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Earthlike Planet, Gliese 581 (Gliza) a habitable zone?

by Lebanese Nostalgia • 883,530 views

could life exist in Gliese 581 star system? Show title: Journey to the Edge of the Universe | National Geographic Channel narrated by Sean Pertwee

If there was oil on it , it will be conquered by us already 
 How do you talk about planetary habitability without talking about Milankovitch Cycles?
If we ever made contact with life outside our earth, the first thing we would do is slap them in the face with a bible. Better we don't have contact with them because if they said anything that contradicted our religious believes we would be gonners since we would try and fight them and end up getting blown up because God wouldn't save us from that one xD
So if THEY can hear and see our broadcasts, why can't we see theirs?? Are WE more advanced in technology than them?
I think that's everyone first question!
It's a possibility, not a fact.
It's not pronounced Gliza, but Gleeseah.
At least NOW we have the answer to this question! This planet doesn't even exist!!! :P
There are several planets orbiting in Gliese 581. Gliese 581 b, c and e are confirmed exoplanets planets. Gliese 581 d and Gliese 581 g have since been refuted. 581 c is still potentially a habitable planet although it's likely to have a runaway greenhouse effect much like Venus.
iff a planet has intelegent life the planet is fuked up
the star is way to far, forget it. there are more close stars with planet looks like eart.  etc...
No actually this is the closest solar system with an earth like planet.
I wished that they named one of these theoretically habitable planets Reach. and no aliens. I don't want to be dealing with covenant.
THE EARTH:78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon,.....                                THE GLIESE 581G:80% nitrogen; 19% oxygen; 3% carbon dioxide; 1% other gases.                                                 
+James Cater Gliese 581 is the name of the star the planet orbits. Gliese 581 b, Gliese 581 c, Gliese 581 c, Gliese 581 d, Gliese 581 e, and Gliese 581 g are it's planets and it does exist, you idiot. it has been observed, it has been imaged, it fucking exists.
+Jesse Hills Relax Jessi, it was a typo on my part.  And I quote my comment from over a moth ago... "There are several planets orbiting in Gliese 581. Gliese 581 b, c and e are confirmed exoplanets planets. Gliese 581 d and Gliese 581 g have since been refuted. 581 c is still potentially a habitable planet although it's likely to have a runaway greenhouse effect much like Venus." No need to be a fucking rude prick.... Merry xmas!
It's so far, I hope that planet have no Aliens. Lol.
Rel proofs? why don't you name them since you are convinced and then we compare one with the other? Real thing behind these creators? what proof do you have that they don't exist? i make up no stories and have not presented any nor claimed. Clearly you have less than a high school education your comments are vague and without a shred of factual information only your opinion. No one cares? My goodness, that is such an ignorant thing to say. If no one cared there would not be so many field scientist exploring specific data and specimens. Irrelevant? your opinion is irrelevant but if you actually enrich it with facts that you clearly have not brought a single one to the table to support your argument.. Sorry, i meant your opinion. If it is so irrelevant why do you even see such movies and cartoons? try some structure and learn to pick your fights as you are clearly not wining this argument and only shows that you are part of the 90% that just follows and watches tv. Good luck
Why does this video show a comet hitting 581D just after the talks of having found it. Wait..don't tell me. We still cannot tax it, right??
Goddamn can't humans make a fucking really really fast spacecraft so we can get there in a few months that takes for life to go there
There is actually was an expiramental space craft that used basically mini nukes as a propulsion system that would allow it to reach a 12th the speed of light, but one problem, which is the reason the project was abandoned, with current technology we couldn't make it stop.
Step on the side of the planet with the sun would instantly burn you to death Step on the side of the planet with no sun  and you would instantly freeze to death Plant life on Gliese 581 c would be pure black Sky on Gliese 581 c would be red There is a small strip of land that would allow life to survive Life on that planet would be very different from life on earth Still think that planet is safe?
I have a resonable explanation be cause there is life do you see the green on the planets that means the planet has vegetation and vegetation needs carbon dioxide animals humans breath carbon dioxide out catch my drift ?
but if the green is vegetation then... the vegetation and the vegetation needs some kind of thing to breath in and then something has to produce that air for the vegetation 
You know we can't see those planets visually, right? We can only detect them via their gravitational influence on their star.
A needle in a cosmic haystack, huh? Seems pretty intense to me :3
20 light years from Earth. This planet should be called Glearth.
Just because its in the habitable zone doesn't mean is has life on it.
20 light years? We'll never see it lol.
Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion
+tobi888100 Nuclear fusion propulsion is a lot more feasible to bring to fruition, and it is in fact the most practically powerful and energetic form of reaction-based spacecraft propulsion humans will be capable of achieving this century, period.
"Life Will Find A Way" Jurassic Park
I remember doing research for homework on this planet.I got really interested it!
oh no!!! they found my home planet!!! Reporting to the mothership. You Humans done it now prepare for a war.
+William Baez lol your right his music can destroy our ears and kill us... Ear plugs now whose gonna win
pepe will destroy you, LoL 
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I remember doing research for homework on this planet.I got really interested it!
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el universo es hermoso perono puedo abrir videos llegan dañados o se dañan no se que pasa.
It will take hundreds of years to go to Gliese 581 c.
So 10 light years is 9.4605284 × 10^16 meters and a light year is 17,500 years so x that by 10 and you get 175,000 years.
They couldn't get Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues so they got Sean Pertwee.
There already is life on that planet. If you can see the green that is grass and grass is a form of life. SO WERE NOT ALONE!! :D
Right there is the difference between us!sometimes people need to stop being so complacent and to be taken out of our comfort zone,then we can see how we would react,that tony character sure proved how she would react
Unlikely to find lights on Gliese since the one is tidally-locked and the other potentially a water world. I was speaking in general. If there's technological life elsewhere, and if they lack infrared photoreceptors like all our mammalian life do, and their planet goes through day/night cycles, they will have lights. Look at pics of Earth's dark side from space. Those lights are easily the most distinguishable feature of advanced society. A grid-like arrangement lets us rule out lava flows.
What if Gliza has a McDonalds?
I bet that on that planet, life is probably more advance than us with a different race of beings
If one person was on that planet would they live?
where's science and truth, the delisuon and belief have to fight strongest to sustain :D
Tut,tut no profanity here please,go to jesus ask for forgiveness,god saves,remember we are alone,there is no such things as aliens,god only made us no one else,get real
why cant they just send a exploration rover their like they did on mars….
Humans might be extinct by then. If we will then no one will be able to see it.
So what's djpapirri? you can't even put space on your name you freaking smart ass
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*the voyegars Collide*............Everyone on both planets: "FUCKING SHIT"
i don't get why they are looking for alien life on "earthlike" planets. who's to say other species of life out there need water and oxygen to survive? over billions of years living things on earth have adapted to need oxygen and water, but what if other species of life that exist evolved around something else? something we have no idea about or maybe some kind of element that we would find unusual. looking for earthlike planets is good for future human colonies. not for looking for aliens.
Okay Okay clearly I upset you. I'm sorry I didnt mean to I was just talking about a video game. Calm down I'm sorry
Would be great to travel space, such amazing places.
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I think he means relative to size and mass not either or
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I really believe that we're not alone. I think that there mught be more humans, etc.... in the universe
Don't bother contacting them, they saw our TV shows.
Overtime I watch journey to the edge of the universe..I always fast forward to this part...something about it makes me speechless
hey fuk u brah i ken teke a pucnh liek a man, u aint notin i do dengerus shit u aint nevah seen me do befoh
True true. Its just that on Youtube Athiests here and religious people alike can be very cruel. I see flame wars everywhere I look and well....I just want understanding not fighting
Apparently the planet mentioned here is Gliese 581C, it is classified as a "super-earth"; with a mass 5 times that of earth, a size 1.5 times of the earth and twice earth's gravity. It has an orbital period of approx. 13 days and its surface temperature ranges between -3C and 40C (27F and 104F)
Science and astronomy are like the crop, religion are like the grasshoppers.
And they had the same comment as you :O!! but they wouldn't call it earth...
Blue stars turn into either hypernovas or black holes. Beetlejuice? I think you mean betelgeuse. Betelgeuse is a red supergiant, and it's huge, but not as hot as a blue star. Go do some research. The following stellar classes are blue or blueish, also the hottest types of stars there are O, B, A Betelgeuse is an M type star, pretty low on the list. It goes, OBAFGKM, hottest is O coolest is M. Remember, size does not equal mass nor temperature.
we aint able to see the other things on other planets and if we do they kill us they wont let us to back to earth to prove that so there is no way that the peoples will believe in 4milenium willl be war with the others planet there will be machines that u can see the others alines , creatures etc ..
"unaware of eachothers presence" Well what is this video about?
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Meh. Willing to bet that once NASA sends a probe there, they'll find it's too cold or hot, pressure is too low or high, or the air and water are made of different gases than expected. But it's 4 light years away. Unless scientists discover how to bring a rocket at the speed of light, it will take decades for it to get there. Then another 4 years till it returns any data. So hope is very small. Best bet is an insane quality telescope to look at it form here, and see if there are trees and such.
Yada yada yada.So freakin tired of these religious spammers,it makes me wanna puke.Ok,so if we learn after we die,that there is some a god or whatever,so be it.But for now,let us enjoy this very interesting vid from the big tapestry,we call The Universe.
were you by any chance atleast born with 4 IQ points?
Dude 10light years means if you travel as fast as light you'll get there in 10years. It's not close, 1light year = 10TrillionKilometres(KM), that means 10light years is 100Trillion Km. That's not close.
you have no idea what you're talking about. it doesn't matter what kind of a star you're orbiting, the distance is the only thing that matters, for red stars, the habitable zone is closer, fur blue stars, it's farther away. and sky color doesn't matter at all, and whether or not it'll be cold on the dark side depends on atmospheric gases.
We need you to suicide. The less useless people like you on this planet, the better chance the rest of us have.
Let say : the current question is : Are we alone in the universe ? Once in a future that none of us will likely live, the question might be : how could we believe that we might have been alone in the universe !!!!
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Man I'd love to go and meet an alien girl
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if ther is life on this planet, would there be life on othe planets as well besides earth and gliese? people always jjst focus on finding one other planet with life, jjst think, if we discover two alien planets both with intelligent life, lifethose two planets could be discoveribg each other. and each planet with lofe could have totally diffrent life forms
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The radio waves, after one light year, will simply become indistinguishable radio noise. Although our solar system, from any distance will be noisier than that of a silent one.
What, so people should just keep their mouths shut? Is that an ideal world? Discussion is okay as long as people don't start throwing insults at each other.
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