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Sport Science Happy Gilmore

by SportsFan314 • 2,069,069 views

Happy Gilmore segment from Sport Science on FSN

Next to impossible my ass. I've done it so many times. May not have been perfect but I hit the shit out of it.
I think near everyone watching this has done it and probably every pro-golfer. The voice over guy seems to have a gift for hyperbole.
The run-up was utterly pointless. He's stopped moving before he hit the ball. It looks like all the extra speed came simply from the way he started his swing with his hips and shoulders twisted further away from the green. I bet he could keep the distance advantage and be way more accurate, just by starting one step from the ball, with his weight on his back foot, and in the same twisted position
I mean like a baseball pitch
Doesn't this just beg the question, why not use it for distance driving tournaments?
+YoeyYutch Is that like, Yo quiero cogerte como un animal? I was taught in school that that means "I'd like a taxi to the airport".
1 word: consistency.
jesus christ. half of this video is just repeats of action shots from different angles and this golfer verbally stroking himself.
need more replays of each scene....
Get to the fucking point. Jesus Christ.
Next time on Mythbu- I mean Sport Science
3 minutes in and yer man is still asking the same question. fuck sake lads, come on
+Mrapplesauceinpie we often ask the same questions about our tv programs...personally I don't watch much tv anymore..but when I do seldomly it's full of damn commercials and the programs have stupid buildup for an abysmal outcome. 
+OrignalRecipe92 Mmm. I live in Australia and I don't bother watching TV. Filled with ads and there's barley anything worthwhile watching anyway.
Pfffft hit the fairway 60% of the time. I hit the fairway 80% of the time. I'm such a boring player.
Fucking hell I'm about 20%.
Lol ikr, that's what I hate about this show, they throw around stupid numbers that don't mean anything
7min video should probably only be about 1min
Sports Science just pulled a Mythbuster.
It's about coordination so if you practice the same shot enough, of course you can make it work for you. Doing the happy Gilmore style also takes a lot of torsion pressure off the torso and you get to use more momentum from the 'run up'. Just think, if the pro golfer actually had a hockey face on his club
I used to do the Happy Gilmore run-up back in the 1980s as a joke for my friends.  When I started doing it with my custom 10"-extra long driver it got really funny, and when I practiced it day in and day out, I got pretty good at it.  Never really added that much distance, though.  When the movie came out, I got about a hundred phone calls from all the guys who saw me do it.
Great share on this thanks, there is a how to break 80 guide on with some good tips for anyone looking to improve their game
+Clayton Savage It wasn't the "happy gilmore" shot when he first did it moron.
this makes me wanna play golf
I've heard of people breaking their clubs from this
They need a hockey player not a golfer...
my dick smells like nutella
My dog can confirm.  He licks the nutella I spread on my penis.
wat the actual fucking shit did I just read Really dude
This video is one minute of content and six minutes of fluff
He did it at Valhalla 2014 PGA Championship !!!
They've repeated that one shot about 90 times......
Check out my backyard golf trick shots! /watch?v=TD2eDIXS5xg
I dont need the Happy Gilmore I already out drive this dude lol
To find out... we brought in the ONLY person willing to try a bizarre swing... Padrig Harrington
 farther, is that a word? no its not ban the run swing asap
This is great, I agree that the bigger chance of missing the ball and the bigger chance of making it go somewhere you don't want makes it not worth it, but I think he should do it once during a game, maybe not a masters, but maybe a charity game or something, the crowd will love it and it will make Golf look less boring, even if it's just for a few minutes. And yeah, so doing this if i ever go golfing, makes me wonder if the club will have more chance to bend though, cause if it increases the chance of the club bending dramatically, then the risk of it bending is worse then losing a amateur game..
Incredible hand eye co-ordination, I know he's hit a million balls but that is still remarkable..
'he hits the ball at 4mph, increasing his club speed from 107 to 114'...because 114-107 = 4....
wtf is happy gilmore 
i acccidentally let go of my club and nearly hit someone
Guess I should start using a happy Gilmore shot on the course
Yeah! Let's replay the same swing  TWENTY FRIGGING TIMES!!!! That's SO INTERESTING! Or maybe they only have 3 minutes of content, and don't wanna actually get more footage.
It's not "nearly impossible" To hit it _.. I do a swing like this at least once a round and it almost always goes straighter than my normal drives. 
+migo117 Because I'd like to try and get better at regular swings
well don't try to happyGilmore than
i mean its not impossible, go to any driving range, running up and connecting isnt THAT hard
Why do 13 year olds think they have haters
his happy Gilmore swing resembled a baseball swing. i also noticed he rotated. his hips way more powerful than when standing still.
Me and friend traind this just for fun.. Wen I went to a golf training / playing in Italy the trainer dident know what to do with me (notorius slicer).. I said, "we do it like this at home". I hit drive after drive strait and long and he was speaceless.haahha. :-)
It's really not that hard to hit a happy Gilmore if you already have a good swing, it just becomes a matter of accuracy but its not practical for actual rounds :D
how many times are they gonna show him hitting the ball, poor editing
It amps us up for a fail when we question "this is a bit too dramatic for it to have been successful." Then... SURPRISE it was a success!
If it was that easy they should have had him do it multiple times and split up the air time between 3 shots
that was an amazing swing 
Takeshi Aburatani Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Happy Gilmoreって映画のドライヴァーショットのシーンが元ネタなんだけど、sport scienceだとマニアックだな(笑)
He has more momentum on the happy Gilmore swing
Can a hockey player really use his swing to get big distance on a golf ball? To find out, here's a golf player!......... Hold on.
A hockey player would never be able to even hit the ball dumbass
so it works the same way that boxers throw power punches
My uncle was the one who designed the club for the movie : D Dan Howard for the win : D
my Father and I used to do this all the time at the driving range, but it also sliced its really not that hard 
The movie didn't come out since 1996
Now try it with a wooden driver.
Happy Gilmore uses a hockey stick too which is way different from a club
I wonder if this comment will be read by someone 500 years from now ?
i met him at the pga grand slam! ;)
This would be hilarious to see someone do this seriously and then calmly walk to their cart after hitting the ball.
I believe I paintball. I'm about the same. I've been playin for a while. I will have to try the swing. The question is if I can hit it straight
all this is > is every drive in disc golf
Yvan Dolan Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
A scientific approach to the Happy Gilmore!!!
Only time it ever work for me, i hit my 3 iron 200+ yards to the green without a slice or hook, never again did it work, but when it does, oh boy.
I love getting shitfaced golfing and doing happy gilmore shots 
He absolutely killed that thing @3:45.
Theres a link to happy gilmore in the description... haha
Anthony Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out Padraig Harrington doing his best Happy Gilmore impression. Happy Golfing. Athletic Golf
Lol nearly impossible every day when i play whit my brother i do it ...
I wonder how many takes it took for Sandler to get each drive in the movie?
Wow when he finally hits it that was the most annoying cut shot (editing) in the existence of everything. 
Bet me 20 bucks I can't hit balls over the highway, then we'll talk about how good this swing is.
Golf Dawg Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Add 30 Yards / 10% to your Drive! #TeeShot   #Golf  
Carlos Niebla Becerra Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Look +Elena Alcocer ! My drive actually exists! :-) #Golf
Unique Forex Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I'm dissapointed...they didn't have Padraig attempt the Gilmore swing with a hockey stick
It was a fictional movie, it wouldn't actually be done
It is a sport. If it wasn't, ESPN wouldn't have a 3 day 5 hour special on the PGA Championship every year.
Well duh. It's gulf. It's just the fact that Happy used his hockey skills for doing his gulf swing. THAT'S IT! It makes perfect sense. Things don't have to look exactly what they are called.
It's not a Happy Gilmore swing without that sound effect
I know! They show it so many fucking times it's ridiculous.
If I were him I'd drive off the first tee in his next event just for the lulz. It wouldn't be that bad of a shot.
bubba would have been interesting in this case
Hard to watch with the annoying narrator and horrible production.
JESUS CHRIST... 2:55 - 3:31 consisted entirely of him running up and hitting the ball over and over...
"is it a Hollywood trick?"no shit...
I'd love to see Jamie Sadlowski do this shot! :D
No he was clearly being a smart ass, if he would have asked what he meant or if he would have said "a gold ball isn't smaller than a dime" i wouldn't have responded like a dick, but he said "gold ball smaller than a dime my ass" so fuck off, and cancer has absolutely no correlation to one's way of thinking, I hope you weren't planning on becoming a doctor, now fuck off.
Obviously you don't understand this movie reference of this idea in the movie.
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