The Guide To Trading Candy

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Everything you need to know to get ahead in candy trading. Everything. Music: Hoedown (Insturmental) http://soundcloud.com/jj_stuart A guide to trading candy. Trading candy is a skill that can...

one time this guy gave my brothers and I ketchup packets.
Trading candy with children under age 5 is against the law because of a girl who traded her entire stash of candy for a box of good n plenty because the trader convinced her they were Unicron eggs?
I am apparently the only person on earth that likes candy corn.
I love candy corn too
I gave the kids broccoli. Am I going to hell?
I got a rock in my candy bag when I was in the 8th grade. I also got a toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste the following year.
A geologist and a dentist live in your neighborhood?
I searched my own anus and found no pdf, such lies
Did you try turning it off and on again
HAH! This video is gold! We had a simpler affair for trading candy though; what you like, set aside as non-trade goods. What you DON'T like, offer to those who DO like it, and trade it in equal quantities for something they don't like that you do. Of course supply/demand applies, as well as the size of the candy. If you have A LOT of little things you don't like, then trade it for a few big things that you DO like. I come from a small town though, so had no need to get into the finer details of marketing :P
same, but I have another rule: Large rainbow lollipops with a diameter of 8 cm are valuable, if you like it or not, so if you have one and don't like it, you should trade it for a lot of small candies that are tasty.
they have maggots in them
...I like apples... //slumps in corner and hides//
"She cried for three and a half years." Proper reaction.
lol I used to give my brother dimes for pennies when I was like 3
But... but I love Necco wafers!
Everyone reply the worst thing someone gave you for Halloween 
Charity Quill Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
note apples are exempt from being evil and stuff if they are candy apples. then it's a major score :3
Everyone reply the best thing someone gave you for trick or treating night :D 
I was looking around for the box of smarties because you circled the rockets ._.
i hate rockets but i love sweettarts
last year i went trick or treating with my little brother. One woman gave me an apple, another gave me a sugarfree gum. One lady choosed trick, so I put stones and leaves in her mailbox. 
I am genuinely impressed.  Good job.
Once, when I was 6, this lady gave me and my cousins each a toothbrush and a nickel. :P
Oce I was trick or treating and this lady didn't have enough candy left so she gave me a five dollar bill and ,y brothers toothbrushes
raisins are nature's candy
they are either one of the two, Satan eggs, or satan's spawn.
Sugar is nature candy
Usable yes... I have braces too aghhhh
If you'd like to download this PDF, please look in your butt... I almost died from laughter
I'm surprised he didn't mention toothbrushes for some reason
Umm, no. If someone gives you a TOOTHEBRUSH, theyʻre going to hell. If someone gives you apples, freddy krueger will tie them up and force feed them candy.
First video that made me into buzzfeed videos.
Everyone wants to trade with me because I have Celiacs (Gluten Allergy) and can't eat Kit-Kats, Smarties, Twix...
Have you tried it? I literally feel so sorry for you
Hey! I'm from Wisconsin. Not many people reference it and we are ignored.... :(
<insert cheese joke>
The packet that said "smarties" are called "rockets" in Canada.  Smarties are chocolate with a candy coating the size of buttons =) The best halloween candy are the full size chocolate bars =) 
In the UK we call your 'smarties' 'fizzlers'
+Commando Nando Legitimately interesting(really I'm not using sarcasm)
I have never been trick or treating in my life and now I'm too old. I have so many regrets.
Too old for free candy!? gasp Never! -Pinkie Pie
Haha, nice one. It's just that in Australia, Halloween isn't really a big thing. It's actually kinda disapproved of.
Why do people hate raisins? I love raisins.
Oh come on! I like necco wafers, the orange and black candies, candy corn, good n plenty, and even raisins! :(
I like candy corn....... :( But the rest Is shit.
And raisins should be burned and peed on by ur dog
"And as for anyone who gave you an apple, don't worry. They're going to hell."
That one house that gives pretzel bags. I hate that house.
This is beyond innacurate. Just another ignorant buzzfeed video .
what the fuq is a roblox? lulz
My rule. Don't get stuck with someone who doesn't like chocolate if you are me. I hate chocolate and it is the key to all my favorite candies (pop rocks, dumdums, skittles, etc.). Never leave candy unguarded. Do not mistake twizzlers as redvines. Out of ideas? Steal their candy. But I am too old for this anyway so...
One old lady felt bad she didn't have candy, so she gave my sister and my brother's friend donuts!
I got mints from Burger King on Halloween.. They don't even taste good!
Twizzlers are disgusting, unless of course they are the watermelon ones.
Umm how do you cry for three and a half years
Lots of fluid intake and pictures of mangled puppies
In the netherlands wie don't have grose candy corn
I would like to know how to pull a Smarties Gambit
1. Take the smarties 2. Trade them for a full-snize Snickers 3,. Watch them cry for three and a half years
Ok so my best friends mom is going to hell?
not if its a caramel apple :)
especially a caramel apple with sprinkles! or other fun stuff like chocolate chips e.t.c
I like raisins... Will I be burned? ;_; 
Lol whoever gave you a apple with go to hell lol
I didn't know unicorns came from eggs. Interesting.
They don't, Becky's brother was lying.  They come from dreams. This comment was brought to you by the letters FU
a single candy corn ( it was bitten )
I got an apple once.
Smarties? Where I live their called rockets
Smarties in england are small chocolate sweets. Sort of like the choc m&m's
I have always loved candy cigarettes, but will never smoke.. Your information is false.
I once got a bag of chips...they were the Wise brand... Not very wise at all...
omg when I clicked on this video, the ad was trading 212.BuzzFeed illuminati confirmed
This video was fairly mean-spirited.
Mounds is one of my favs.... MY AND DAD AIN'T LAYING THEIR HANDS ON ANY OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god this didn't red line ain't... WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!
As for the raisins. They should be burned. Then peed on. By your dog. AMEN TO THAT!!
Best video I've seen in a long time Halloween is like 8 months away but I think I learned a lot
'Raisins should be burned" lol :):):):)
I lost at the Marxist comment.
Candy socialists just believe in one person distributing candy to all the rest
The only apples exepted on halloween are CARMEL APPLES!!
 "And as for anyone who gave you an apple, don't worry, they're going to hell." Beautiful.
Anyone wanna trade a Snickers for a Kitkat?
Some one gave me a Apple once I was like wtf where's my candy so when I got home I through it out side cause there were some deer in my yard I went out side the next day it was still there even the deer knew even the deer
trading among my friends was always easy because I love fruit candy and they don't
That made me so hungry, I begged my brother to go to the candy store until he gave me a black eye, I tatletaled on him, then he finally took me to a candy store. When I got there, IT WAS CLOSED!!!
Whoever made this video sukes butt
How would one suke butt sounds Japanese
Lol me being Canadian I was kinda confused when they said "Smarties" instead of "Rockets" but I then remembered this is American.🌈💜☀️
What happens if you go to the Rich people Mansions and they give you King Sized Snickers? What do I get for those!
Might i say I've been working my tools of the trade wrong my entire life..
I feel like killing myself because of what i did to you... Sorry bro
This lady was giving out candy, water and drinks.. how convenient... definitely needed a drink with all that walking.
My friend gave me a pear where will they go
wtf lol  has got to be one of the best self help videos ever
An apple a day is a ticket to hell children
this is BY FAR the best buzzfeed video of all time
This is all American and looks terrible
From a 3 minute video I understood nothing
At my house on halloween we gave out bags of popcorn, Play dough, Hot choclate in packets, and full size candy bars.
But I like when I get apples.
In Canada, smarties are called rockets. This is because there is a candy only in Canada called smarties.Canadian smarties are like M&M's except better...depending on the flavour.
no way m&m's are much better they are crunchier and more cacaoish
But if they gave you a CANDY apple.... ;) And btw I am obsessed with dark chocolate. It is the best.
dark chocolate is a little 2 bitter its ok tho..
my grandma gave me a candy apple so does that count as a apple and them going.. places..?
that's so sweet! I need to learn how to make those myself! I miss them so much!!
I liked Powerhouse, Chick-o-sticks, scooter crunch ice cream, Theres a lady in the neighborhood who hands out Ramen noodles for Halloween. My son loved it too. Hes too old for Halloween now. I seen some videos where people made candy or caramel covered onions as a prank. I once trick or treated at a church that had service going on.
My grandmother did this to my brother this year after she saw a vid of it on Facebook. I swear it was the funniest thing. Every time I picture his face I laugh.
One house gave full candy bars not one big bar of candy but five big bars😍👻👻😊😊
I forgot by somewhere in galesburg
Once someone in my town handed out maryjanes with weed in them.
What if it waz a caremel apple?
In Canada smarties r like m&ms and the USA smarties are called rockets
0:57 :"If you'd like to download of PDF version of this chart, please look in your butt" LOL
What is wrong with apples?! Rather have that than pure sugar...
Best thing ever: Prepare a big bowl full of M&M's  Now drop a bunch of Skittles in there. And give it to a kid that absolutely hates either Skittles or M&M's. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.
the apple part made me laugh so hard, cuz its so true
Those are what Smarties are in America? Pft.
In America, what you call Smarties here are M&M's. Well...I'm pretty sure. I've never personally had Canadian Smarties, but I've heard about them. 
+LunaEpicNightPrinces I'm not from Canada, ha ha, but the Canadian Smarties are like the ones here in England :P We do have these sweets called Fizzers, which look like American Smarties... ^_^
Am I The Only Person Who Likes Candy Corn?
so is this joking or is there really something like candy trading i don't know i am european
Its not a mandatory thing you do but usually after Halloween if you trick-or-treated with friends you trade candy. so yeah, but a lot of it is just a joke.
+KB Fill ohw okay thanks for califying 
2:15-2:17 But I Love Raisins!!!!! 😥😥😥😥😥
+nelsonkai No And What's That?! 😏😔
what age should you stop trick or treating?
Depends. If you are a social outcast and go alone every year, depending on if you look your age, 15. If you are short,baby-faced, or just look a lot younger than you are, this does not apply. If you go with 2-4 friends, the appropriate age is 19 as long as your costumes are either sexy or everyobesʻ costumes relate. If you go with one friend or older sibling, it is best if the costumes match. You are free until about 21 as a guy and 20 as a girl. If you have a sibling who is 8-12 years old: you are pretty much fine for awhile. Sibling under 5: people will assume you are their parents BUT you are allowed to sort through the toddlerʻs bag and take up to one third of their non- favorite candy. If you are over 30: get a wife, job, kids, and just BUY SOME FUCKIN CANDY. This message was brought to you by unicorns and the letter K. all rights reserved
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