Dog Adopts Abandoned Kittens

by uzoouk • 103,964 views

A dog in Thiruvaniyoor, India, decides to raise a very unusual but very cute family! Click to subscribe for more cute videos: http://bit.ly/ZqphqC Why don't you come and join U-zoo to stay up to...

i almost cried!!! it's just so sweet!
Maybe that long ago.... Now there is seven. Still little amount though :D
Mother nature never stops of trolling us XD so maybe!
Whats next? Great white adopts penguin?
Wonderful thing to see...animals can be so loving, un-like humans. And that last remark about them waiting for them to get ripe...this family is probably Hindu. They do not eat meat and see all of nature and the animals in it as a blessing. Too bad the rest of the human race cannot do the same.
I like the dog's eyes. She looks so gentle taking care of those kittens. :)
Did the dog actually start producing milk?
this video just masturbated my eyes with happiness
I like dogs. All the time I used to play hide and seek with my dog. He could even jump off the bunk bed! And he has eyebrows too. I miss him...
"Dogs and cats, living together!!" ~ Bill Murray
@AnimeAspieFanatic Okay now two people need to sleep with one eye open.
Sometimes love is thicker than blood..this dog is a very good soul!
there are now.. i didn't dislike this video though..
Kittens: thank you ;) Dog: watevar
it's kind of sad how these pups are more compassionate than most people..
I wish your videos were a little longer and had more information... they're good vids but too short.
I mean, who doesn't like cats?
hm a cat which acts like a dog would be nice
I really enjoyed checking out your video - you gotta stop or I’m gonna be glued to YouTube forever.
Omg Minnu looks like my dog!! So adorable wish I could meet them! :(
@AnimeAspieFanatic i think the 3 that disliked the vid after your comment did it JUST to spite you. And me...
Some of my friends don't, but, although I prefer dogs, I like cats.
not rich people but rich in kindness. :)
My dog (RIP) used to nurse anything after she had puppies. We even found her trying to nurse a field mouse! She was really happy and settled when my sister got a young kitten that needed nursing :)
Those cats are totally gonna grow up to think their dogs
shes just waiting for them to get ripe...
awww...this is too adorable...why can't humans be more like this????
when these kites get older they will be like meowf or woofmeow or sumtin wierd like dat :)
Awwwww! Best cure for "The Mondays"!
Great to see animals living in peace and harmony,we have a lot to learn from these animals. Good video Dennis.
meow meow meow meow woofmeow.
What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this!
No dislikes Just what I like to see <3
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