYS for all u cats lovers (including myself) is have a cat,ur cat doesent care about u.It knows ur there but just doesnt reply
o ... sweet cat like you
got all those right just wat a kid should have i should no i am a kid
awww the last one was so cute!! that little hand :-P
sooooooooooooooooooooo cute  so adorable  dhis video is the best 
Ewa Winiarska Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
so soft and lovable these kitties are! :3
... and yes,  it can teach the human Moms too!:))
Found the music !! thank you ! 
Such a lovely video, thank you!
and do not let them move out before they are 12 weeks. our kitty was 14 weeks and independent (later a good mommy herself). our dog was less than 12 weeks and is more dependent on us. thank you for your charming kitties on film.
How cute I like little kitty
Inez Oliveira Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
  isso é amor.
what is the name of the silvergrey cat ,the big one ?? they all was adorable :3
Her name is Toffee. She is a dauther of Coco. There is a lot videos about Toffee at the channel
once i stepped onto one of our kittens our mother cat made sure that i would be more careful in future. (even though she was the most dainty and sweet tempered cat i have ever come across).
   Finds Cool  Oldheimer  Speyer Oldheimer  Baden  Baden Schau  doch mal Drauf ja
Такие  маленькие лапочки!!!
Roland Arenz Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ich liebe solche Videos!Danke herzlichst♥♥♥♥♥
Andre Rolling Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Музыка подходящая.:)
Cute video for today.
burak aztk Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Margi Noser Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Правда заметно, что я не палюсь? 
cocker dunn Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
育嬰教學 (實用)
新ヨシヒロ Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Satoru Tanaka Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
母猫ココの「子供たちを幸せにする10の秘訣」  1. 子供が生まれる前から家族の一員であると認めましょう  2. 子守唄をよく歌ってあげましょう  3. 家族みんなが集まって過ごすことを教えましょう  4. 常に健康的な食事を与えましょう  5. 衛生に気をつけ家を綺麗に保ちましょう  6. 子供を守りましょう  7. 子供の模範となることを心掛けましょう  8. 学ぶ事を愛するように育てましょう  9. 社交性を教育しましょう  10. なにより大事なことは子供を愛することです 良いね(ΦωΦ)
These are some of the sweetest videos ive ever seen. Thank You and Bless You :)
They make me sigh a happy sigh :) they are enchanting 3
Another beautiful video of Coco and her babies.....xoxo
this,,,,,,,, is truly a nice little story.... this is what I was talking about except with live voice like telling a little story to children.
This video says good things about you as well as Coco. I love to hear a cat purr. Excellent video. U.S.A.
beautiful .... how many litters has coco had? she is a superb mother... the vid where she attacks something off camera really shows that off in her....
well actually, polar bears tend to eat their children...so do lions, iirc... but home cats, oh yes they are good parents. our cat adopted a younger one and had total motherly feelings, even she never got pregnant...
Adorable! Thank you for sharing.
My goodness!!!! the best video ever......!!! thanx so much :)
Мимими, няняня, это всё- МИЛОТА :3
awww i love all of your videos....but some....just a bit more :D hehehehe
OMG TOO CUTE! SADFHFGHKAJLHADJSKFSDA I'm going to have a big smile on my face for the rest of the day :D
Beautiful film and amazing CATS
Coco had three litters during three years. Coco felt a threat to the kittens from the son of Coco - adult cat Tyson.
Aww they are so cute since you love cats so much i can see I subscribed you meow
The reason it is she saw Tyson in the other room behind the camera. Cats - mothers sometimes be aggressive if they feel threatened for kittens from the other animals.
I'm melting so much right now.. and I'm not a emotions guy..
AGAIN - These people got no respect for kitten and mommy O:
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